Bangladesh Trip Planner

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Bangladesh Overview

Formerly a part of India, Bangladesh is one of the most beautiful lands surrounded with amazing waters and gifted with lush greens. Even though Bangladesh boasts of mesmerizing views and its beautiful rivers, the one trait that takes the cake is the presence of Sunderbans which houses the royal Bengal Tiger. The term Bangladesh literally means the land of the Bangla which is a strongly knit community towards the South Asian side. Apart from this, even Cricket is a big deal in this country and as a sports enthusiast if you can catch a match, then you will see a completely different side of love for sports.

Visa Procedure                 

As of now apart from Israeli Passport Holders, all the other nationalities are allowed to enter. Citizens of Canada, USA and some European Nations also do not need a visa. But, still check with the official embassy website as the rules and regulations keep changing quite often. The custom regulations are pretty regular with the 200 cigarettes and 1 litre alcohol allowance. Apart from this the cap on currency to get in and to carry out is also mentioned, so make sure that you note it down in bold as you draw out your Bangladesh travel guide.

When to go

The best time to visit Bangladesh is during the months of October to March. It is the high season in terms of the weather and tourism does not thrive in this country as much as it should, so you are sure to get great deals. If you have a high threshold to heat, then April and May is also a decent time to visit as you can see the mangoes ripe and also witness the honey harvesting season in the Sunderbans.

Destinations to cover

There are plenty of places to see and plenty of things to do in Bangladesh. Dhaka is beautiful as it has a lot of Mughal remains and ruins. Sylhet has awesome rivers, forests, history and waterfalls. Chittagong has an amazing amalgamation of Buddhism and beaches to give you. Cox’s Bazaar is one of the most coveted honeymoon destinations. Rangpur City is another destination for zoos, culture and history. Some of the other places to include in your Bangladesh travel guide are Khulna, Rajshahi, Comilia, Bogra and Barisal amongst many others.

Get in and around

If you are wondering, how to reach Bangladesh then there are plenty of options. You can get in by the Dhaka International Airport and there are plenty of connecting flights that you can take to get here. Apart from this there are regular train and bus connections from near by countries. Even though, ferries is an option- it is not safe at all and hence not advised. The public transport is very basic and you can get around on Rickshaws.

Hotels and Food

You can get the most basic accommodation without any air conditioner and hot water in about 500-800 Bangladesh takas. A meal would cost you somewhere around 80 Bangladeshi takas if you opt for the most basic one. But, there are plenty of mid range and luxury accommodation options available. Remember to try the Bread Pitha, Sandesh and various meat dishes made with curries.

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