Best Things To Do in Bathsheba, Barbados

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  • Bathsheba Beach: Home of the Bathsheba Soup Bowl, there’s no debating why the Bathsheba Beach is one of the island’s main attractions. The famous breakers of the Atlantic Ocean keep making a continuous appearance here, so as inviting as the water looks, don’t swim in the ocean.
  • Andromeda Botanic Gardens: Six acres of botanic gardens and streams running through it, the Andromeda Botanic Gardens are the pride and joy of Bathsheba. A haven for nature lovers, the types of plants and vegetation found here are exotic and authentic to the island.
  • Harrison’s Cave: A popular natural attraction, the Harrison’s Cave have some stunning sights to offer you. The underwater cave formations are indeed something to be marveled at. The constant flow of the cave streams, have left their mark on these ancient caves.

Below we have a list of things to do in Bathsheba and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bathsheba getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

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Tourist Attractions in Bathsheba

Here is the list of things to do in Bathsheba and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Hunte's Garden

    4.8 (452 Votes)
    Hunte's Garden

    Garden, Leisure

    A private garden owned by Anthony Hunte (legendary horticulturist), the Hunte’s Garden is located around 6 kilometres from Bathsheba. Don’t be thrown off by the fact that it is a private garden. It is huge enough, dense enough and intimidating enough to be lost in! And it is definitely worth a visit! Many visitors find a trip to the garden to be a spiritual and calming one.
  2. Bathsheba Beach

    4.7 (737 Votes)
    Bathsheba Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Leisure, Water Sport

    The top attraction of Bathsheba, there’s never a dull moment on the Bathsheba Beach. Everyone- locals and tourists-take to the beach as often as they can; the beach is perpetually teeming with life. When you visit the Bathsheba Beach you’ll know why it’s one of the important places of the island. The infamous Bathsheba Soup Bowl, where the top notch surfers meet once a year, i...Read more
  3. Round House

    4.3 (444 Votes)
    Round House

    Historical Site, Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Leisure

    A historic oceanfront inn and restaurant in Bathsheba, the Round House has been a popular destination for locals and visitors alike for over 100 years. Along with spectacular views of the entire Atlantic coast, the restaurant also offers delectable food and drinks. Serving Continental Caribbean cuisine, the place has indoor as well as outdoor seating. A must visit and eat at while on your Baths...Read more
  4. St. John's Church

    4.5 (529 Votes)
    St. John's Church

    Church, Religious Site

    Built in the year 1831, this classic and surreal Gothic church was constructed to replace a previous structure which had been destroyed by a hurricane. Some facts about the church: The churchyard contains the body of Ferdinand Paleologus, believed to be a descendant of Constantine. Late Prime Minister of Barbados, Hon. David John Howard Thompson was also laid to rest at this site. The church p...Read more
  5. Harrison's Cave

    4.6 (460 Votes)
    Harrison's Cave

    Cave, Geological Formation, Cavern

    One of the best natural formations of the Caribbean, Harrison’s Cave is not a sight you should miss. A network of cave streams, the cave formationscaused by the constant flow of the water is a splendid sight.You’re literally beneath the ground when you venture on a tour here. Through a system of laid out trams and helpful and knowledgeable guides, the Harrison’s Cave is a memo...Read more
  6. Andromeda Botanic Gardens

    4.5 (541 Votes)
    Andromeda Botanic Gardens

    Botanical Garden, Walking Area, Nature

    The non-sandiest popular attraction of the island, the Andromeda Botanic Gardens paints a pretty picture. In fact, this huge botanic garden lines most of Bathsheba’s east coast. Spread over 6 acres, the initial initiation of the gardens started off as a personal hobby of the resident of the estate in 1954. It was opened to the public a few years after and since then there’s been no ...Read more
  7. Bathsheba Park

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    Bathsheba Park

    Waterfront, Park, Walking Area, Leisure

    A cute little beachfront park,the Bathsheba Park is ideal for a picnic lunch either before or after a stroll on the beach. Hugging the east coast of the island, the beach is literally a stone’s throw away. Enjoy the shade of the trees and the cool trade-winds that are synonymous with Bathsheba. Even if you don’t want to pack a lunch, there are plenty of shacks you can have lunch at.
  8. Barclays Park Beach

    Garden, Park, View Point, Nature

    The Barclays Park Beach is located around 3 kilometres from the city centre of Bathsheba. A gift from UK to celebrate Barbados’ independence, the park is mostly free of amenities. It does have a shaded area with picnic tables and offers incredible views of the eastern coastline. Situated right across the ocean, it is a good place to have a family picnic.
  9. Cattlewash Beach

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    Cattlewash Beach

    Beach, Walking Area, Leisure, Nature

    Located just north of the Bathsheba beach, the Cattlewash Beach is one of the longest stretches of beach in Barbados. Large, turbulent waves and strong currents make swimming dangerous in this area. However, reefs and protective rocks have formed a coastline of pools which are suitable for a relaxing dip. Mother Nature to the rescue! Away from the populated south and west co...Read more
  10. Tent Bay

    Beach, Village, Leisure, Nature

    Locate near the Bathsheba beach, the picturesque Tent bay is home to a small local fish market. During early mornings and late evenings, you will find colourful local fishing boats making their way in and out of the bay. Although strong currents make it inadvisable to swim in the open waters at the bay, visit the place anyway to capture beautiful pictures, to enjoy a long chat with the locals a...Read more
  11. Hackleton's Cliff

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    Hackleton's Cliff

    View Point, Nature

    A treat for hikers and trekkers, the Hackleton’s Cliff is one of the highest points on the island. At 1000 feet above sea level, it offers spectacular views of the country. Trivia- more of a folklore than a fact, it is alleged that the cliff is named after a man who committed suicide by riding a horse off the cliff!
  12. The Soup Bowl

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    The Soup Bowl


    A tiny, pristine island in the Caribbean, the Barbados is every bit as good as it sounds! Bathsheba, a small fishing village on the island, opens up its arms to welcome you, and you’re greeted with a sweet surfing spot, idyllic views of the bay, and the rugged sea-side offers the perfect location for a windy surf. The Soup Bowl, unlike other surfing spots in the Barbados, remains untouche...Read more
  13. Bathsheba

    Bathsheba, Barbados