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Walking past the city of Batu Caves, you will come across Batu Caves. Batu Caves is not a top-rated place in Batu Caves.

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  • A place that has A LOT of potential but... it's not exploited. There is no explanation of what we see, of the history, of the statuses... You just walk there, watch, take photos but the place is loosing all it's local and cultural heritage. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could learn about the religious traditions, the meanings of what is represented ? Inside the Batu Caves, there are tourist shops, huge stadium lights, music, food stands, which don't fit with the place. It could be such a breath taking place to see... Everything was made for tourists but they would gain so much by just informing the tourists about the place and the spirituality of it. It's true it's a bit dirty but that's because the monkeys search the bins and play with the empty water bottles. That would also be a good initiative : bins that trap the bottles so the monkeys can't get them. Overall, a beautiful place but nothing seems to be done for the authenticity of it.

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  • Nice tourist attraction. The limestone hill is absolutely amazing. Lord murugan statue is simply astounding. I wonder how they could maintain the forest on the hill with so many commercial places surrounding it. Loved the peacocks there.

  • Blimey! What a climb. So many steps! If you have difficulty in walking I suggest you stay clear of this place, or just take pix from the bottom! There are a lot of monkeys along the steps up to the cave too and they can be quite aggressive. So please be careful with your belongings and your food - they will steal it, there is no question about this. Be careful of bits of monkey brown - yes they leave droppings in places. OK so the bad stuff is out of the way - the good stuff: You get a fantastic view looking out of the caves, it is quite a strenuous climb for an overweight old fart like me, but it was definitely worth it. The caves are slightly cooler, but still quite humid - and they drip on you! definitely take some water. If you think you'll struggle - don't even try. The decorations and the aroma of the incense is something else. Note that there are a number of hindu devotees who go here for pilgrimage so please make sure you respect them. There is a little cafe at the top where you can buy snacks and drinks - something which is necessary. At the base also, there are a number of cafes so you can sit down and have a nice cold coconut or maybe some ice cream.

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  • It's a nice place. Lots of stairs to climb up. The air flow seems pretty low and you'd probably gasp for breath going up and inside the caves. Do not mess with the monkeys here. Places around include some gift shopping and restaurants.

  • Very nice place to go to. Many steps to take but at the end it's worth it. The main cave is not that interesting tough, I recommend taking a tour in the dark cave. Be careful to go to there when it is not raining.

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