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Regency Inn & Suites is located in Baldwin Park, United States.

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Regency Inn & Suites, Baldwin Park Reviews

  • I don't travel to VB as often as I used to, which is a pity because I LOVE this hotel. The staff at check in and check out were superb; friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. The hotel is beautiful and modern and just pleasant to stay at. It's a very convenient location for my needs, with a Max and Irma's (didn't...

  • This is the worst place ever. They charged 80$ for a 2 bed room for one night. Plus 5$ for room key. When we got there the bathroom was filthy and the door was literally falling apart. It was very very dirty. The room had been tagged on the walls and furniture even on the doors. Never ever again. If I could give it a -4 star I would only reason it wouldn't be a -5 star is because at least they had running water.

  • When me and my fiancé needed a place to stay we decided to try this was cheap and we were tired. At first everything was ok, however as time went on we noticed roaches, bed bug's, fighting on our floor, drug's a dump! Recently they had a fire on the 4th floor, i wonder why? The wires were loose and hanging from the hallway!

  • There's definitely something going on here, more security cameras than anywhere I've seen, but the rooms were great, its what could be going on in the halls stairwells and anywhere else. Balcony's facing pool area are what you want, the cops are watching, the sign says 49 bucks but that sign is a lie, and the owners and managers want you gone or they'll have the cops come get you out. they watch everyone leave, so you dont feel welcomed back if you stay there. but it's no different than some of the local motels

  • I'm a flight attendant and I know my hotels. I was completely prepared to stay at a dive motel. I knew what I was getting myself into when I made the reservation but I was thinking dive motel like a motel 6. This place makes a motel 6 look like a four star hotel. It boggles my mind how anyone would give this place 3 stars.. If there were an option for zero stars this place wouldn't even deserve that. Never vacuumed carpet, roaches in the shower, who knows what stained on the bed spread. Unless you are picking up a 50 buck hooker and don't mind a healthy dose of hepatitis, don't stay here. Seriously.

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  • Anjo Japanese Restaurant 1905 W Badillo St
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  • Roll It Sushi & Teriyaki 815 Plaza Dr
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  • Korean BBQ 1034 W West Covina Pkwy
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  • MyungDong Tofu Restaurant 1025 S Glendora Ave
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  • Duri 807 Plaza Dr
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  • Charley's Steakery 112 Plaza Dr
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  • Haru Sushi 1032 W West Covina Pkwy
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  • Tokyo Express Sushi 14510 Baldwin Park Towne Ctr
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  • Chevron 1209 S Sunset Ave
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  • Shell 700 S Sunset Ave
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  • 76 Gas Station 105 S Vincent Ave
    2.912 km away
  • Chevron 801 S Glendora Ave
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  • My Self Storage Space - West Covina 901 W Service Ave
    2.573 km away
  • Baldwin Park Park/Ride 3825 Downing Ave
    1.723 km away
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  • Baldwin Park Metrolink Train Station 3825 Downing Ave
    1.716 km away
  • Covina Metrolink Station -
    1.87 km away
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