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  • Banff National Park: The primary reason to visit Banff, the Banff National Park is the country’s oldest and most visited national park. Making the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there’s never a wrong time to visit Banff National Park. The town of Banff being a part of the park makes for a perfect setting wherein you can both live and experience the park to its fullest.
  • Cave and Basin National Historic Site: The site that started it all, the Cave and Basin site was what kick-started the National Parks System. A natural hot spring, the government decided to take this under their wings and declare the Cave and Basin site as a national historic site. The museum allows you to set foot inside the cave where the hot springs were found along with wonderfully restored buildings and an outdoor natural bath and pool.
  • Vermilion Lakes: Made up of three rivers that originate from the Bow Valley, the Vermilion Lakes is a great place for photo ops. The cherry on the icing here is the amount of wildlife, home to the Canadian Rockies, you’ll see here. Easily reachable via the highway, this is not a sight you would want to miss out on.

Below we have a list of things to do in Banff and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Banff getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Banff with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Banff

Here is the list of things to do in Banff and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Banff National Park

    Outdoors, National Park, Off Beaten Path, Water Body

    The Banff National Park is one of the main reasons people visit Banff. A recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park. The Canadian Rockies is one of those breathtaking sights which you must see at least once before you die. Be it summer or winter, there’s always something to do at the Banff National Park. Hiking trails, scenic driv...Read more
  2. Bow Falls

    4.6 (3148 Votes)
    Bow Falls


    One of the best things about the Bow River is its accessibility. A popular tourist attraction, the Bow Falls are one of the most loved natural attractions of the Banff National Park. Unlike the conventional waterfalls, the water doesn’t cascade from a great height; the Bow Falls are wide and short, powerful all the same! During the summer, if you’re positioned correctly, you’l...Read more
  3. Lake Minnewanka

    4.7 (3150 Votes)
    Lake Minnewanka

    Outdoors, Park, Hiking Trail, Leisure

    A glacial lake, the Lake Minnewanka is famous for its scenic drive that is a 15 mile loop. Going clockwise, you can begin by exploring the abandoned coal mines and the mining community and head up to the Lake, the largest lake in the park. The natural beauty you’ll see here is par excellence. Set aside at least half a day here and carry a picnic lunch/snack to enjoy by the lake side; ther...Read more
  4. Banff Upper Hot Springs

    4.2 (2040 Votes)
    Banff Upper Hot Springs

    Outdoors, Water Body

    Soak yourself in the warmth of 100% natural mineral water amidst the chilled weather of Banff, Canada. The Banff Upper Hot Springs is a very popular water pool with steamy hot water depicting the heritage of the city.Even a relaxation therapy is matchless with the sumptuous experience the Banff hot springs throw your way. After you are done with the adventures in the city, do visit the springs ...Read more
  5. Banff Visitor Information Centre
    Banff Visitor Information Centre is replete with heaps of information that most tourists would be keen on understanding. The information at the center assists with discovering the unknown in the city of Banff. Maps and instructions at the center helps tourists move about in the city like confident locals. The information center has a wide display of surrounding attractions and provides with rel...Read more
  6. Cave And Basin National Historic Site

    Outdoors, Hot Spring, Historical Site, Specialty Museum

    Not only is the Cave and Basic site a natural phenomenon in itself, it’s also a vital part of the country’s history. It was here, right amidst these hot springs that the National Parks System of Canada was born, in 1885. After three railway workers discovered this cave and its commercial potential, the government decided to intervene and declared it a historic site, making it both o...Read more
  7. Tunnel Mountain Drive

    Outdoors, Off Beaten Path, Hiking Trail, Scenic Drive

    You won’t have to go far to see a mountain. The east side of Banff is dominated by the Tunnel Mountains, another scenic loop drive you don’t want to miss out on. If you’ve ever wanted to scale a mountain, here’s your chance. You can drive your way up to Banff’s smallest summit and enjoy some 360 degrees of stunning vistas. The town, the surrounding peaks and the ri...Read more
  8. Vermilion Lakes

    4.5 (2181 Votes)
    Vermilion Lakes

    Outdoors, Off Beaten Path, Water Body, Wildlife Park

    If the east has Tunnel Mountain, the west of Banff has the Vermilion Lakes. Three rivers from the Bow Valley come together and form this spectacular body of water just outside of Banff. For any wildlife, photography enthusiast, the Vermilion Lakes is a perfect setting. The only possible downside here is that since it’s located along the highway, so it’s not as tranquil as you would ...Read more
  9. Sulphur Mountain

    4.7 (1179 Votes)
    Sulphur Mountain

    Outdoors, Trail, View Point, Valley

    The Sulphur Mountain is just a gondola ride away from the city of Banff located in the Banff national park. During this ride you get the magnificent view of the Banff, Rundle, Lake Minnewanka, the bow valley and other famous view points. The mountain trail can get a little exertive but is sure to be worth all your time and energy.
  10. Whyte Museum Of The Canadian Rockies

    Art Museum, Library, Museum, History Museum

    Yet another comprehensive museum at Banff National Park, the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies is where you’ll be inspired and awestruck by the power of the Canadian Rockies. Almost a century old, the museum focuses on the history, culture and art of the Canadian Rockies. Aimed at maintaining an excellent international reputation, their exhibits are every changing; the permanent exhibi...Read more
  11. The Banff Centre

    4.3 (360 Votes)
    The Banff Centre

    Art And Culture, Outdoors, Entertainment, Performance

    Banff centre is the biggest incubator of creativity and art recognized across the globe. Roughly, the centre hosts about 400 shows that include public concerts, art events, festivals, and gallery exhibitions, annually. The Banff Summer Arts Festival, the Banff International String Quartet Competition, the Banff Mountain Film & Book Festival and Banff Jazz are part of the premier events at t...Read more
  12. Parker Ridge Trail

    Outdoors, Off Road, Hiking Trail, Adventure

    The Parker Ridge is a popular hiking Trail located in Banff national park.The tall snow covered peaks with a dense green valley that looks after grizzly bears and various other species contribute to making this area the ‘hiking capital’ of Canada. At the venue you will have a map of the many hiking trails with descriptions so it becomes easier to choose a trail most suited to you an...Read more
  13. Surprise Corner

    4.4 (1032 Votes)
    Surprise Corner

    Outdoors, View Point, Valley, Nature

    Undoubtedly, this spot in Banff will catch you by surprise. Although almost every attraction in Banff offers a breathtaking view, the surprise corner will mesmerize your senses by throwing a picturesque eye candy before your eyes. Reveal the surprise at the viewing platform across the street from the parking lot on your visit to Banff. 
  14. Banff Springs Golf Club

    Outdoors, Golf Course, Nature

    In the center of the rocky mountains of Banff lies the Banff Springs Golf Club offering scenic views and its natural beauty to its honored visitors. The 18 hole course is within the premises of the Banff national park with a lush green captivating golf area.The course is also home to a driving range and an academy that provides with golf instructional sessions.
  15. Banff Avenue

    Outdoors, View Point, Historical Site, Food And Drinks

    Banff Avenue is a historic area in Banff with a scenic view and everything from shops and to cafes to restaurants and shopping outlets. This area is ideally the best to stay in on a trip to the city of Banff.

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