We Boutique Hotel, Barcelona

We Boutique Hotel, Barcelona - Address

Address: -2a, Ronda de Sant Pere, 70, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

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About We Boutique Hotel, Barcelona

We Boutique Hotel is located in Barcelona, Spain.

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  • Name: EVO Banco Address: Carrer Rosellón, 250
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  • Name: BBVA Address: Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 41
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  • Name: BBVA Address: Rambla Catalunya, 98
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  • Name: Oficina DNI y Pasaporte Address: Trafalgar, 4
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  • Name: Comisaria de Policia de Eixample Address: Calle Guadalajara, 3
    Distance: 2.198 km away
  • Name: Guardia Urbana Distrito de Ciutat Vella Address: Calle Nou de la Rambla, 43
    Distance: 1.329 km away
  • Name: Comissaria Mossos d'Esquadra Address: Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 456
    Distance: 2.425 km away
  • Name: Prefectura Superior de Policia de Catalunya Address: Vía Laietana, 43
    Distance: 0.595 km away
  • Name: Policia Ciutat Vella Address: -
    Distance: 0.786 km away
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  • Name: Farmacia Internacional Address: Calle Consell de Cent, 312
    Distance: 1.051 km away
  • Name: Quimics Dalmau Address: Calle Villarroel, 180
    Distance: 2.426 km away
  • Name: Drogueria Rovira Address: Madrazo, 127
    Distance: 2.925 km away
  • Name: Farmàcia F. Iglesias Huix Address: Avenida Paral.Lel, 131
    Distance: 2.428 km away
  • Name: Farmacia Mallorca 663 de Barcelona Address: Mallorca, 663
    Distance: 2.761 km away
  • Name: Farmacia Serra Mandri Address: Avenida Diagonal, 478
    Distance: 1.994 km away
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  • Name: La Principal Address: Sepúlveda, 186
    Distance: 1.556 km away
  • Name: Cosmo Address: Calle Nou de la Rambla, 97
    Distance: 1.839 km away
  • Name: Cachitos Diagonal Address: Avenida Diagonal, 508
    Distance: 2.148 km away
  • Name: Boca Grande Address: Passatge de la Concepció, 12
    Distance: 1.636 km away
  • Name: Summum Night Bar Address: Aribau, 66
    Distance: 1.691 km away
  • Name: Pacha Barcelona Address: Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 38
    Distance: 1.627 km away
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  • Name: Terraza la Isabela Address: La Rambla, 109
    Distance: 1.066 km away
  • Name: Eclipse Address: Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, 1
    Distance: 2.664 km away
  • Name: The City Bar Address: Vía Laietana, 30
    Distance: 0.693 km away
  • Name: Sky Bar Address: Vía Laietana, 30
    Distance: 0.675 km away
  • Name: Bar Marfil Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 104
    Distance: 1.649 km away
  • Name: Rien de Rien Cocktail Club Address: Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 668
    Distance: 0.619 km away
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  • Name: Robadors 23 Address: Carrer D'en Robador, 23
    Distance: 1.441 km away
  • Name: Guzzo Address: Plaza Comercial, 10
    Distance: 0.765 km away
  • Name: Jazzman Address: Roger de Flor, 238
    Distance: 1.418 km away
  • Name: Barcelona Pipa Club Address: Plaza Reial, 3
    Distance: 1.254 km away
  • Name: Harlem Jazz Club Address: Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8
    Distance: 1.104 km away
  • Name: Café Royale Address: Nou de Zurbano, 3
    Distance: 1.306 km away
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  • Name: Travel Bar Address: Calle Boqueria, 27
    Distance: 1.113 km away
  • Name: Pasa Tapas Address: Doctor Aiguader, 6-8
    Distance: 1.181 km away
  • Name: Belushi's Barcelona Address: Calle Bergara, 3
    Distance: 1.09 km away
  • Name: Fahrenheit Address: Aribau, 131
    Distance: 2.031 km away
  • Name: Sonora Sport Tavern Address: Calle Pamplona, 96
    Distance: 1.188 km away
  • Name: Temple Bar Address: Ferran, 6
