Espaisucre, Barcelona

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Address: Carrer de la Princesa, 53, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

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Timings: 09:00 pm - 11:59 pm Details

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About Espaisucre, Barcelona

Espaisucre, is situated in the Barcelona, Spain. Espaisucre is a nice place to visit in this area.

Travel information that can help you plan your visit is provided on this page. Have you been to this place? If yes, then help us improve the travel experience to Espaisucre for other users by giving us information regarding this place. You can contribute to this Espaisucre page by giving your inputs on the content, opening hours, images.

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If you need any help in case of emergencies when you are near the Espaisucre, here is a list of the safety stations nearby. From police stations to gas stations and from ATMS to banks, this page provides you with all the essential information to help you tackle the problems.

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Can't live without internet? Fret not, this page also lists some Internet cafes which may help you out with internet services near Espaisucre.

Planning a trip to Espaisucre but not sure about what all to include in the itinerary? Check out the list of best Barcelona itineraries and guided tours to Espaisucre which have been already created by the users. This will help you to know the best places to visit near Espaisucre, Barcelona. Also get the estimated budget of the trip with these itinerary suggestions and with the cost of trip feature. You can also plan a vacation to the city with this Barcelona trip planner. In addition, know more about the Barcelona with this list of best things to do in Barcelona.

Find places near Espaisucre, Barcelona

  • Name: Evo Banco Address: Plaça Tetuan, 19
    Distance: 1.106 km away
  • Name: Caja Cantabria Address: Calle Roger de Lluria, 35
    Distance: 1.187 km away
  • Name: Evo Banco Address: Avenidagran Vía Corts Catal, 509
    Distance: 2.184 km away
  • Name: Caixa D'estalvis del Penedes Address: Plaza Sagrada Familia, 17
    Distance: 1.852 km away
  • Name: Caixa Catalunya Address: Calle Ramón Trias Fargas, 25-27
    Distance: 0.805 km away
  • Name: EVO Banco Address: Carrer Rosellón, 250
    Distance: 2.023 km away
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  • Name: Basar Rambla Poblenou Address: Rambla de Poblenou, 73
    Distance: 2.225 km away
  • Name: BBVA Address: Plaza Catalunya, 9
    Distance: 1.114 km away
  • Name: BBVA Address: Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 41
    Distance: 2.425 km away
  • Name: BBVA Address: Rambla Catalunya, 98
    Distance: 1.97 km away
  • Name: BBVA Address: Joan Miro, 21
    Distance: 1.075 km away
  • Name: La Caixa Address: Rambla Poblenou, 60
    Distance: 2.23 km away
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  • Name: Oficina DNI y Pasaporte Address: Trafalgar, 4
    Distance: 0.722 km away
  • Name: Comisaria de Policia de Eixample Address: Calle Guadalajara, 3
    Distance: 2.634 km away
  • Name: Guardia Urbana Distrito de Ciutat Vella Address: Calle Nou de la Rambla, 43
    Distance: 1.059 km away
  • Name: Comissaria Mossos d'Esquadra Address: Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 456
    Distance: 2.472 km away
  • Name: Prefectura Superior de Policia de Catalunya Address: Vía Laietana, 43
    Distance: 0.595 km away
  • Name: Policia Ciutat Vella Address: -
    Distance: 0.659 km away
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  • Name: Farmacia Internacional Address: Calle Consell de Cent, 312
