Baishan Tourism

Baishan (Chinese: 白山; pinyin: Báishān) is a prefecture-level city in Jilin province of the People's Republic of China. "白山" literally means "White Mountain", and is named after Changbai Mountain (Chinese: 长白山; pinyin: Chángbái Shān, also known as Paektu Mountain (Korean: 백두산)). Baishan is to be granted the title of China International Mineral Water City. In Baishan is the Baishan Dam.


This is a perfect opportunity to take a break from your routine and enjoy a fun-filled holiday. Baishan in China is an ideal destination for a vacation! A holiday in Baishan can generally be of 1-2 days.

Baishan is an affair to remember, follow this apt itinerary of the place and return home with a bunch of memories.