    Distance: 1.233 km away
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  • Name: Parisii Bistrot Address: Aribau, 31
    Distance: 1.574 km away
  • Name: Andú Address: Carrer del Correu Vell, 3
    Distance: 1.066 km away
  • Name: Can Cisa - Bar Brutal Address: Princesa, 14
    Distance: 0.701 km away
  • Name: Disset 17 Graus Address: Carrer Antic de Sant Joan, 3
    Distance: 0.77 km away
  • Name: Casa Palet Address: Laforja, 9
    Distance: 2.549 km away
  • Name: Betlem Miscelánea Gastronómica Address: Girona, 70
    Distance: 0.786 km away
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  • Name: Be My Bagel Address: Calle Planeta, 37
    Distance: 2.204 km away
  • Name: Repúblic Cafè Address: Rambla del Poblenou, 22
    Distance: 2.285 km away
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  • Name: Colombia Pan y Sabor Address: Aragó, 447-451
    Distance: 1.267 km away
  • Name: Turris Address: Gran de Gràcia, 34
    Distance: 2.033 km away
  • Name: Forn Mistral Address: Ronda de Sant Antoni, 96
    Distance: 1.442 km away
  • Name: 365 Santa Caterina Address: Avenida Francesc Cambó, 15
    Distance: 0.581 km away
  • Name: Cinemateca Address: Pau Claris, 120
    Distance: 0.949 km away
  • Name: La Cure Gourmande Address: Ferran No, 14
    Distance: 1.18 km away
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  • Name: Maestró Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 79
    Distance: 1.418 km away
  • Name: La Cerveteca Address: Calle Gignàs, 25
    Distance: 1.058 km away
  • Name: La Sureña Address: Ronda de Sant Pau, 79
    Distance: 1.914 km away
  • Name: Bcn Cafe 2007 Address: Calle Consell de Cent, 381
    Distance: 0.861 km away
  • Name: Cerveceria Canarias Address: Plaza Reial, 4
    Distance: 1.247 km away
  • Name: El Pesebre Address: Calle París, 135
    Distance: 2.456 km away
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  • Name: Pudding Address: Pau Claris, 90
    Distance: 0.697 km away
  • Name: Starbucks Address: Plaça Universitat, 2
    Distance: 1.458 km away
  • Name: Alsur Café Address: Roger de Llúria, 23
    Distance: 0.634 km away
  • Name: Cappuccino Address: Vía Laietana, 23
    Distance: 0.794 km away
  • Name: Face to Face Address: Provença, 277
    Distance: 1.436 km away
  • Name: El Bon Mercat Address: Baixada Llibreteria, 1
    Distance: 0.841 km away
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  • Name: A Casa Portuguesa Address: Verdi, 58
    Distance: 2.445 km away
  • Name: Bubó Address: Caputxes, 10
    Distance: 0.903 km away
  • Name: Natcha Address: Avinguda de Sarrià, 45
    Distance: 2.972 km away
  • Name: Lolita Bakery Address: Portal Nou, 20
    Distance: 0.305 km away
  • Name: Lukumas Address: Torrent de l'Olla, 169
    Distance: 2.572 km away
  • Name: Forn de Sant Jaume Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 50
    Distance: 1.229 km away
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  • Name: Häagen-Dazs Address: Rambla Catalunya, 85
    Distance: 1.475 km away
  • Name: Cremeria Toscana Address: Muntaner, 161
    Distance: 2.165 km away
  • Name: Amorino Address: Portaferrissa, 7
    Distance: 1.013 km away
  • Name: Gelaaati Di Marco Address: Llibreteria, 7
    Distance: 0.885 km away
  • Name: Pagliotta Address: Jaume I, 15
    Distance: 0.848 km away
  • Name: Planelles Donat Address: Avenida Portal de l'Angel, 7
    Distance: 0.798 km away
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  • Name: Bornet Address: Barra de Ferro, 3
    Distance: 0.698 km away
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  • Name: Juice Rodriguez & Co Address: Calle de Provença, 179
    Distance: 1.89 km away
  • Name: Green Shots Address: Calle de Paris, 201
    Distance: 2.15 km away
  • Name: La Bordiny Address: Jaume I, 11
    Distance: 0.868 km away
  • Name: Zenzoo Address: Calle Bonsuccés, 6
    Distance: 1.04 km away
  • Name: Green & Berry Address: Calle D'Enric Granados, 153
    Distance: 2.173 km away
  • Name: Fruit Express Address: Mercè, 8
    Distance: 1.344 km away
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  • Name: Ziryab Address: Grunyí, 4