    Distance: 1.428 km away
  • Name: Quimics Dalmau Address: Calle Villarroel, 180
    Distance: 2.738 km away
  • Name: Farmàcia F. Iglesias Huix Address: Avenida Paral.Lel, 131
    Distance: 2.343 km away
  • Name: Farmacia Serra Mandri Address: Avenida Diagonal, 478
    Distance: 2.418 km away
  • Name: Farmacia Ldo. Francisco Llambi Address: Provença, 71
    Distance: 2.828 km away
  • Name: Farmacia Frances Ferrando Address: Avenida Mistral, 66
    Distance: 2.755 km away
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  • Name: La Principal Address: Sepúlveda, 186
    Distance: 1.647 km away
  • Name: Cosmo Address: Calle Nou de la Rambla, 97
    Distance: 1.586 km away
  • Name: Cachitos Diagonal Address: Avenida Diagonal, 508
    Distance: 2.554 km away
  • Name: Boca Grande Address: Passatge de la Concepció, 12
    Distance: 2.054 km away
  • Name: Summum Night Bar Address: Aribau, 66
    Distance: 1.967 km away
  • Name: Pacha Barcelona Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 38
    Distance: 1.232 km away
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  • Name: Terraza la Isabela Address: La Rambla, 109
    Distance: 1.014 km away
  • Name: Eclipse Address: Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, 1
    Distance: 2.145 km away
  • Name: The City Bar Address: Vía Laietana, 30
    Distance: 0.458 km away
  • Name: Sky Bar Address: Vía Laietana, 30
    Distance: 0.44 km away
  • Name: Bar Marfil Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 104
    Distance: 2.057 km away
  • Name: Rien de Rien Cocktail Club Address: Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 668
    Distance: 1.038 km away
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  • Name: Robadors 23 Address: Carrer D'en Robador, 23
    Distance: 1.269 km away
  • Name: Guzzo Address: Plaza Comercial, 10
    Distance: 0.23 km away
  • Name: Jazzman Address: Roger de Flor, 238
    Distance: 1.953 km away
  • Name: Barcelona Pipa Club Address: Plaza Reial, 3
    Distance: 0.984 km away
  • Name: Harlem Jazz Club Address: Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8
    Distance: 0.733 km away
  • Name: Café Royale Address: Nou de Zurbano, 3
    Distance: 0.999 km away
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  • Name: Travel Bar Address: Calle Boqueria, 27
    Distance: 0.89 km away
  • Name: Pasa Tapas Address: Doctor Aiguader, 6-8
    Distance: 0.646 km away
  • Name: Belushi's Barcelona Address: Calle Bergara, 3
    Distance: 1.236 km away
  • Name: Fahrenheit Address: Aribau, 131
    Distance: 2.377 km away
  • Name: Sonora Sport Tavern Address: Calle Pamplona, 96
    Distance: 1.35 km away
  • Name: Temple Bar Address: Ferran, 6
    Distance: 0.98 km away
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  • Name: Parisii Bistrot Address: Aribau, 31
    Distance: 1.801 km away
  • Name: Andú Address: Carrer del Correu Vell, 3
    Distance: 0.653 km away
  • Name: Can Cisa - Bar Brutal Address: Princesa, 14
    Distance: 0.318 km away
  • Name: Disset 17 Graus Address: Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3
    Distance: 0.238 km away
  • Name: Betlem Miscelánea Gastronómica Address: Girona, 70
    Distance: 1.292 km away
  • Name: Jonny Aldana Bar Address: Carrer Aldana, 9
    Distance: 1.84 km away
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  • Name: Be My Bagel Address: Calle Planeta, 37
    Distance: 2.7 km away
  • Name: Repúblic Cafè Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 22
    Distance: 2.251 km away
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  • Name: Colombia Pan y Sabor Address: Aragó, 447-451
