Best Things To Do in Balneario Camboriu, Brazil

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Balneario Camboriu relishes in its beaches which are the highlights of tourist attractions in the city.

  • Parque Unipraias Camboriu: A cable car tour here is the highlight which overlooks the whole coastline and takes you to Laranjeiras beach.
  • Praia das Laranjeiras: A popular beach known for its cable ride from Parque Unipraias.
  • Cristo Luz: A 33 meters’ tall attraction with restaurants, live entertainment shows and kid’s play area.
  • Central Beach: A good place to people-watch and soak up the sun amidst all the locals. The Boardwalk lining the beach is a common local haunt.
  • Molhe - Barra Sul: A beautiful Pier with a narrow walkway leading into the ocean that offers a beautiful view of the city.
  • Morro do Careca: The hill offers a panoramic view of 3 of Balneario Camboriu’s gorgeous beaches. The place is also known for its adventure sports.
  • Amores Beach: A secluded, romantic beach with mild waves makes the Amores Beach a must-see when in Balneario Camboriu.
  • Estaleirinho Beach: A calm, quaint beach which has the city’s popular haunt ‘Sky lounge’ located nearby. 


Nightlife: Nightlife in Balneario Camboriu is a full fledged affair with electronic music playing an important role in its charm.

  • The Warung Beach Club: Located near Brava Beach, the club is known for its electronic dance nights which fade off into late hours. Do stop by at the club after a long day of sun-bathing to grove to Brazil’s eclectic music.
  • The Green Valley Club: One of the popular clubs in Balneario Camboriu, the place has the best electronic music scene and have hosted the most popular DJs around the world.
  • Shed Western Bar: The place offers live music, a crowded dance floor and a good drink-menu to go with it.
  • Wood's Balneario Camboriu: Known to be a bit on the expensive side, the place is loved for its vibrant people, cozy ambience, good food and music.

Shopping: The ultra urban malls are a highlight for shopping in Balneario Camboriu. Some of the musts are: 

  • Balneario Shopping: The city’s shopping mall accommodates many brand and has an in-house cinema theatre and restaurants.
  • Atlantico Shopping: A shopping mall where you can find everything from fashion trends to digital devices, toys and accessories. The place also has a cinema theatre.

Below we have a list of things to do in Balneario Camboriu and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Balneario Camboriu getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Balneario Camboriu with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Balneario Camboriu

Here is the list of things to do in Balneario Camboriu and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Parque Unipraias Camboriu

    4.8 (97 Votes)
    Parque Unipraias Camboriu

    Bar, Amusement Park, Beach, Forest

    An Amusement park, the Parque Unipraias Camboriu is loaded with rides and known for its iconic cable car rides to the Laranjeiras beach.  The park is located close to the pier and a pebbles’ throw away from the popular nightclub ‘Shed Western Bar’. Highlights include: Bondinho Rides Yoohoo Rides Zip Rider Fantastic Forest The place also has a trekking area where you can...Read more
  2. Praia Das Laranjeiras

    4.6 (46 Votes)
    Praia Das Laranjeiras

    Beach, Restaurant, Cable Car, Rides

    A small crescent shaped paradise with pristine waters and warm sand welcomes you to the popular beach in Balneário Camboriu. The cable ride from Uniprais Park to reach the beach is the favorite part of the experience while the beach itself offers a quiet corner to sun-bathe and simply enjoy the clean water. Beach umbrellas are available for rent and the line of restaurants adjoining the ...Read more
  3. Cristo Luz

    4.5 (58 Votes)
    Cristo Luz

    View Point, Monument, Statue, Food And Drinks

    If you are looking for the one place which will entertain any age group, head to the Cristo Luz. The highlight here is the ‘electric Christ’ monument which is Balneário Camboriú’s own version of Christ-the Redeemer standing at a height of 33 meters. The statue is known for its iconic figure of Christ holding an electric light which symbolizes the sun. The tourist...Read more
  4. Central Beach

    Beach, Restaurant

    The central beach is the perfect pit stop if you want to experience the local life of Balneario Camboriu. The beach has all the facilities including renting umbrellas and chairs and a number of restaurants around which offer good food. The beach is super busy during summer and if you want to experience the hustle-bustle of the small city, a day spent here wont go to waste. If you love secluded ...Read more
  5. Molhe - Barra Sul

