Top Historical Places in Aswan

Are you looking to explore the history of Aswan through the ages? There are a number of historical destinations in Aswan including the time-honored buildings, monuments, palaces, and parks where you can learn about the glorious past of Aswan. The presence of these historical sites and museums will take you on a walk through Aswan ‘s rich history.
If you are willing to have an in-depth historical information about Aswan, we recommend that you take a wonderful guided tour to cover the major historical attractions. Also, check the opening and closing time for each so that you can organize your time. Make sure that you go through the complete list of historical places in Aswan for a great trip!

Let's witness the history of Aswan with these top historical places - monuments and landmarks:

  1. Temple Of Isis At Philae

    Religious Site, Temple, Architecture , Unesco Site

    Philae is actually the island that the temple USED to reside on. The construction of the Aswan Dam led to the island’s flooding, so the UNESCO had the whole complex relocated to the Agilkia Island nearby. The temple here is dedicated to Isis, the goddess of motherhood, magic and fertility, and to her love for Osiris. Compared to most Egyptian god and goddesses, Philae was actually being w...Read more
  2. Unfinished Obelisk And Fatimid Cemetery

    Historical Site, Cemetery, Archaeological Site

    So it’s a big rock project that no one finished. Big deal. It really is a big deal; this could have been the largest ancient obelisk in the world if it had been finished. It would have stood 42 metres tall. The carvers were cutting it right out of the bedrock but abandoned their work when the stone cracked. It’s also famous because its half-finished status lends archaeologistssignif...Read more
  3. Nubian Museum

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    Nubian Museum

    Ancient Ruin, Historical Site, Architecture , Archaeological Site

    The museum was brought about when UNESCO appealed to Egyptologists and archaeologists the world over to save Nubia’s relics from the rising waters of the dam-lake Lake Nasser. 60 expeditions rescued thousands of objects from hundreds of sites. The museum housing these relics opened 12 years later on a beautiful waterfall graded landscape. 7000 square metres of museum building and 43000 sq...Read more
  4. Monastery Of St. Simeon

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    Monastery Of St. Simeon

    Religious Site, Monastery , Archaeological Site

    The monastery here was built on the ruins of an older one and dedicated to St. Simeon. For four centuries the monks here practiced converting Nubians to Christianity till Saladin destroyed the place. The complex has an upper and a lower level. It was once surrounded by a 10 metre high wall, a feature that allowed it to function as a fortress. There are cells here where monks and pilgrims slept;...Read more
  5. Tombs Of The Nobles And Kubbet Al-hawa

    Historical Site, Tomb

    This place just isn’t going to impress you until you know exactly WHO’s buried here. All I’ll say is that they were important… like, really important. Only six of the Old and Middle Kingdom tombs are open to the public, but they are pretty well preserved. The nobles buried here were rulers and dignitaries of Elephantine Island once upon a time. The important tombs are: ...Read more
  6. Ferial Gardens

    Walking Area, Historical Site, Heritage Building

    Corniche El Nil is a pleasant road on the east bank and it’s very southern end leads you to a pretty little garden. Though nothing stands out as such, it’s a nice place to stroll about in. Visit during the evening twilight to see couples walking about; yep, at least once place in this town provides some people watching. The garden was brought about to celebrate the birth if Princess...Read more
  7. Al Gabana Al Fatemeya, Sheyakhah Oula, Qism Aswan, Aswan Governorate, Egypt