    Distance: 0.802 km away
  • Name: Sandwichez Address: Vía Augusta, 117
    Distance: 2.941 km away
  • Name: MonDoré Address: Calle Floridablanca, 3
    Distance: 2.673 km away
  • Name: La Cerveseria Address: Plaça de la Revolució de Setembre de, 1868
    Distance: 2.158 km away
  • Name: Quimet & Quimet Address: Poeta Cabanyes, 25
    Distance: 2.201 km away
  • Name: Lolita Taperia Address: Tamarit, 104
    Distance: 2.429 km away
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  • Name: Tootsie Address: Carrer de Calàbria, 29
    Distance: 2.316 km away
  • Name: Chelsea Address: Lel, 172
    Distance: 2.639 km away
  • Name: Your Burg Address: Calle Londres, 65
    Distance: 2.534 km away
  • Name: Umami Address: Floridablanca, 148
    Distance: 1.702 km away
  • Name: Oval Address: València, 199
    Distance: 1.65 km away
  • Name: La Castanya Address: Calle Escudellers, 30
    Distance: 1.243 km away
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  • Name: La Vietnamita Address: Torrent de l'Olla, 78
    Distance: 1.978 km away
  • Name: El Thailandes Address: Avenida Diagonal, 379
    Distance: 1.637 km away
  • Name: Momos Address: Martínez de la Rosa, 71
    Distance: 2.087 km away
  • Name: Dos Palillos Address: Elisabets, 9
    Distance: 1.207 km away
  • Name: Kathmandu Address: Còrsega, 421
    Distance: 1.599 km away
  • Name: Restaurante Tai Address: Provença, 230
    Distance: 1.823 km away
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  • Name: Can Vador Address: Diputació, 367
    Distance: 0.687 km away
  • Name: El Yantar de la Ribera Address: Roger de Flor, 114
    Distance: 0.465 km away
  • Name: Can Punyetes Address: Marià Cubí, 189
    Distance: 2.899 km away
  • Name: Milo Grill Address: Balmes, 127
    Distance: 1.773 km away
  • Name: Amatxu Address: Rambla, 100
    Distance: 1.116 km away
  • Name: El Caliu de l'Eixample Address: Calle Valencia, 329
    Distance: 1.064 km away
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  • Name: Lactuca Address: Provença, 427
    Distance: 1.489 km away
  • Name: La Vaca Paca Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 21
    Distance: 1.022 km away
  • Name: Da Yin He Address: Fontanella, 15
    Distance: 0.648 km away
  • Name: Dao Kaitensushi Address: Passeig de Colom, 4
    Distance: 1.167 km away
  • Name: Wok Heng Address: Avinguda del Paral.Lel, 148
    Distance: 2.475 km away
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  • Name: Terra Blava Address: Vía Laietana, 55
    Distance: 0.574 km away
  • Name: Sandwich & Friends Address: Rambla de Catalunya, 5
    Distance: 0.992 km away
  • Name: Cat Bar Address: Bòria, 17
    Distance: 0.733 km away
  • Name: Burger King Address: Rambla Catalunya, 5
    Distance: 0.994 km away
  • Name: McDonald's Address: Muelle de Mestral, 20
    Distance: 1.709 km away
  • Name: Butyklan Address: Calle Salvador Espriu, 79
    Distance: 1.76 km away
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  • Name: Wok & Bol Address: Diputació, 294
    Distance: 0.735 km away
  • Name: Ta-Tung Address: Mare de Deu de la Salut, 75
    Distance: 2.926 km away
  • Name: Capitol II Address: Calle Villarroel, 199
    Distance: 2.351 km away
  • Name: Pato Pekín Address: Marina, 16
    Distance: 1.592 km away
  • Name: Memorias de China Address: Lincoln, 17
    Distance: 2.636 km away
  • Name: Wok Chiew Address: Pau Claris, 139
    Distance: 1.136 km away
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  • Name: Can Ravell Address: Aragó, 313
    Distance: 0.951 km away
  • Name: Cafés el Magnífico Address: Argenteria, 64
    Distance: 0.853 km away
  • Name: Escribà Address: La Rambla, 83
    Distance: 1.174 km away
  • Name: La Cuina d'en Garriga Address: Calle Consell de Cent, 308
    Distance: 1.122 km away
  • Name: Xaloc Address: Carrer de la Palla, 13
    Distance: 0.95 km away
  • Name: Cacao Sampaka Address: Consell de Cent, 292
    Distance: 1.239 km away
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  • Name: Moll de la Fusta Address: Passeig de Colom, 1
    Distance: 1.45 km away
