How to Reach Barcelona, Spain

The Easiest Way to Reach Barcelona


·        By Air: When it comes to transportation in and around Barcelona, the airports are always a big feature. Barcelona El Prat Airport is located approximately 17 kilometers from the city centre, and being Spain’s second biggest airport, it offers all the necessary facilities.

·        By Ferry or Cruise: Barcelona Port offers scheduled ferry services to Majorca, Ibiza, Minorca and Italy. It is also a departure and stopping point for many pleasure cruises.

·        By Car: Barcelona is connected to the other Mediterranean destinations in Spain with AP-7 motorway.


Public transport is easy to use as there is a bus network, two tram networks, and numerous taxis, a metro as well as many aerial cable cars. An interesting thing to see is the historic tram line of Barcelona; a real hit with visitors! Railway is also an option as the AVE High Speed system was recently extended from Madrid. Once in the city, check out all the Barcelona tours to explore the city.

·        By Metro: The metro system is easy to use and navigate, with 11 lines spanning over more then 120km and169 stations.

·        By Bus: Buses cover all corners of the city. There are more than 100 lines in the city and many more that connects Barcelona to nearby towns.

·        Fast Lines:  A new network of fast lines (BRT - bus rapid transit) that cross the city in straight lines (as much as possible) with fewer stops for fast connection between the different parts of the city. 

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Modes of Transportation in Barcelona

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Barcelona. The most preferred mode of transport in Barcelona is Walking.

Average distance: 10.87 km Average time: 31.17 min

  • Walking 24.64%
    Walking 22.88 min Motorbike 1.59 min Bike 1.47 min Waiting 1.41 min Tram 0.94 min Bus 0.35 min Train 0.35 min Overall average time for 2.89 kms 29 min
  • Motorbike 15.94%
    Motorbike 17.64 min Walking 0.55 min Overall average time for 5.95 kms 18.18 min
  • Bike 13.04%
    Bike 20.33 min Walking 1.11 min Overall average time for 4.22 kms 21.44 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 1.45%
    Tram 15 min Walking 6 min Waiting 4 min Overall average time for 4.5 kms 25 min
  • Car 21.74%
    Driving 36.33 min Walking 0.8 min Overall average time for 23.35 kms 37.13 min
  • Train/Metro 14.49%
    Train 21.9 min Walking 8.9 min Waiting 5.1 min Bus 1 min Other 1 min Overall average time for 12.59 kms 37.9 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 4.35%
    Bus 53.33 min Waiting 6.67 min Walking 6.67 min Train 3.33 min Overall average time for 28 kms 70 min

How to Reach Barcelona from Nearby Cities

Route Distance Time
Girona to Barcelona 94.01 km 38 mins
Perpignan to Barcelona 182.73 km 1 hour 19 mins
Palma De Mallorca to Barcelona 203.06 km 45 mins
Zaragoza to Barcelona 304.08 km 1 hour 23 mins
Carcassonne to Barcelona 305.59 km 2 hours 57 mins
Toulouse to Barcelona 309.46 km 2 hours 24 mins
Montpellier to Barcelona 344.1 km 2 hours 55 mins
Lourdes to Barcelona 569.42 km 5 hours 57 mins
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