How to Reach Bagan


  • By Plane: Nyaung-U Airport in Myanmar helps in connecting the city of Bagan with all the other major cities. 
  • By Train: There are daily trains that run from Mandalay and Yangon to Bagan. The ride is fairly comfortable with the availability of luxury seats and food served in restaurant carts. The trains can be crowded at times. 
  • By Bus: Bagan is well-connected with Mandalay, Yangon, and Inle Lake by buses that run daily. From VIP buses to coaches to minibuses, there are plenty of options for you to choose. 
  • By Ferry: There are regular ferries that operate from Mandalay to Bagan but the operation is entirely based on the existing water level. Ferries cost comparatively more and take extra time to reach the city.


  • By Rented Taxi: Bagan has the option to rent a taxi while inside the city and to rent one head to Nyaung-U airport. Negotiate the price while renting the taxi and keep a note of the decided price because the travel agents tend to change the fees later. 
  • By E-scooters: Electric bicycles and scooters are available for rent in Bagan. If you are interested in exploring the city at your own pace and at a cheaper cost, then go with E-scooters. 
  • By Horse Cart: Traveling by horse cart is quite famous inside Bagan. While the ride is a little bumpy, the experience is one of the best. Additionally, the cart drivers make up for a good travel guide and help you visit popular local places that are otherwise unknown. 
  • By Bicycle: Blessed with decent roads, Bagan can be explored easily by a bicycle. The condition of the bicycles are a little low standard so before going on a ride make sure, you introspect the bicycle for any damages.