Best Things To Do in Batumi, Georgia

Are you looking for what to do in Batumi?

From art salons to insightful museums, churches with spectacular architecture and some very interesting squares, Batumi hosts visitors really well. Given its boom in tourism, you will find various opportunities to bask in the best of Batumi. And for those who like to ditch the attractions there are quaint boulevards, botanical gardens and parks.

The Batumi Boulevard with its coloured Dancing Fountains, is a great place to spend the day out. Laced with several café-lounges, restaurants, children’s attractions, modern-design benches, and sculptures, this is Batumi’s most-visited attraction. The Batumi Botanical Garden are royal tradition Georgian gardens, comprises 2.037 taxonomic units of woody plants in its nine floristic sectors; superb for anyone who loves foliage!

Popular landmarks of Batumi include the Alphabetic Tower, the Astronomical Clock providing astronomical information along with time, obviously, Colonnades which is a brilliant work of architecture, the Piazza a popular square for several events and the Batumi Cable Way.

Other popular attraction of Batumi include - Gonio-Apsarosi Fortress, Ajara State Art Museum, Batumi Archeological museum, The Nobel Brothers Batumi Technological Museum, Khariton Akhvlediani Ajara State Museum and the Kemal Turmanidze Art Salon.

The most notable churches which are worth a visit include - Orthodox Church, St. Nicolas Church, Catholic Church, and the Armenian Church. The Old Mosque and the Synagogue are a must-visit too.

The kids especially can have a great time in Batumi, with a plethora of things to do. Some including – the Batumi Dolphinarium, Open Aqua Park, Batumi Diving Center, and lots of beach activities.

And if you are feeling generous, you can hire a yacht at the Yacht Club. During the sunset, this can be a magical experience.

Below we have a list of things to do in Batumi and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Batumi getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Batumi with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Batumi

Here is the list of things to do in Batumi and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Dolphinarium

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    Fancy some swimming with the dolphins or enjoying a brilliant performance by these wonderful creatures? Head to the Dolphinarium for the ultimate dolphin entertainment. Opening its doors in 1975, Dolphinarium has been drawing Batumi visitors for spectacular entertainment. Essentially an educational program, shows here are held throughout the year, irrespective of what weather prevails. Accommod...Read more
  2. Batumi Boulevard

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    Batumi Boulevard

    Walking Area, Boulevard

    Want a break from the sightseeing and attractions? Venture to Batumi’s oldest attraction – the Batumi Boulevard. A lovely boulevard lacing the Black Sea, this one is full of opportunities for a great day to spend out. Its construction began in 1881, as a result of the then Governor’s assignment to a German gardener named Reseller, of creating a park, fringing the sea of Batumi...Read more
  3. Botanical Garden

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    Botanical Garden

    Botanical Garden

    If you love verdant environments and vivid foliage, the Batumi Botanical Garden will charm you! Having a legend that, the dense greenery of plants and trees is a result of someone’s global adventure on the quest of bringing to Batumi several diverse plants, this attraction is a pleasant delight. Almost depicting the Garden of Eden, mentioned in the Bible this is one of the world’s l...Read more
  4. Europe Square


    The Europe Square is Batumi’s one such attraction that you will pass several times on your stay here. Deriving its significance from Georgia’s location notable location at the intersection of Asia and Europe, the Europe Square is adorned with structures and edifices of European architecture, that are sure to make you feel like you are somewhere in Europe. Centrally located, this Bat...Read more
  5. Monument Ali And Nino


    Perched on the Black Sea’s coast, this rather romantic monument is ironically a one withstanding a dark bygone romance. As you wander through Batumi, with the fresh sea breeze enticing you to the beach, you will spot two life-size steel statues. Much to your wonder these, human figures depict an eternal love story and this monument as on ode to two lovers will melt your heart! Unfolding t...Read more
  6. Argo Cable Car

