15 Things To Do in Bavarian Forest, Germany

by Seema Nande Updated on 13 Oct 2018

The Land of Ideas, Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the World. From high-tech Defense Technology to alluring scenic beauty, the place attracts many people from all over the world for business as well as for leisure.

Bavarian Forest in the East of Germany is just like a small heaven. From astonishing forests to the beautiful River, the Bavarian Forest is all about the natural beauty and it is quite famous as a tourist spot. The National Park which is attached to the town also attracts lots of people from all around the world. Here are the lists of 15 best places to visit in Bavarian Forest.

Let's explore Bavarian Forest points of interest and 15 best things to do in Bavarian Forest:

1. Take a tour of the Village of Zell

Village of Zell, Bavarian Forest - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

Located at the Bavarian Forest Region, the Village of Zell is basically a small town. The beautiful town of Zell welcomes the tourist with warm heart and you will be amazed with their hospitality. Take a tour of the town and discover the beauty of the place. You can also get guides who can make plans for your comfortable stay and help you plan for your further activities in the Bavarian Forest.

2. Visit the Bavarian Forest National Park

Bavarian Forest National Park - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

Located near the small town of Zell the Bavarian Forest National park is the main tourist attraction. From beautiful mountain tops to the beautiful River Regen, the National park is a heavenly abode for wildlife. Popular among the tourists and locals, The Bavarian Forest is more like an escape into the nature and if you are someone who loves nature, this is the place for you to be at!

3. Take a walk in the Bumwipfelpfad Bayerischer Wald

Bavarian Forest attratcions - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

Located right at the Bavarian National Park, the Bumwipfelpfad Bayerischer Wald is a spiral tree-top walkway. The walkway is one of the main attractions of the forest. The dome shape structure is built for the people to get close to the nature. The best thing is you can see the whole National Park from the Tree top-walk way. The tree top walk which is 1300 meter- long provides barrier-free walk for the people. One can really enjoy the view of nature from the Treetop.

4. Take Skiing Lesson in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest Region is also famous for the Skiing Resort which is located in the Mountain Ranges. The resorts offer lessons for the people who want to learn skiing and do some adventure. From small children to adults, the place is full of people who want to learn skiing. Along with providing lessons the skiing resorts also offer people with the equipment and gear that is required for skiing. So visit the skiing mountains to learn skiing. If you already know how to ski then you can simply hire the equipment to ski through the beautiful mountain snow.

5. Take a look at the Museumsdorf Bayerischer Wald

Places to visit in Bavarian ForestImage Source: wikimedia.org

The Museum of Bavarian Forest National Park displays the Farmstead and the Cottages which were made from the Timber of the national park. It is Located on the southern side of the National park and the cottages which were made in the 17th and 19th century are still preserved in the open air Museum. Apart from different farming equipment, potteries and furniture which were used in the past are well preserved in the Museum.

6. Visit the Rachelsee Lake

The beautiful lake of Rachelsee can be found deep in the forest. The lake which is situated at an altitude of 1071 meters has clear water which is perfect for taking pictures. The locals say that the lake is named after none other than the Devil's Grandmother Rachelsee. Pay your precious visit at the mysterious lake and have the time of your life.

7. Take A Biking Tour In The Bavarian Forest

The beautiful Bavarian Forest is famous for biking activities. You can find people who are going for a bike tour of the forest and enjoying the beauty of the forest. The well-paved biking tracks are spread over miles and miles into the forest.

You can also hire bikes from the nearby vendors and you can ride them all day long in the forest. Along with them you can also hire bikes for your children and help them to ride bikes in the beautiful forest.

8. Take a Hiking Tour into the Forest

For adventure lovers, hiking at the forest can be quite fun. Hiking is one of the most famous activities which is carried in the Bavarian Forest. Tourist with rucksack can be often seen taking a hiking tour of the forest.

There are many vendors and resorts that offer hiking adventure and let the people witness the beautiful forest from within. Even if you do not have the appropriate gears you can simply rent one from the vendors. If you are traveling with your friends then it is perfect for you to do hiking tour. But even if you are traveling alone you can join other groups and complete your hiking activity. So be ready for such wonderful adventure which is waiting for you in the Bavarian Forest, Germany.

9. Try Geocaching in the Bavarian Forest

Another amazing activity which is open for the people to get in touch with nature is Geocaching. Geocaching is a wonderful activity where treasures are hidden for the people. And with the help of a hand-held GPS, a person can find the treasures which are hidden in the forest in a box. This activity allows the people to get in touch with nature and helps to know it well.

So are you ready for the amazing treasure hunt? Bavarian Forest is doing it all for you. However, make sure that you follow the guidelines issued by the Bavarian Forest Department.

10. Climb the mountains of the Bavarian Forest

The alluring mountain range which is located near the Bavarian Forest attracts people from all over the world. People take great pleasure in climbing the mountain and viewing the forest from the top of the mountain ranges. There are many resorts that provide a wonderful opportunity to climb the mountain. They arrange all the things necessary for climbing the mountain. Along with providing the necessary gears and the equipment for climbing; those resorts also arrange groups for climbing the mountain.

11. Do Boating in the Arbersee Lake

Arbersee Lake, Bavarian Forest - ImageImage Source: wikimedia.org

The Arbersee Lake which is surrounded by beautiful steep mountains is a wonderful destination for boating. The lake which is well known among the locals also attracts tourists. People from around the country as well as the world, love spending the whole day around the lake. Along with the adults, you can also see children playing and running around the beautiful lake. You can also find peddle boats in which you can take a tour around the lake and spend some wonderful time with your friends and family.

12. Do Fishing in the River

The beautiful Bavarian Forest offers the people the opportunity for fishing in the river. Tourist can spend some beautiful time sipping a drink and fishing for the entire day. There are vendors who can provide you with the equipment and gears for Fishing.

13. Visit the Beautiful Parks and Playgrounds

The Beautiful place also consists of some beautiful parks and playgrounds where you can spend some wonderful time with your loved ones. The well-maintained parks are also a perfect place for taking beautiful pictures. If you are also accompanied by your children then the playground in the Bavarian Forest can make your children happy and content.

14. Get the Experience of Archery

Shooting arrows with a bow is a favorite sport for many. Again there are some people who dream of doing Archery but never got a chance. So if you are any one of those people then Bavarian Forest will provide you the opportunity to fulfill your dream.

15. Learn the Art of Making Glass in Glasmuseum

The wonderful Bavarian Forest also has a beautiful glass museum where you can see how beautiful products are made from glass. The process of melting, blowing and shaping glass can be seen here. Professionals who make beautiful products will show you the art of making things.

Author: Seema Nande
A deep-dyed Piscean, Seema is a dreamer. This extends to the fact that she is seldom in another world of her's or dreaming of the place she would rather be. A wild-child at heart and a keen observer otherwise, Seema's free-spirited psyche is eternal...
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