    Distance: 1.75 km away
  • Name: Turris Address: Gran de Gràcia, 34
    Distance: 2.501 km away
  • Name: Forn Mistral Address: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 96
    Distance: 1.559 km away
  • Name: 365 Santa Caterina Address: Avenida Francesc Cambó, 15
    Distance: 0.439 km away
  • Name: Cinemateca Address: Pau Claris, 120
    Distance: 1.361 km away
  • Name: La Cure Gourmande Address: Ferran No, 14
    Distance: 0.922 km away
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  • Name: Maestró Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 79
    Distance: 1.789 km away
  • Name: La Cerveteca Address: Calle Gignàs, 25
    Distance: 0.622 km away
  • Name: La Sureña Address: Ronda de Sant Pau, 79
    Distance: 1.855 km away
  • Name: Bcn Cafe 2007 Address: Calle Consell de Cent, 381
    Distance: 1.331 km away
  • Name: Cerveceria Canarias Address: Plaza Reial, 4
    Distance: 0.976 km away
  • Name: El Pesebre Address: Calle París, 135
    Distance: 2.777 km away
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  • Name: Pudding Address: Pau Claris, 90
    Distance: 1.035 km away
  • Name: Starbucks Address: Plaça Universitat, 2
    Distance: 1.606 km away
  • Name: Alsur Café Address: Roger de Llúria, 23
    Distance: 1.029 km away
  • Name: Cappuccino Address: Vía Laietana, 23
    Distance: 0.462 km away
  • Name: Face to Face Address: Provença, 277
    Distance: 1.899 km away
  • Name: El Bon Mercat Address: Baixada Llibreteria, 1
    Distance: 0.544 km away
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  • Name: A Casa Portuguesa Address: Verdi, 58
    Distance: 2.956 km away
  • Name: Bubó Address: Caputxes, 10
    Distance: 0.421 km away
  • Name: Lolita Bakery Address: Portal Nou, 20
    Distance: 0.231 km away
  • Name: Forn de Sant Jaume Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 50
    Distance: 1.569 km away
  • Name: Pastelería Garde Address: Carrer Consell de Cent, 421
    Distance: 1.32 km away
  • Name: Takashi Ochiai Address: Comte D'Urgell, 110
    Distance: 2.214 km away
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  • Name: Häagen-Dazs Address: Rambla Catalunya, 85
    Distance: 1.856 km away
  • Name: Cremeria Toscana Address: Muntaner, 161
    Distance: 2.499 km away
  • Name: Amorino Address: Portaferrissa, 7
    Distance: 0.921 km away
  • Name: Gelaaati Di Marco Address: Llibreteria, 7
    Distance: 0.598 km away
  • Name: Pagliotta Address: Jaume I, 15
    Distance: 0.534 km away
  • Name: Planelles Donat Address: Avenida Portal de l'Angel, 7
    Distance: 0.754 km away
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  • Name: Bornet Address: Barra de Ferro, 3
    Distance: 0.297 km away
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  • Name: Juice Rodriguez & Co Address: Calle de Provença, 179
    Distance: 2.219 km away
  • Name: Green Shots Address: Calle de Paris, 201
    Distance: 2.532 km away
  • Name: La Bordiny Address: Jaume I, 11
    Distance: 0.558 km away
  • Name: Zenzoo Address: Calle Bonsuccés, 6
    Distance: 1.053 km away
  • Name: Green & Berry Address: Calle D'Enric Granados, 153
    Distance: 2.565 km away
  • Name: Fruit Express Address: Mercè, 8
    Distance: 0.926 km away
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  • Name: Ziryab Address: Grunyí, 4
    Distance: 0.388 km away
  • Name: MonDoré Address: Calle Floridablanca, 3
    Distance: 2.653 km away
  • Name: La Cerveseria Address: Plaça de la Revolució de Setembre de, 1868
    Distance: 2.665 km away
  • Name: Quimet & Quimet Address: Poeta Cabanyes, 25
    Distance: 2.014 km away
  • Name: Lolita Taperia Address: Tamarit, 104
