How to Reach Bath


  • 20 miles out of Bath, the Bristol International Airport serves a number of flights coming in from Europe and other cities in the United Kingdom. From Bristol, take the train from the station (about an hour’s ride) or pay for a taxi. It’s a little pricey, but no more than you’d expect in the rest of England.
  • If you’ve flown into London though, it depends on which airport you came in. From none of them should the journey to Bath take more than three hours. From Heathrow, you can take the Rail Air to Reading, where you’ll get access to the Bath rail service.
  • Bristol, London (Paddington), Reading, and Salisbury all connect to Bath’s central station, if you’ve a mind to take the train. Just make sure you’re getting off at Bath Spa and not Oldfield Park.
  • If you’re a tourist, there’s no point in driving to Bath. The roads are narrow and unpredictable one-way and parking is a nightmare.


  • Taxis are by far the most superior way to get around especially if you live outside the city. You may have to book one though. Within the main city of bath though, you’ll want to put on some comfortable shoes and foot it.
  • Bath also offers various cycle-for-hire establishments for those who want to get around a little more quickly. There are various hire plans so get someone to explain them to you. Don’t really bother with the public buses.