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    Argo Cable Car

    Cable Car

    Essentially an entertainment center, the Argo Cable Car in Batumi is nestled on the city’s Anuria Mountain, at an altitude of 250 meters above sea level. Apart from great entertainment this entertainment also offers some stellar views of the city. Go just before sunset and you are bound to have one of the most magical experiences Batumi has to offer. Picture this – the Black Sea, su...Read more
  7. Batumi Piazza

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    Batumi Piazza


    If you have been wanting to try out some Georgian cuisine the Batumi Piazza is where you will get the best. A quaint square with multiple cafes and restaurants, this is where you can bask in Batumi’s essence at its best. Perfect to visit during a warm afternoon or a pleasant evening for a wholesome Georgian or European meal, the piazza is an amalgamation of spectacular architecture, uniqu...Read more
  8. Alphabetic Tower


    If you want to bask in a bird’s eye view of the city atop a 130-meter-high structure, the Alphabetic Tower is the place to go. Symbolizing the distinctiveness of the Georgian alphabet and people, this is an interesting take on the city’s evolving architecture. Designed in the shape of a DNA, in its familiar double helix pattern, the two helix bands ascend the tower holding 33 letter...Read more
  9. 6 May Park

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    6 May Park


    This is where the Georgian’s grew up as kids! Batumi’s oldest public park, 6 May Park accommodates much more than what an average public park usually does. A dolphinarium, an aquarium, a zoo and even a lake. Designed and constructed by a Prussian gardener, Ressler in the 18th century, the park had its name changed when the Russian Emperor Alexander III visited and planted Magnolia i...Read more
  10. Bridge Makhuntseti

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    Bridge Makhuntseti


    Located at 28 kilometers from Batumi center, the Bridge Makhuntseti lies in the village of Makhuntseti off the Batumi–Khulo central motorway. A formation of spectacular volcanic rocks and lime, this bridge adjoins the two sides of the the River Makhostskali. The Makhuntseti waterfall too is a popular attraction here. Buarufully arched, this bridge is a delightful experience as you walk it...Read more
  11. The Neptune Fountain

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    The Neptune Fountain

    Statue, Architecture , Fountain

    Another example of the stunning Georgian architecture, the Neptune Fountain stands erect at the Rustaveli Ave. Given its proximity to the Europe Square, you can easily spot this fountain with a little of bit strolling around. Especially if you are heading to or from the Batumi Boulevard, from the Europe square, you can easily spot this elaborate attraction of Batumi. The fountain will leave you...Read more
  12. Miracle Park


    Perched at the end of the Batumi Boulevard and right next the Alphabetic Tower, the Miracle Park derives its name from the surprisingly rapid completion of the park as a project. The Park hosts several concerts and events throughout the year; summers see a lot of electronic music festivals, while the New Year time in the winters has a gorgeous tree set up in the middle of the park. The park als...Read more
  13. Holy Mother Virgin Nativity Cathedral

    Church, Cathedral

    Now working as an orthodox church, the Holy Mother Virgin Nativity Cathedral is a stunning old catholic church. After all the Italian marvels of architecture, this one is just the right break you need. Dark and gothic, the church beguiles you with a vibe of the old-world spirituality. The light and intricate detailing inside, itself will have you mesmerized. If the cathedral creeps you out, it ...Read more
  14. Batumi Sea Port

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    Batumi Sea Port


    One of Georgia’s most important ports the Batumi Sea Port is the country’s premier location in terms of ship-building, light manufacturing as well as food processing. Since decades the port has been a crucial logistics center for the entire Caucasus region. The port has been playing a significant role in the development of Batumi as a city. Apart from all the serious business, the B...Read more
  15. Colonnades


    Fancy some Greece in Batumi?! Bequeathing you with a little bit of Greece, the Colonnades depict the peculiar Greek architecture – tall, white, towering arcades that greet you en route the Seaside Boulevard. The height of the colonnades determines the significance of the then sea level of Batumi. The shore-line of Batumi now, lies at some 200 to 300 odd meters. Built about 80 years ago, t...Read more