  • Name: Foz Address: Calle Diputació, 174
    Distance: 1.816 km away
  • Name: Nuria Address: Rambla de Canaletas, 133
    Distance: 0.985 km away
  • Name: Tomato Address: Tuset, 30
    Distance: 2.366 km away
  • Name: Maur Muntaner Address: Muntaner, 121
    Distance: 1.992 km away
  • Name: La Carassa Address: Brosolí, 1
    Distance: 0.819 km away
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  • Name: Viena Address: Pelai, 16
    Distance: 1.227 km away
  • Name: Viena Address: Ronda Sant Pere, 11
    Distance: 0.697 km away
  • Name: KFC Address: Avenida Gaudí, 2
    Distance: 1.562 km away
  • Name: Central Catalana del Pollastre Address: Padilla, 323
    Distance: 2.049 km away
  • Name: KFC Address: Calle Ferrán, 2
    Distance: 1.253 km away
  • Name: Fastvínic Address: Diputació, 251
    Distance: 1.172 km away
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  • Name: Pernil 181 Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 181
    Distance: 1.842 km away
  • Name: Arc de Triomf Hostel Address: Passeig de Sant Joan, 4
    Distance: 0.115 km away
  • Name: Churreria Arguiles Address: Marina, S/N
    Distance: 2.274 km away
  • Name: Argiles Luz Jose Address: Marina, S/N
    Distance: 0.783 km away
  • Name: Eat Street Address: Pellaires, 30
    Distance: 1.41 km away
  • Name: L'Obrador de Caravan Made Address: Calle de la Riereta, 15
    Distance: 1.664 km away
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  • Name: Beltxenea Address: Mallorca, 275
    Distance: 1.338 km away
  • Name: Cafe Emma Address: Pau Claris, 142
    Distance: 1.139 km away
  • Name: Chez Cocó Address: Avenida Diagonal, 465
    Distance: 2.669 km away
  • Name: El Casal Address: Plaza Victor Balaguer, 5
    Distance: 0.921 km away
  • Name: Tarte & Quiche Address: Aragó, 39
    Distance: 2.859 km away
  • Name: Cheese's Art Address: Calle Enric Granados, 13
    Distance: 1.443 km away
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  • Name: Govinda Address: Plaza Vila de Madrid, 4
    Distance: 0.929 km away
  • Name: Nice Spice Address: Pujades, 207
    Distance: 2.381 km away
  • Name: Himalaya Address: Calle Caspe, 150
    Distance: 0.588 km away
  • Name: Gandhi Restaurante Hindú Address: Balmes, 21
    Distance: 1.257 km away
  • Name: Khana Address: Casanova, 68
    Distance: 1.784 km away
  • Name: Namaste Address: Villarroel, 70
    Distance: 1.875 km away
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  • Name: Melocomo Address: Calle Pujades, 188
    Distance: 2.195 km away
  • Name: Via Fora Address: Riera de Sant Miquel, 25
    Distance: 1.993 km away
  • Name: La Tagliatella Address: Josep Tarradellas, 116
    Distance: 2.935 km away
  • Name: La Vela Address: Avenida Icària, 149
    Distance: 1.486 km away
  • Name: Restaurante l'Aldilà Address: Carrer de la Llacuna, 106-108
    Distance: 1.974 km away
  • Name: La Pizza Nostra Address: Aribau, 13
    Distance: 1.515 km away
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  • Name: Ikibana Address: Lel, 148
    Distance: 2.465 km away
  • Name: Koku Kitchen Ramen Address: Calle Carabassa, 19
    Distance: 1.245 km away
  • Name: Yashima Address: Avenida Josep Tarradellas, 145
    Distance: 2.959 km away
  • Name: Dango Barcelona Address: Avenida Diagonal, 423
    Distance: 2.202 km away
  • Name: Udon Born Address: Princesa, 23
    Distance: 0.648 km away
  • Name: Akashi Gallery Address: Rosselló, 197
    Distance: 1.933 km away
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  • Name: San Kil Address: Calle Legalitat, 22
    Distance: 2.447 km away
  • Name: Seoul Address: Avenida Gaudí, 70
    Distance: 2.192 km away
  • Name: Yalujiang Address: Roger de Flor, 137
    Distance: 0.749 km away
  • Name: Han-Na Address: Diputació, 418
    Distance: 0.928 km away
  • Name: Kim Address: Legalitat, 22
    Distance: 2.444 km away
  • Name: El Restaurant de l'Anna Address: Aragó, 131
    Distance: 2.201 km away
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  • Name: Mussol Diagonal Address: Avenida Diagonal, 488
    Distance: 2.061 km away
  • Name: La Cantina Mexicana Address: Carrer de Valencia, 427