    Distance: 2.388 km away
  • Name: Hendrix Address: Travessera de Gracia, 86
    Distance: 2.779 km away
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  • Name: Tootsie Address: Carrer de Calàbria, 29
    Distance: 2.265 km away
  • Name: Chelsea Address: Lel, 172
    Distance: 2.602 km away
  • Name: Your Burg Address: Calle Londres, 65
    Distance: 2.871 km away
  • Name: Umami Address: Floridablanca, 148
    Distance: 1.735 km away
  • Name: Oval Address: València, 199
    Distance: 1.954 km away
  • Name: La Castanya Address: Calle Escudellers, 30
    Distance: 0.907 km away
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  • Name: La Vietnamita Address: Torrent de l'Olla, 78
    Distance: 2.474 km away
  • Name: El Thailandes Address: Avenida Diagonal, 379
    Distance: 2.096 km away
  • Name: Momos Address: Martínez de la Rosa, 71
    Distance: 2.58 km away
  • Name: Dos Palillos Address: Elisabets, 9
    Distance: 1.21 km away
  • Name: Kathmandu Address: Còrsega, 421
    Distance: 2.119 km away
  • Name: Restaurante Tai Address: Provença, 230
    Distance: 2.164 km away
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  • Name: Can Vador Address: Diputació, 367
    Distance: 1.222 km away
  • Name: El Yantar de la Ribera Address: Roger de Flor, 114
    Distance: 0.987 km away
  • Name: Milo Grill Address: Balmes, 127
    Distance: 2.148 km away
  • Name: Amatxu Address: Rambla, 100
    Distance: 0.985 km away
  • Name: El Caliu de l'Eixample Address: Calle Valencia, 329
    Distance: 1.58 km away
  • Name: El Foro Address: Princesa, 53
    Distance: 0.015 km away
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  • Name: Lactuca Address: Provença, 427
    Distance: 2.011 km away
  • Name: La Vaca Paca Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 21
    Distance: 1.359 km away
  • Name: Da Yin He Address: Fontanella, 15
    Distance: 0.844 km away
  • Name: Dao Kaitensushi Address: Passeig de Colom, 4
    Distance: 0.701 km away
  • Name: Wok Heng Address: Avinguda del Paral.Lel, 148
    Distance: 2.405 km away
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  • Name: Terra Blava Address: Vía Laietana, 55
    Distance: 0.703 km away
  • Name: Sandwich & Friends Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 5
    Distance: 1.21 km away
  • Name: Cat Bar Address: Bòria, 17
    Distance: 0.414 km away
  • Name: Burger King Address: Rambla Catalunya, 5
    Distance: 1.208 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Address: Muelle de Mestral, 20
    Distance: 1.395 km away
  • Name: Butyklan Address: Calle Salvador Espriu, 79
    Distance: 1.551 km away
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  • Name: Wok & Bol Address: Diputació, 294
    Distance: 1.191 km away
  • Name: Capitol II Address: Calle Villarroel, 199
    Distance: 2.648 km away
  • Name: Pato Pekín Address: Marina, 16
    Distance: 1.251 km away
  • Name: Wok Chiew Address: Pau Claris, 139
    Distance: 1.57 km away
  • Name: Chen Ji Address: Ali Bei, 65
    Distance: 0.75 km away
  • Name: Mosquito Address: Carders, 46
    Distance: 0.16 km away
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  • Name: Can Ravell Address: Aragó, 313
    Distance: 1.453 km away
  • Name: Cafés el Magnífico Address: Argenteria, 64
    Distance: 0.401 km away
  • Name: Escribà Address: La Rambla, 83
    Distance: 1.007 km away
  • Name: La Cuina d'en Garriga Address: Calle Consell de Cent, 308
    Distance: 1.473 km away
  • Name: Xaloc Address: Carrer de la Palla, 13
    Distance: 0.787 km away
  • Name: Cacao Sampaka Address: Consell de Cent, 292
    Distance: 1.55 km away
