How to Reach Bakersfield

Since Bakersfield is one of the fastest growing cities in California, it has a good transportation service which makes it easy to get in and around in Bakersfield.


  • By Air: Bakersfield’s basic commercial airport is Meadows Field which is located 10 miles from downtown Bakersfield. Flights from Houston, Denver, San Francisco, and Phoenix to this airport are available. Although Meadows Field is also an international airport, no international flight flies on this route now. Los Angeles in the international airport which is 120 miles from Bakersfield. Some tourists also choose to travel with the help of private aircrafts.
  • By Train: Amtrak trains are available to the Bakersfield downtown terminal. Most of the trains travel to the Central Valley and Bay Area.
  • By Bus: Bus services are available between LAX and downtown Bakersfield by Bakersfield airport. If you are looking for a cheaper option, Greyhound is the the best. Another good idea to travel to Bakersfield is to use the Amtrak bus. One can buy a train ticket from Los Angeles to Wasco and then take a bus from there to reach Bakersfield.
  • By Car: Bakersfield is well-connected to the State Routes 99 and 58 and is also close to CA-99 and Interstate-5. Therefore, reaching Bakersfield by car is a great option. One can reach here by driving a car from Los Angeles for 120 miles, from Fresno for 110 miles, and San Francisco for 280 miles. For travelers coming from the Central Coast, car is a more suitable option than  train or bus.



  • By Bus: For the northwest side of the city, GET buses are the best way to get around. The city has good bus system and it would also be a cheaper way to travel to various famous destinations inside the city.
  • By Car: Traveling by car is the best option while in Bakersfield. The streets are wide and perfect for driving. You can get your own car or rent one out. The speed limit on Bakersfield roads are 55 miles per hour. Another best thing about hiring a car is that a lot of free parking space is available.
  • By Bike: Although traveling through the city by bike is not a common trait, one can choose this if one is looking for an off-beaten path. There is a special bike path along the highway 5 that also enables the riders enjoy scenic views of the Kern River.