Best things to do in Atyrau

    Being one of two cities to be located on two different continents, namely Asia and Europe, Atyrau holds a unique fascination amongst travellers. Popularly known to be the largest oil field in Kazakhstan, Atyrau is a city that showcases a beautiful amalgamation of two different cultures. While it may not seem to be too touristy, its museums and the ruined medieval settlement of Saraichik would certainly attract the history buffs. A few of the must-visit local attractions include:

    1. Atyrau History Museum

    2. Makhambet Square

    3. Palace of Culture

    4. Gallery of Kazakh Modern Art

    5. Victory Park

    Atyrau also has beaches, where you can relax and unwind while enjoying the sun, sand, and the sea. The beautiful Imangali Mosque is an spectacular piece of architecture and makes for a sight to behold. The city has many high-end restaurants that allow you to take your taste buds on a feast. A point to note for all tourists is that they must stay alert while travelling in the city at night and while dealing with the cab drivers who bluff about extra charges at the end of a ride. Below is a list of all the interesting things to do in Atyrau, following which will help you in making the most of your time in the city.

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