    Distance: 1.268 km away
  • Name: La Taquería Address: Passatge de Font, 5
    Distance: 1.288 km away
  • Name: Hola Manito Address: Carrer Gran de Gràcia, 167
    Distance: 2.594 km away
  • Name: Cantina Machito Address: Torrijos, 47
    Distance: 2.29 km away
  • Name: El Mexicano de Barcelona Address: Villarroel, 233
    Distance: 2.509 km away
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  • Name: Chamonix Address: Comte D'Urgell, 67
    Distance: 2.001 km away
  • Name: Arcano Address: Mercaders, 10
    Distance: 0.678 km away
  • Name: Sensi Address: Ample, 26
    Distance: 1.191 km away
  • Name: Cent Onze Address: La Rambla, 111
    Distance: 1.049 km away
  • Name: Arenal Address: Passeig Marítim, S/N
    Distance: 1.638 km away
  • Name: Restaurant Fermí Puig Address: Balmes, 175
    Distance: 2.203 km away
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  • Name: Nut Address: Verdi, 2
    Distance: 2.202 km away
  • Name: Pizza Bulls Address: Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 972
    Distance: 2.614 km away
  • Name: Morelia Address: Plaza Comercial, 7
    Distance: 0.708 km away
  • Name: Babilonia Address: Avenida Gaudí, 3
    Distance: 1.568 km away
  • Name: La Nova Fontana Address: Calle Santjoanistes, 6-8
    Distance: 2.935 km away
  • Name: Non Solo Pizza Address: Enric Granados, 110
    Distance: 2.055 km away
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  • Name: Los Años Locos Address: Calle Marià Cubí, 85
    Distance: 2.647 km away
  • Name: Asador de Burgos Address: Bruc, 118
    Distance: 1.149 km away
  • Name: Can Margarit Address: Carrer de la Concòrdia, 21
    Distance: 2.543 km away
  • Name: Barceloneta Address: Escar, 22
    Distance: 1.839 km away
  • Name: Palacio del Flamenco Address: Calle Balmes, 139
    Distance: 1.879 km away
  • Name: Sol Soler Address: Plaça del Sol, 16
    Distance: 2.212 km away
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  • Name: Todo Pasa Address: Calle Vila I Vilà, 53
    Distance: 2.06 km away
  • Name: Fragua Grill Address: Rambla del Raval, 15
    Distance: 1.556 km away
  • Name: Els Pollos de Llull Address: Nàpols, 272
    Distance: 1.476 km away
  • Name: Puerto Madero Address: Paris, 175
    Distance: 2.251 km away
  • Name: La Ternerita Address: Consell de Cent, 281
    Distance: 1.508 km away
  • Name: Can Cargol Address: Valencia, 324
    Distance: 1.097 km away
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  • Name: Big Fish Address: Amigó, 39
    Distance: 2.936 km away
  • Name: Shunka Address: Sagristans, 5
    Distance: 0.735 km away
  • Name: Sushiexpress Address: Consell de Cent, 255
    Distance: 1.664 km away
  • Name: Ikibana Address: Passeig Picasso, 32
    Distance: 0.69 km away
  • Name: Hanagin Address: Carrer de Provença, 201
    Distance: 1.771 km away
  • Name: Watatsumi Address: Gran Vía de Les Corts Catalanes, 373-385
    Distance: 2.971 km away
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  • Name: El Petit Bangkok Address: Vallirana, 29
    Distance: 2.936 km away
  • Name: Batik Address: Calle València, 454
    Distance: 1.328 km away
  • Name: Thai Gracia Address: Calle Còrsega, 381
    Distance: 1.615 km away
  • Name: Thai Barcelona Address: Carrer de la Diputació, 273
    Distance: 0.944 km away
  • Name: Thai Gardens Address: Calle Diputació, 273
    Distance: 0.944 km away
  • Name: Thai Lounge Address: Valencia, 205
    Distance: 1.602 km away
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  • Name: Cepsa Address: Avenida Paral.Lel, 183
    Distance: 2.717 km away
  • Name: Cepsa Address: Calle Clot, 181
    Distance: 2.782 km away
  • Name: Repsol Address: Avinguda Litoral, 49-51 Bajo
    Distance: 2.125 km away
  • Name: Cepsa Address: Carrer de Lope de Vega 125-139
    Distance: 2.499 km away
  • Name: Galp Address: Bac de Roda, 66
    Distance: 2.815 km away
  • Name: Galp Address: Calle Almogavers, 66
    Distance: 0.731 km away
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  • Name: Estació de França Address: Avenida Marquès de l'Argentera, 6
    Distance: 0.908 km away
  • Name: Plaça del Sol Address: Plaça del Sol, 5
