Best Things To Do in Bagan, Myanmar

  1. Gawdawpalin Temple

    4.5 (183 Votes)
    Gawdawpalin Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    This one is highly recommended. And trust us as it's not an exaggeration. The temple is one of the dozen temples in Bagan and is located amidst some great locales. The view it offers during the sunset is just spectacular and people gather here in huge numbers during this time. If you want to embrace the nature in a perfect manner, then visiting Gawdawpalin Temple is mandatory. The temple is sur...Read more
  2. Tharabar Gate

    Historical Site, Architecture

    If you’re a lover of ancient architecture and want to know what it went to create architectural masterpieces in those good old times, then you should definitely take a short tour to the Tharabar Gate in Old Bagan. The gate is one of the only gates in Bagan which used to surround and protect Bagan during the turbulent times. The gate also offers some great photo op. This one is in close pr...Read more
  3. Mahabodhi Paya

    4.4 (216 Votes)
    Mahabodhi Paya

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site

    Built by King Htilominlo in the mid-13th Century, the Mahabodhi Paya is one of the numerous temples in Bagan dating back to the ancient era. The temple is modelled after the one which is located in Bihar, India and also shares the same name. It is a calm, quaint place and the scenes around the temple make for a pretty picture. Carry your camera along or else you might lose out on some great pho...Read more
  4. Lawkananda Pagoda

    4.2 (10 Votes)
    Lawkananda Pagoda

    Religious Site, Temple, Nature

    Located on the scenic banks of the Ayeyarwaddy river, Lawkananda Pagoda is another addition to the already huge list of temples in Bagan, Myanmar. The name literally means the joy of the world and that’s what you’ll expect once you visit this incredible attraction. Built by King Anawrahta, this one also has a replica of Buddha tooth relic. Overall, a great place to enjoy the unexplo...Read more
  5. Nanpaya

    4.4 (14 Votes)

    Religious Site, Temple, Landmark, Historical Site

    Another Hindu temple to the south of Bagan, the Nanpaya temple was built by King Makuta of the Thaton Kingdom. The temple is a major landmark in Bagan and contains carvings of Hindu gods and figures of the Mon. If you easily get fascinated by the delicate mastery of artists then a visit to Nanpaya is totally worth it! If you to experience the unique amalgamation of the Hindu and Buddhist cultur...Read more
  6. Upali Thein

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site, Nature

    A smaller temple when compared to other huge temples in Bagan, Upali Thein still attracts tourists across the world in large numbers every year. Although, it is not allowed to enter the temple, you can enjoy the colourful temples painted way back in 18th century. It’s a perfect place to be at peace as this one is less frequented. Don’t go by the size of this temple as this is one of...Read more
  7. Pyathadar Hpaya

    4.4 (83 Votes)
    Pyathadar Hpaya

    Religious Site, View Point

    A truly magical place and it’s not an exaggeration! If you want to know how picture perfect Bagan is, then visiting Pya-Tha-Da Paya or Pyathagyi Hpaya is a must. The view of setting sun is quite ethereal from here and you’ll fall in love with the tranquillity of nature, all over again, once you pay a visit here. If you’re an avid photographer or an amateur who just knows to cl...Read more
  8. Nat Hlaung Kyaung

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site

    Nagayon in Amarapura is a great site in Bagan which is quite similar to the Ananda Temple. The paintings which can be found here are no less than modern marvels and tell a lot about Myanmar’s glorious history. The whole atmosphere is magical and very few tourists visit this site. Hence, if you want to spend some quality time introspecting, then this one is a perfect place to be at peace. ...Read more
  9. Nandamannya Pahto Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Another temple on the list, the Nandamannya Pahto Temple is a temple with a twist. In addition to the huge statues and great mural paintings, this one also has monk's retreat and catacombs. Hence adding the necessary unique element to the overall attraction. Unlike other places in Bagan, photography is not allowed here. Hence, you need to be very attentive while exploring the corridors or the w...Read more
  10. Abeyadana Temple

    4.4 (221 Votes)
    Abeyadana Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Built in 12th century during the reign of King Kyanzittha, this temple has it all to make for a good one hour visit. Soaked in history and Burmese culture, the Abeyadana Temple is a great place to revisit the good old times and know more about the history of Bagan. If you want to spend some lone time and avoid the bustling city life, then you should visit Abeyadana Temple for sure. If you&rsquo...Read more
  11. Bagan Golden Palace

    Landmark, Historical Site, Palace

    Gold and palace, these two words say it all! Burmese landmarks are grand and extravagant and the Bagan Golden Palace is no exception. This one has everything. Great historical significance, well preserved culture, sparkling gold domes and also some calmness. Even though tourists flock here in huge number, still you will not feel it. The silence which the place offers is perfect to pause for a l...Read more
  12. Mya Zedi Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site, Unesco Site

    One word: Magnificent! That’s how one should define the Mya Zedi Temple. Already a UNESCO World Heritage Site, your trip will be incomplete if you don’t visit this great attraction. In addition to the golden dome, the temple also has a stone column with writings inscribed in four different languages. The languages being Pali, Pyu, Mon and Burmese. If you want to indulge in some cand...Read more
  13. Tant Kyi Taung Pagoda

    4.5 (65 Votes)
    Tant Kyi Taung Pagoda

    Religious Site, Temple, Nature

    A Pagoda with an incredible view, that’s Tuyin Taung Pagoda or Tant Kyi Taung Pagoda for you! On your way to Mt Popa, you can break your road trip and enjoy some relaxed moments here. This one is situated at the top of a hill and hence the view it offers is just fascinating. When the sun is about to set and the sky turns orange, this is the best time when you can enjoy Tuyin Taung Pagoda ...Read more
  14. Kyanzittha Umin

    4.3 (232 Votes)
    Kyanzittha Umin Image

    Historical Site

    Do you want to explore the less explored? Do you want to know more about the glorious past or the deep dark secrets of the Bagan kings, then there is a place in Bagan which you should definitely visit. Kyanzittha Umin was built in 12th century and is one of the prominent sites which are unaffected by the earthquake. You can visit this place and spend an hour or two while going through the huge ...Read more
  15. Phwa Saw Brick Monastery Image

    Religious Site, Landmark, Historical Site, Monastery

    A lesser known place and a bit difficult to locate, the Phwa Saw Brick Monastery is worth your every effort. The monastery is no less than a marvel and is one of the best places to know more about the Burmese culture and Buddhist religion in general. The golden dome will surely please your eyes.  Don’t forget to carry your camera as the place is a great setting for some fantastic can...Read more