Best Time To Visit Bastad

Best Time To Go To Bastad

Båstad has cold and temperate climate.  Added to this, a lot of rainfall happens throughout the year. Hence, experiencing the humid climate even in dry months is inevitable. If you are visiting Bastad for the first time, learn about its climate and plan your trip accordingly:

  • Spring (April to May): The temperature during this season stays around 14 degree Celsius. But with the sunset, temperature also drops and sometimes it is near to 0 degree Celsius. Hence, you get to enjoy warm days and cooler nights in this season. Added to this, occasional rainfall is a common feature of this season. Thus, traveling in this season is perfect to enjoy the weather of Båstad. But at the same time you need to carry your umbrella as well.
  • Summer (June to August): The temperature slightly rises up as compare to spring season. It rises above 15 degree Celsius, making the day hours hot. Added to this, the heavy rainfall, especially in the month of August makes the weather humid as well. Hence, exploring the city with such sticky climate doesn’t sound a good idea. But if rainfall doesn’t bother you much, then summer can be considered.
  • Autumn (September to October): Like spring, autumn has a pleasant climate. The days are warmer with the temperature around 10 degree Celsius and above. By night, the temperature drops down to 7 degree Celsius. With the occasional rainfall, the climate is bound to remain cold. If you are travelling in this month, remember to carry layered clothes to wrap around yourself.
  • Winter (November to March): The temperature falls drastically to -4 degree Celsius. Hence, expect extremely cold weather in this season. Though the level of precipitation falls drastically in this season. Still the driest month of the year – February receives rainfall that a minimum level.

So, among all these seasons, spring an autumn sound as the best time to visit Bastad. Apart from these months, you can consider summer. But be prepared to face heavy rainfall.

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