Carrefour T

  • Address: 08880, Barcelona, Spain
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • Tags: Station

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Carrefour T, is situated in the Barcelona, Spain. Carrefour T is a nice place to visit in this area.

Travel information that can help you plan your visit is provided on this page. Have you been to this place? If yes, then help us improve the travel experience to Carrefour T for other users by giving us information regarding this place. You can contribute to this Carrefour T page by giving your inputs on the content, opening hours, images.

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If you need any help in case of emergencies when you are near the Carrefour T, here is a list of the safety stations nearby. From police stations to gas stations and from ATMS to banks, this page provides you with all the essential information to help you tackle the problems.

Traveling to Carrefour T in a bus or a train? This page also provides you with data related to nearby railway stations and bus stations, thus ensuring that your journey to this place is an easy one.

Looking for best stops for mouth-watering food? You can also find a list of the best restaurants which are near the Carrefour T. Offering you a variety of choices, from cafes to lounges, from fine-dine places to snack shops, one look at this page is all that you need for curbing those hunger pangs. Also find the best pubs and bars to enjoy the night in the Barcelona listed on this page.

Can't live without internet? Fret not, this page also lists some Internet cafes which may help you out with internet services near Carrefour T.

Planning a trip to Carrefour T but not sure about what all to include in the itinerary? Check out the list of best Barcelona itineraries and guided tours to Carrefour T which have been already created by the users. This will help you to know the best places to visit near Carrefour T, Barcelona. Also get the estimated budget of the trip with these itinerary suggestions and with the cost of trip feature. You can also plan a vacation to the city with this Barcelona trip planner. In addition, know more about the Barcelona with this list of best things to do in Barcelona.

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  • Press Cafè Antoni Armengol, 1
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  • El Racó de l'Olga Empar Nadal, S/N
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  • Forn Pastisseria Vilamajo Sant Antoni, 9
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  • Forn Pastisseria Vilamajo Girona 6-8
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  • Cal Tala Marina de Cubelles, 31-33
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  • Hostal Restaurante la Diligencia Plaça Sant Cristòfol Null
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  • Gran Mundo Llobregat, 11
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  • El Racó de la Vila Carrer Major, 19
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  • Polideportiu Avenida Onze de Setembree, S/N
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  • Le Saint Tropez Passeig Maritim de Sant Joan de Deu, 37
    2.255 km away
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  • Don Felix Pg. Marítim, 241
    2.966 km away
  • Don Felix Paseo Maritimo, 241
    2.969 km away
  • Trattoria del Mar Paseo de la Marina de Cubelles, 22
    0.711 km away
  • Punt Apart Pg. Marítim, 237
    2.995 km away
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  • Reco d'en Pinilla Carrer de la Creu, 4
    2.652 km away
  • Restaurante Simone Passeig Marítim, 237
    2.993 km away
  • La Bona Cuina Sccl Narcis Bardajin, S/N
    2.336 km away
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  • Restaurante Pizzeria Samis Sumella, 44
    2.902 km away
  • Gourmet de la Leña Calle Víctor Balaguer, 16-18
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  • Sami's Restaurnt Pizzeria Calle Sumella 44-46
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  • Mimmo's pizza Xaloc, 2
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  • Solocomo Avenida Mediterrani, 18
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  • El Peixet Pg. Marítim, 18
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  • Ca l'avi Paseo Maritimo, 55
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  • La Torrada Calle Mallorca, 2-4
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  • Pollastres la Creu Mallorca, 5-7
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  • Repsol Avenida Barcelona, Km 53,71
    1.986 km away
  • Repsol Estació, S/N
    2.188 km away
  • Repsol Avenida Barcelona, 0
    1.911 km away
  • Campsa Avenida Catalunya, 30
    2.28 km away
  • Campsa Avenida Barcelona. S/N
    1.59 km away
  • Campsa Carretera C-246
    1.91 km away
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  • Beronsa Avenida Onze de Setembre, 166
    0.406 km away
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  • Estación de Cunit -
    1.39 km away
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  • Hostal del Foix Avenida Catalunya, 14-16
    2.219 km away
  • Mas D'en Pedro Calle Lloret, 6
    0.229 km away
  • Nautic Pg. Maritim. S/N
    2.86 km away
  • Nautic Avenida Paisos Catalans, S/N
    2.607 km away
  • Alonso Garrido a Lluis Companys, 90-92
    2.955 km away
  • Hostal Mas - Trader Dalia, 28 Dalia Urbanización Mas Trader, 30
    2.474 km away
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