    Beach, View Point

    Advancing more than 450 meters into the sea, the Molhe da Barra Sul – Centro lies close to the central beach and is an ideal place to take photos of the distant city view and the sea. The pier pathway is lit after dark and turns into a romantic place for a late evening stroll for locals and tourists alike. Do carry your camera to capture the beautiful pier forever in your memories.
  6. Morro Do Careca

    4.8 (50 Votes)
    Morro Do Careca

    Adventure, Hill, Nature

    The small hill of Morro do Careca which overlooks the radiant sea, offers a good place to trek through Balneario Camboriu’s green pathways and natural beauty. The place is known for a range of activities including Paragliding and you will often find amateurs and professional practicing the sport at the top of the hill. If you are game for it, you can take the paragliding experience with y...Read more
  7. Amores Beach

    Beach, Picnic Spot

    If you love secluded beaches, then the Amores beach is a must-visit on your travel plan in Balneário Camboriú. The beautiful sand, the clear water with white waves and the beautiful breeze, all make this place a rather special one in the city. You will often find more locals here than tourists. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to simply be or take a long evening walk alon...Read more
  8. Estaleirinho Beach

    4.6 (19 Votes)
    Estaleirinho Beach

    Beach, Nature

    One of the most popular places to visit during weekends, the Estaleirinho Beach is the ultimate party place in Balneário Camboriú city. Whether you want to spend the day here soaking the sun, swimming in the sea or grooving the night away- the place has something for everyone. A highlight here is the Sky Beach Lounge which is open till late hours and offers good food, an unbeatabl...Read more
  9. Estaleiro Beach

    Beach, Nature, Swimming Pool

    The Praia do Estaleiro is a local secret and a tourist adventure combined with the best of nature in Balneario Camboriu. The beach itself is secluded and even during high season, not many people are seen spending time here. The beautiful big waves make it ideal for surfers to experiment in the Brazilian waters while the few restaurants and hotels that line the beach, entice you into a warm stay...Read more
  10. Mirante De Taquarinhas

    4.7 (22 Votes)
    Mirante De Taquarinhas

    Beach, Picnic Spot

    Mirante de Taquarinhas offers one of the best beach views and an untouched sight of the coastline. The sunsets are perfect to have a romantic place all for yourself- owing to the few number of people or none at all! The waters do go deep closer to the coastline and it will be unwise for amateur swimmers and children to enter them especially during the evening hours. However, if you are up for i...Read more
  11. Praia Do Pinho

    4.4 (65 Votes)
    Praia Do Pinho

    Beach, Nature

    One of the few beaches where nudity is mandatory in Brazil, the Praia do Pinho is a beach exclusively for naturists. Single men are allowed at the beach only if they are current members of the International Naturist Federation. But if you are a couple or a travelling group of ladies, the beach will surely be one of the highlights of your stay at Balneario Camboriu. The sun and the sand are just...Read more
  12. Igreja De Santa Ines

    4.8 (17 Votes)
    Igreja De Santa Ines

    Church, Architecture

    Igreja de Santa Ines is a prominent church in Balneario Camboriu. The design of the church is rather interesting with a circular seating area and a central podium where the services take place. If you are looking for a spiritual place with a beautiful, minimalistic design head to the church to admire the architecture, the layout or simply offer a little prayer while in Balneário Camboriu...Read more
  13. Complexo Ambiental Cyro Gevaerd Zoologico


    The Complexo Ambiental Cyro Gevaerd Zoologico is a popular family spot with a high standard of care shown for its friendly animals. The Zoo is home to Mammals, Birds, Reptile and Fishes and also has a Mini-Farm with cattle’s, horses and poultry. If you are travelling with children or simply love animals, the Zoo is a good choice to spend an afternoon at. Highlights include: Lion enclosur...Read more
  14. Acqualandia

    2 (41 Votes)

    Water Park

    Nothing gets better than a family day out at Acqualandia. The place covers a part of the sea with inflated water park which has activities for older children and adults who want to cool off with a few outdoor beach games. Highlights include: Olympic Circuit Obstacle Trampoline at Sea Catapults Iceberg Disks
  15. Pedra Do Ovo

    View Point

    The Pedra do Ovo is a natural rock formation which is egg shaped and has a huge fracture which divides the formation vertically. A rather interesting geological sight, the stone itself stands vertical and is as tall as the hill which surrounds it. However, the highlight remains the view of the other side facing the beautiful coastline of Balneario Camboriu. If you love to see quirky places whic...Read more