Events and Festivals in Badarinath

The Kedar –Badri Utsav which is held in May-June is a festival which celebrates music and arts which are intrinsic to the culture of India. Janmashtami, which is celebrated in July- August witnesses rich and colorful processions and rituals through the town. The Mata Murti ka Mela held in September sees all the people taking part in the rites and religious ceremonies. These months see a big surge in pilgrims who also take part in all the celebrations.

Night clubs and bars: Badrinath is a holy place and everything related to it is spiritual and holy. There are no nightclubs or bars to be found in the town. Once the sun sets Badrinath shuts down and visitors can take refuge in the hotel restaurant to spend the evening.

Shopping: Badrinath does not many shops where one can spend time shopping. But if one looks around the stores one can find some nice trinkets, beaded bracelets and assorted jewelry, rare coins, sacred books, woolen clothing, etc. The visitor can also find shops selling Chinese made electronic goods. 

Badrinath is a favored destination by people from the country and abroad for its religious and spiritual significance and also its natural awe inspiring beauty. Badrinath gets visitors coming here time and again for these reasons and the numbers keep increasing with each passing year.