    Distance: 2.184 km away
  • Name: Vall King Address: Calle Llull, 217
    Distance: 2.414 km away
  • Name: C P M Saladich Address: Calle Ausias Marc, 61
    Distance: 0.274 km away
  • Name: Saripark Address: Calle l'Escorial, 8
    Distance: 2.05 km away
  • Name: Arimar Activa Address: Calle Mallorca, 307
    Distance: 1.22 km away
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  • Name: Estació d'autobusos Barcelona Nord Address: Carrer D'Alí Bei, 80
    Distance: 0.463 km away
  • Name: Direcció Provincial del SEPE a Barcelona Address: -
    Distance: 0.532 km away
  • Name: Barcelona City Tour Address: Carrer de Balmes, 5
    Distance: 1.188 km away
  • Name: Dura Autocars Address: Calle Santa Carolina, 40
    Distance: 2.366 km away
  • Name: Barcelona Bus Turistic Address: Gran Vía Corts Catalanes, 662
    Distance: 0.662 km away
  • Name: Teisa Address: Pau Claris, 117
    Distance: 0.943 km away
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  • Name: FGC Provença Address: -
    Distance: 1.716 km away
  • Name: RENFE Arc de Triomf Address: -
    Distance: 0.161 km away
  • Name: FGC Gràcia Address: -
    Distance: 2.422 km away
  • Name: METRO Diagonal Address: -
    Distance: 1.67 km away
  • Name: Plaza de Cataluña Address: Plaza de Cataluña, 14
    Distance: 0.857 km away
  • Name: METRO Ciutadella Address: -
    Distance: 1.277 km away
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  • Name: Friendly Rentals Address: Pasatge Sert, 4
    Distance: 0.278 km away
  • Name: Hola Hostal Eixample Address: Napoles, 149-151
    Distance: 0.661 km away
  • Name: Classbedroom Address: Escudellers, 36
    Distance: 1.227 km away
  • Name: Room Mate Carla Address: Caller de Mallorca, 288
    Distance: 1.225 km away
  • Name: Apartamentos Gutenberg Address: Passatge Gutenberg, 7
    Distance: 1.622 km away
  • Name: Jardinets Guest House Address: Bruc, 84
    Distance: 0.853 km away
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  • Name: Hostal Benidorm Address: Rambla dels Caputxins, 37
    Distance: 1.363 km away
  • Name: Hostal Fernando Address: Ferran, 31
    Distance: 1.111 km away
  • Name: Hostal Eden Address: Balmes, 55
    Distance: 1.406 km away
  • Name: Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel Address: Passeig de Gracia, 116
    Distance: 1.788 km away
  • Name: Hostal Lesseps Address: Gran de Gràcia, 239
    Distance: 2.845 km away
  • Name: Pensión Portugal Address: Josep Anselm Clavé, 27
    Distance: 1.459 km away
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  • Name: Barcelona Guide Bureau Address: Vía Laietana, 50
    Distance: 0.568 km away
  • Name: Vesping Address: Passaje Simó, 24
    Distance: 1.582 km away
  • Name: Baja Bikes Tours Barcelona Address: Plaça de la Llana, 3
    Distance: 0.686 km away
  • Name: Barcelona Sun & Segway Address: Guàrdia, 12
    Distance: 1.538 km away
  • Name: Turisme de Barcelona Address: Plaza de Catalunya, 17S
    Distance: 0.806 km away
  • Name: Itinera Plus Address: Copons, 3
    Distance: 0.68 km away
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We Boutique Hotel, Barcelona Reviews

  • Very clean and a nice common area with water and snacks. Good location and amazing design in cafe for breakfast!

  • The atmosphere is quaint, the rooms are clean, and the location is perfect being close to many attractions. Best of all, the staff was incredible. You don't need a guide, because the receptionist was so helpful that she helped us plan the next 4 days. She made most of our reservations, and the places that were recommended were unbelievable. Our stay at Barcelona was so memorable because of her! Amazing place, amazing staff!

  • Went here for some drinks. No complains. Nice service and well balanced drinks.

  • Only been there for breakfast and everything was great: atmosphere, service, staff, decorations, coffee, croissant and orange juice . Next time I'll try the hotel.

  • Charming room, lovely breakfast (including vegetarian "meats" and other veggie friendly options) and very helpful staff. Great location too, very highly recommended!

Read all reviews