Top Places for Art and Cultural Activities in Barcelona

A trip to Barcelona cannot be complete without understanding its rich heritage. The art and cultural activities in Barcelona will give you an insight into the city's history, traditions, and artwork. While visiting the cultural attractions in Barcelona would prove to be informative, attending its artsy events will leave you entertained. From cultural performances to historical monuments that give you a glimpse of the past, take a look at this list to know Barcelona better. Include these in attractions in your itinerary for Barcelona and have a great vacation.

Check the list of top places for art and culture in Barcelona:

  1. Sagrada Familia

    4.7 (27466 Votes)
    Sagrada Familia

    Art And Culture, Church, Religious Site, Landmark

    To call the Sagrada Familia beautiful would be an understatement. Antonio Gaudi, the genius designer who has designed Sagrada Familia has left his mark almost all over Barcelona. But this particular building is one of the most striking-looking structures ever built. Although it is incomplete it has a very unique and royal splendour that makes beholding it a rare pleasure. The famous ...Read more
  2. Casa Batllo

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    Casa Batllo

    Art And Culture, Historical Site, Architecture

    Casa Batllo is perhaps Antonio Gaudi’s greatest work and embodies his style perfectly. This 19th century construction is one of the most eccentrically decorated buildings by Antonio Gaudi in his modernist style. The facade and the roof are decorated with his signature reptilian motifs. Inside, there are breathtaking corridors with marble flooring and the mosaic tiling that can be seen in ...Read more
  3. Casa Mila

    4.5 (20400 Votes)
    Casa Mila

    Historical Site, Architecture , Heritage Building

    Constructed by Antonio Gaudi sometime between 1906 an 1912, Casa Mila is one of the best works by the celebrated artist that adorn the city of Barcelona. What makes this building special is the utilization of both stone and wrought iron. This unique twist in the medium has transformed it into one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Quite like most other works of Gaudi you will find a...Read more
  4. Palau De La Musica Catalana

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    Palau De La Musica Catalana

    Historical Site, Concert, Architecture , Heritage Building

    This UNESCO heritage site is famous for being one of the most breath-taking concert halls that are built in the modernist style. Architect Lluis Domenech Montaner was responsible for the creation of this stunning concert hall. Constructed in between 1905 and1908, this beautiful concert hall is one of the must-visit attractions of Barcelona. The structure is beautiful, the stained glass win...Read more
  5. Museu Nacional D'art De Catalunya

    Art And Culture, Museum, View Point

    The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya or the MNAC is a museum of all manner of art from the region collected and preserved meticulously. The building itself is beautiful but inside it holds treasures that are incomparable to any other. The museum displays sculptures, paintings, engravings, drawings, other arts and even coins within its walls. Dedicated to the preservation of every Catalun...Read more
  6. Santa Maria Del Mar

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    Santa Maria Del Mar

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    This is an ancient church located in the Ribera district of Barcelona. The Gothic style architecture makes this church an extremely impressive tourist site. This imposing church has huge columns and facades that inspire awe. The cutwork, stained-glass windows and the carved sky-lights are absolutely breathtaking. The beautiful sculptures also depict how the church was built. The slender stone c...Read more
  7. Picasso Museum

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    Picasso Museum

    Museum, Architecture

    Pablo Picasso is nothing short of a 20th century art legend. A museum honouring his work has been set-up in Barcelona and is the control centre for the appreciation, collection and preservation of Picasso’s legacy. Picasso produces a myriad of different artworks in his life. You can see 3500 of the artist’s works in this museum. Located in a medieval palace this museum undoubtedly h...Read more
  8. Ciutat Vella

    Church, Museum, Square, Neighborhoods

    The word “Ciutat Vella” literally means “old city” in Catalan and righteously refers to the oldest neighbourhood in the city. Home to the main square Placa Catalunya, this area breathes the history of the city and the bustling present in sync! The beautiful paved streets, the grand squares, the bunch of mansions, museums, and churches make it a hot hub for tourists. Also...Read more
  9. Barcelona Cathedral

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    Barcelona Cathedral

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Museum, Architecture

    This ancient cathedral was built in between 13th to 15 the centuries. It was constructed by following the architectural patterns of the neo Gothic architecture. The long hall of the church is dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona. Here you are sure to come across the brilliant architectural works and sculptural masterpieces of times gone by. According to the experts, prior to the Gothic pattern, th...Read more
  10. Tibidabo

    4.6 (1098 Votes)

    Church, Religious Site, Outdoors, Amusement Park

    Accessible by metro, train as well as the funicular from Barcelona, this hill is a great destination to consider while planning your trip to Barcelona. You can get a spectacular view of the city of Barcelona from here. Besides, there are several things that you can do while you are here. There is a very popular Amusement park called Parc d’attractiones where you can spend the entire day w...Read more
  11. Temple Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

    Church, Religious Site

    The Temple del Sagrat Cor or the Church of the Sacred Heart is popularly considered Barcelona’s version of the Sacré-Cœur in Paris. Set atop Mount Tibidabo, the church overlooks the entire city and offers stunning views. The architecture of the church is a mix of modernista and neo-gothic design elements. At the top of the church is a large statue of Jesus made in bronze and ...Read more
  12. El Born Barcelona

    Bar, Church, Museum, Cafe

    A humble neighbourhood that has been revamped as a fashionable are, El Born is a great place dotted with charming cafes, bars and restaurants that can brighten up even a dull evening! Home to several important pit stops like Picasso museum, Calle Montcada, textile museum and the church, an afternoon in El Born is something you won’t regret. The slightly pricey but classy boutiques and sho...Read more
  13. Recinte Modernista De Sant Pau

    Garden, Landmark, Historical Site, Architecture

    Dating between years 1905 to 1930, this complex was designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner to be used as a public hospital. Although built for a different purpose than what it is famed for today, the architecture of the building is marvellous and worth spending a glance. Considered to be a landmark in the art-nouveau style, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an epitome of historic ...Read more
  14. Joan Miro Foundation

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    Joan Miro Foundation

    Library, Specialty Museum

    Joan Miro Foundation is a famous museum, which is dedicated to display the rich collections modern art. This beautiful museum was built to honour the memory of Joan Miro. It is located in the area of Montjuic Hill, and is famed for housing around 10,000 items belonging to Miro. It was one of his friends’ ideas to collect the highlights of Miro’s life and works. So the museum was con...Read more
  15. Poble Espanyol

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    Poble Espanyol

    Landmark, Walking Area, Architecture

    The Barcelona International Exhibition of 1929 has given the city some incredibly beautiful and permanent architectural landmarks to be reckoned with. Poble Espanyol is one of them. The varied architectural styles and traditions of the whole of Spain have been brought together to this site to display both the variety and the similarities in all of them. The different regions of Spain all find h...Read more