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  • Name: Moll de la Fusta Address: Passeig de Colom, 1
    Distance: 1.003 km away
  • Name: Foz Address: Calle Diputació, 174
    Distance: 1.964 km away
  • Name: Nuria Address: Rambla de Canaletas, 133
    Distance: 1.052 km away
  • Name: Tomato Address: Tuset, 30
    Distance: 2.78 km away
  • Name: Maur Muntaner Address: Muntaner, 121
    Distance: 2.294 km away
  • Name: La Carassa Address: Brosolí, 1
    Distance: 0.393 km away
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  • Name: Viena Address: Pelai, 16
    Distance: 1.37 km away
  • Name: Viena Address: Ronda Sant Pere, 11
    Distance: 0.939 km away
  • Name: KFC Address: Avenida Gaudí, 2
    Distance: 2.075 km away
  • Name: Central Catalana del Pollastre Address: Padilla, 323
    Distance: 2.564 km away
  • Name: KFC Address: Calle Ferrán, 2
    Distance: 1.004 km away
  • Name: Fastvínic Address: Diputació, 251
    Distance: 1.456 km away
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  • Name: Pernil 181 Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 181
    Distance: 2.371 km away
  • Name: Arc de Triomf Hostel Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 4
    Distance: 0.559 km away
  • Name: Churreria Arguiles Address: Marina, S/N
    Distance: 2.805 km away
  • Name: Argiles Luz Jose Address: Marina, S/N
    Distance: 0.981 km away
  • Name: Eat Street Address: Pellaires, 30
    Distance: 1.722 km away
  • Name: L'Obrador de Caravan Made Address: Calle de la Riereta, 15
    Distance: 1.52 km away
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  • Name: Beltxenea Address: Mallorca, 275
    Distance: 1.784 km away
  • Name: Cafe Emma Address: Pau Claris, 142
    Distance: 1.577 km away
  • Name: El Casal Address: Plaza Victor Balaguer, 5
    Distance: 0.466 km away
  • Name: Tarte & Quiche Address: Aragó, 39
    Distance: 2.963 km away
  • Name: Cheese's Art Address: Calle Enric Granados, 13
    Distance: 1.692 km away
  • Name: Chéri Address: Carrer D'Enric Granados, 122
    Distance: 2.534 km away
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  • Name: Govinda Address: Plaza Vila de Madrid, 4
    Distance: 0.879 km away
  • Name: Nice Spice Address: Pujades, 207
    Distance: 2.458 km away
  • Name: Himalaya Address: Calle Caspe, 150
    Distance: 1.053 km away
  • Name: Gandhi Restaurante Hindú Address: Balmes, 21
    Distance: 1.491 km away
  • Name: Khana Address: Casanova, 68
    Distance: 1.963 km away
  • Name: Namaste Address: Villarroel, 70
    Distance: 2.015 km away
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  • Name: Melocomo Address: Calle Pujades, 188
    Distance: 2.265 km away
  • Name: Via Fora Address: Riera de Sant Miquel, 25
    Distance: 2.447 km away
  • Name: La Vela Address: Avenida Icària, 149
    Distance: 1.291 km away
  • Name: Restaurante l'Aldilà Address: Carrer de la Llacuna, 106-108
    Distance: 2.148 km away
  • Name: La Pizza Nostra Address: Aribau, 13
    Distance: 1.711 km away
  • Name: Ginos Address: Avenida Diagonal, 208
    Distance: 2.161 km away
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  • Name: Ikibana Address: Lel, 148
    Distance: 2.394 km away
  • Name: Koku Kitchen Ramen Address: Calle Carabassa, 19
    Distance: 0.835 km away
  • Name: Dango Barcelona Address: Avenida Diagonal, 423
    Distance: 2.596 km away
  • Name: Udon Born Address: Princesa, 23
    Distance: 0.25 km away
  • Name: Akashi Gallery Address: Rosselló, 197
    Distance: 2.291 km away
  • Name: Kibuka Address: Verdi, 64
    Distance: 2.979 km away
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  • Name: San Kil Address: Calle Legalitat, 22
    Distance: 2.978 km away
