Top Places for Art and Cultural Activities in Bari

Explore the rich culture while visiting the many attractions Bari is replete with. These cultural attractions are suitable for all ages and can prove to make your trip to Bari a fruitful one. Be it historic monuments or cultural performances, cultural attractions somehow steal the show of the other attractions and things to do in Bari.

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Check the list of top places for art and culture in Bari:

  1. Basilica San Nicola

    #1 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari
    Basilica San Nicola

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Historical Site

    Address: Piazza San Nicola, Largo Abate Elia, 13, 70122 Bari, Italy

    Timings: 07:00 am - 08:30 pm Details

    This signature Basilica at Bari was one of the first Norman churches of Southern Italy. Built in 1089, the basilica stores the relics of St. Nicolas of Myra (better known as Father Christmas) who live...Read more

  2. Trani

    #2 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari

    Tags: Church, River, Tourist Center

    Address: Seaport at Apulia, Northwest of Bari, Southern Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    It is the harbour city in the region of Apulia (Puglia) with clear Greek influences. Also known as the Pearl of Puglia. Visitors can choose from: Historical grandeur of the city, castles and forts Pi...Read more

  3. Citta Vecchia - Bari

    #3 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari
    Citta Vecchia - Bari

    Tags: Church, Town, Cathedral , Old Town

    Address: Citta Vecchia Due, Piazza Mercantile, 15 70122 Bari

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Thrown a bit back in time, Citta Vecchia refers to Bari’s old town. For the more relaxed traveler: Take a leisurely stroll on the narrow paved streets Basilica San Nicola Cattedrale di San Sabi...Read more

  4. Bari Cathedral

    #4 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari
    Bari Cathedral

    Tags: Art And Culture, Religious Site, Cathedral

    Address: Piazza dell'Odegitria, 1, 70122 Bari, Italy

    Timings: 07:00 am - 08:30 pm Details

    Even though the Cathedral is overshadowed by the adjoining Basilica of St. Nicolas, it is worth a visit. Highly recommended by tourists across the world, it is one of the most important places of Cath...Read more

  5. Gravina Di Puglia

    #5 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari
    Gravina Di Puglia

    Tags: Church, Religious Site, Museum, Historical Site

    Address: Southern Bari, Italy

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    This Italian town was originally founded by the Greeks and then taken over by the Romans in 306 BC during the 3rd Samnite War; later to be ruled by North African Muslims. Mario Tozzi in his book Itali...Read more

  6. Basilica Of Barsento

    #6 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari
    Basilica Of Barsento

    Tags: Church, Historical Site, Architecture

    Address: Indirizzo: SS. Per Noci, contrada Barsento, 70015 Bari

    Timings: 07:00 am - 07:00 pm Details

    The Basilica of Barsento is real gem in the architectural history of Apulia. The adjoining farm was once a convent. It is not open to visitors anymore. Built in 591 AD under Pope Gregory the Great, it...Read more

  7. Palace Of The Aqueduct

    #7 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari
    Palace Of The Aqueduct

    Tags: Museum, Palace, Statue, Architecture

    Address: Via Salvatore Cognetti 36, 70122 Bari

    Timings: 10:00 am - 02:00 pm Details

    The plan for the palace was formulated in 1924 and finally realized in 1932. The design and décor were entrusted to an engineer named Cambellotti. He based the architecture on the predominant R...Read more

  8. Adelfia

    #8 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari

    Tags: Church, Castle, Town

    Address: Province of Bari, Apulia

    Timings: 24-hrs Details

    Adelfia or what the Italians call as Adelfie is an Italian commune in the city of Bari. Born out of the union of the two municipalities of Montrone and Canneto, the new city was named Adelaide meaning...Read more

  9. Museo Del Territorio

    #9 of 9 Art and Cultural Attractions in Bari
    Museo Del Territorio

    Tags: Art And Culture, Museum, Historical Site, Archaeological Site

    Address: Piazza XXVII Maggio, Alberobello BA, Italy

    Timings: 03:30 pm - 06:30 pm Details

    The museum is a collection of artistic, historical and archaeological artifacts of Valdinievole. It is the southwester area in the province of Pistoria, Tuscany. Italy: Historical section Medieval an...Read more

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