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  • It is very nice to learn about the local customs, people and cuisine, however this is not a cooking class. It is more of a demonstration on how to cook a certain dish (while doing all the chopping). You do get the recipes with explanation on the different herbs and spices, but for the price they are charging it is not worth it. You can easily google any Indonesian recipe video and just give it a try at home. That being said, the instructors were very good and the food had an amazing amount of flavor.

  • Great food and good intro to Balinese cooking

  • After booking online, it took them three days so see my booking and then asking me if I was still interested. After my response , I took another 2 message son my side to finally have a response from them. So I decided to cancel everything and go with another cooking school. I also read reviews that said it's more a long talk than a cooking class as all the prep is already done and that's not what I am looking for when taking a cooking class.

  • The staff was very friendly, however, you should know this is almost all a long talk and demonstration. The instructor talks for quite a while...more than an hour...then you watch her make your lunch. Then you eat and are given some ice crwam someone made later. I was hoping for a bit more hands on other than chopping some chilis for the group meal.

  • So cool to learn about the ingredients, methods and transitions. Highly recommend signing up for a class.

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