  • Name: Seoul Address: Avenida Gaudí, 70
    Distance: 2.694 km away
  • Name: Yalujiang Address: Roger de Flor, 137
    Distance: 1.283 km away
  • Name: Han-Na Address: Diputació, 418
    Distance: 1.405 km away
  • Name: Kim Address: Legalitat, 22
    Distance: 2.975 km away
  • Name: El Restaurant de l'Anna Address: Aragó, 131
    Distance: 2.371 km away
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  • Name: Mussol Diagonal Address: Avenida Diagonal, 488
    Distance: 2.478 km away
  • Name: La Cantina Mexicana Address: Carrer de Valencia, 427
    Distance: 1.779 km away
  • Name: La Taquería Address: Passatge de Font, 5
    Distance: 1.8 km away
  • Name: Cantina Machito Address: Torrijos, 47
    Distance: 2.805 km away
  • Name: El Mexicano de Barcelona Address: Villarroel, 233
    Distance: 2.833 km away
  • Name: Teicawey Address: Torrijos, 50
    Distance: 2.743 km away
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  • Name: Chamonix Address: Comte D'Urgell, 67
    Distance: 2.111 km away
  • Name: Arcano Address: Mercaders, 10
    Distance: 0.387 km away
  • Name: Sensi Address: Ample, 26
    Distance: 0.764 km away
  • Name: Cent Onze Address: La Rambla, 111
    Distance: 1.017 km away
  • Name: Arenal Address: Passeig Marítim, S/N
    Distance: 1.137 km away
  • Name: Restaurant Fermí Puig Address: Balmes, 175
    Distance: 2.621 km away
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  • Name: Nut Address: Verdi, 2
    Distance: 2.709 km away
  • Name: Pizza Bulls Address: Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 972
    Distance: 2.864 km away
  • Name: Morelia Address: Plaza Comercial, 7
    Distance: 0.173 km away
  • Name: Babilonia Address: Avenida Gaudí, 3
    Distance: 2.083 km away
  • Name: Non Solo Pizza Address: Enric Granados, 110
    Distance: 2.439 km away
  • Name: I què Address: Topazi, 8
    Distance: 2.974 km away
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  • Name: Asador de Burgos Address: Bruc, 118
    Distance: 1.643 km away
  • Name: Can Margarit Address: Carrer de la Concòrdia, 21
    Distance: 2.421 km away
  • Name: Barceloneta Address: Escar, 22
    Distance: 1.315 km away
  • Name: Palacio del Flamenco Address: Calle Balmes, 139
    Distance: 2.267 km away
  • Name: Sol Soler Address: Plaça del Sol, 16
    Distance: 2.706 km away
  • Name: Famen Address: Calle Ramis, 2-4
    Distance: 2.458 km away
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  • Name: Todo Pasa Address: Calle Vila I Vilà, 53
    Distance: 1.779 km away
  • Name: Fragua Grill Address: Rambla del Raval, 15
    Distance: 1.407 km away
  • Name: Els Pollos de Llull Address: Nàpols, 272
    Distance: 2.01 km away
  • Name: Puerto Madero Address: Paris, 175
    Distance: 2.611 km away
  • Name: La Ternerita Address: Consell de Cent, 281
    Distance: 1.756 km away
  • Name: Can Cargol Address: Valencia, 324
    Distance: 1.582 km away
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  • Name: Shunka Address: Sagristans, 5
    Distance: 0.637 km away
  • Name: Sushiexpress Address: Consell de Cent, 255
    Distance: 1.881 km away
  • Name: Ikibana Address: Passeig Picasso, 32
    Distance: 0.183 km away
  • Name: Hanagin Address: Carrer de Provença, 201
    Distance: 2.128 km away
  • Name: Kynoto Sushi Bar Address: Correu Vell, 8
    Distance: 0.636 km away
  • Name: Be Sushi Address: Calle Tánger, 148
    Distance: 2.236 km away
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  • Name: Batik Address: Calle València, 454
    Distance: 1.826 km away
  • Name: Thai Gracia Address: Calle Còrsega, 381
    Distance: 2.119 km away
  • Name: Thai Barcelona Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 273
