How to Reach Bamberg


There are of course many modes of transport to go to Germany. A few may include:

  • By Train: The Bamberg station connects to Wurzburg, Nuremberg, and Bayreuth. Express trains are available from Bamberg to Munich and Berlin as well. The rail route is the most ideal way to get to the city of Bamberg. The railway is also considered as cheap mode of transport to the city.
  • By Plane: Nuremberg airport is the closest international airport to Bamberg that offers cheap domestic plane ticket prices. As a side note, a flight journey through German airlines always guarantees comfort and good service.
  • By Bus: Reputed companies like Flixbus, Meinfernbus and ADACPost bus, etc.cater to the bus service in Bamberg, Germany. You can easily take the bus from Berlin to Bamberg. However, the journey would be more time consuming than that of a train journey..


  • By foot: Walking is the most ideal way to explore the city of Bamberg.
  • By Bus: Bamberg offers a charter bus service to get around the city.