    Distance: 1.308 km away
  • Name: Thai Gardens Address: Calle Diputació, 273
    Distance: 1.307 km away
  • Name: Thai Lounge Address: Valencia, 205
    Distance: 1.918 km away
  • Name: Thai Thai Address: Diputació, 93
    Distance: 2.332 km away
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  • Name: Cepsa Address: Avenida Paral.Lel, 183
    Distance: 2.686 km away
  • Name: Repsol Address: Avinguda Litoral, 49-51 Bajo
    Distance: 1.943 km away
  • Name: Cepsa Address: Carrer de Lope de Vega 125-139
    Distance: 2.638 km away
  • Name: Galp Address: Bac de Roda, 66
    Distance: 2.902 km away
  • Name: Galp Address: Calle Almogavers, 66
    Distance: 0.891 km away
  • Name: Shell Address: Avinyó, 27
    Distance: 0.793 km away
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  • Name: Estació de França Address: Avenida Marquès de l'Argentera, 6
    Distance: 0.374 km away
  • Name: Plaça del Sol Address: Plaça del Sol, 5
    Distance: 2.677 km away
  • Name: Vall King Address: Calle Llull, 217
    Distance: 2.461 km away
  • Name: C P M Saladich Address: Calle Ausias Marc, 61
    Distance: 0.796 km away
  • Name: Saripark Address: Calle l'Escorial, 8
    Distance: 2.582 km away
  • Name: Arimar Activa Address: Calle Mallorca, 307
    Distance: 1.723 km away
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  • Name: Estació d'autobusos Barcelona Nord Address: Carrer D'Alí Bei, 80
    Distance: 0.82 km away
  • Name: Direcció Provincial del SEPE a Barcelona Address: -
    Distance: 0.802 km away
  • Name: Barcelona City Tour Address: Carrer de Balmes, 5
    Distance: 1.347 km away
  • Name: Dura Autocars Address: Calle Santa Carolina, 40
    Distance: 2.884 km away
  • Name: Barcelona Bus Turistic Address: Gran Vía Corts Catalanes, 662
    Distance: 1.055 km away
  • Name: Teisa Address: Pau Claris, 117
    Distance: 1.351 km away
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  • Name: FGC Provença Address: -
    Distance: 2.084 km away
  • Name: RENFE Arc de Triomf Address: -
    Distance: 0.53 km away
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Espaisucre, Barcelona Reviews

  • I am amazed at how this establishment maintains its high level. I visit them with a certain regularity and every time the menu is well designed, refined, gourmand. Congratulations on the two new menu options, they function really well, too. The service is also very friendly. The price / quality ratio is unbeatable.

  • Oh my god ! Went for my bday and had such a good time! We tried the bigger menu of desserts, it was two of us and it was just perfect portion. It was sooo delicious! Always well explained what is what. Our favourite was the basil paste and basil ice-cream. Our buds were screaming for more! Next time wanna try the chocolate menu ;)

  • Every single dish we had was good or great. The service was great and the server explained the wine pairings for each dish (tasting menu) and they were spot on. It was also well lit so taking pictures of the food was easy. Only thing that could be improved was the seating, which tended to keep you a bit too warm in Barcelona's summer evening. Should be noted the dishes aren't just desserts. For example we had "Octopus with dewlap, red fruits, melon and mint" and "Iberian pork rib with coffee and celery". So no need to eat anything before you attend the restaurant.

  • Exquisite dining, we ordered the two "Menú de degustación". Chef and Staff were very welcoming. Incredible desserts but also good entrées and main dish! The 6 wines we tried perfectly matched our meal. 5 star!

  • Dream sweets and dessert wines.

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