Best Things To Do in Beaune, France

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  • Musee de l'Hotel-Dieu: This historic hospital was built way back in 1400s. It still functions as a retirement home. Take the audio tour. It will be worth your while.
  • Maison Joseph Drouhin: A place to go to if you’re interested to learn about the history of wine making. At the end of the tour, you can indulge in some wine tasting yourself!
  • Chateau de Savigny-les-Beaune: A beautiful site for a nice evening out or a picnic. The place has a collection of fighter planes, fire trucks, motor cycles, race cars and lots of other interesting items.
  • Musee des Beaux-Arts et Musee Marey: A small art exhibit with a surprisingly good collection. Works by lots of local artists are also on display.
  • Parc de la Bouzaize: A beautiful park with a lake for a relaxing stroll or eventful picnic. A great place to go to if you have children.


  • Wine Tasting: If you’re visiting Beaune, this needs to be on the top of your lists. The city has some delightful wines to offer. Burgundy Discovery is good tour to choose.
  • Bike Tours: Many tour operators in the area provide for bike tours through vineyards. It’s a perfect way to see what Beaune is famous for—its delicious wines and how they’re made.
  • Helicopter Rides: Fly over the city and witness its beauty like never before!
  • VisioTrain 2000: You can take this open train to visit all of the city’s primary attractions. Audio commentary is played in the carriages. 

Below we have a list of things to do in Beaune and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Beaune getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Beaune with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Beaune

Here is the list of things to do in Beaune and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Musee De L'hotel Dieu

    4.6 (419 Votes)
    Musee De L'hotel Dieu

    Museum, Architecture

    Also known as the Hospices de Beaune, it is a former charitable almshouse in the city. It was established by Nicholas Rolin as a hospital for the poor and needy. This hospital was at that time one of the finest examples of French 15th Century architecture. Later this was transformed into a museum as we see now. The treatment of patients is now done in modern hospitals. It was founded in August ...Read more
  2. Nuits- Saint- Georges

    View Point, Food And Drinks, Winery, Town

    This is a town in Eastern Burgundy and the source behind the name of the Cote de Burgundy. This is a renowned wine district and known for the large number of vineyards and wineries out here. The main wine type that is produced here is the famous red wine. It is also a very popular tourist attraction. It is also the 2nd largest of the 26 communities of Cote d’Or. They also have their annua...Read more
  3. La Cave De L'ange Gardien

    4.4 (367 Votes)
    La Cave De L'ange Gardien

    Food And Drinks, Winery, Adults

    This is a popular wine shop located at Foch Boulevard and is very close to the city center. Other than selling wine and offering wine tasting, they also serve local snacks and savory items. This place has a very good stock of White and French wine besides all other local as well as branded varieties. The staff knows how to treat guests well and they are quite informative too. It is a good way t...Read more
  4. Chateau De Pommard

    4.1 (159 Votes)
    Chateau De Pommard


    This is an eminent vineyard, winery and art gallery in the main city. It has to be the highlight of anyone who is visiting Beaune. They have a very good collection of wines and they ship it almost all across the world. They not only serve wines but also good traditional food. You should take a little time ad visit their gardens that are lovely whole year round and then sit for a wine tasting se...Read more
  5. La Moutarderie Fallot

    4.4 (275 Votes)
    La Moutarderie Fallot


    This was the last independent and family managed mustard producing mill of the city that is now transformed into a museum. It is a bit hidden in an inner courtyard and thus a little difficult to be found. This mill is known to have produced mustard and condiments in traditional techniques using stone grinders to get the perfect essence of the aromatic seeds. This used to be the main ingredient ...Read more
  6. Patriarche Pere & Fils

    4.1 (156 Votes)
    Patriarche Pere & Fils

    Specialty Shop

    This is a self guided and self paced tour of the ancient wine caves that are found under the streets of the city. You can set out for an afternoon and enter this stretch of caves where there is stored a huge collection of local and traditional wine varieties. You walk along on your own comparing each bottle. At the end you have a self tasting session while you are enlightened with more info abo...Read more
  7. Burgundy Discovery

    4 (111 Votes)
    Burgundy Discovery


    This is a company that was set up by a couple Robert and Joy in 2003 and since then has been winning hearts with their wine tours along Burgundy and the beautiful countryside. The tour includes visiting and exploring the beautiful vineyards and wineries that are almost a symbol of the state. In this you get to meet with the local farmers and know their work. The farmers also keep good stock of ...Read more
  8. Le Cassissium

    4.4 (356 Votes)
    Le Cassissium

    Museum, Winery

    This is an interactive and educative museum where you get detailed knowledge and information about the very tasty French berry that is popularly known as blackcurrant or Cassissi. Here they show you the past, present and future uses of this. The highlights are the set- ups of juice production and wineries inside the museum. It is a unique museum that focuses on a very interesting subject and is...Read more
  9. Burgundy Evasion Bike Tours

    4.7 (138 Votes)
    Burgundy Evasion Bike Tours
    This is a fantastic road tour to explore the beautiful vineyards of France. Florian is an awesome host and guide and goes till all extent to make you feel comfortable. He will take his van and guide you along the whole tour. The views and rough terrains are gorgeous and adventurous and having wine and snacks on top of a hill is just marvelous. As you ride along, Florian stops at regular interva...Read more
  10. Taste Burgundy Wine School
    This is the best wine tasting school and wine tours and Christina is the most informative guide and host. She offers private classroom introductory lessons and you will be very satisfied with how much she knows about the city and its taste. Later, she herself will take you along a nice tour of Cote and stop at all important places to tell you about wine making and grape production. She makes al...Read more
  11. Musee Du Vin De Bourgogne

    3.9 (106 Votes)
    Musee Du Vin De Bourgogne

    Museum, Winery

    This is a royal wine museum that is situated inside the Duke’s Residence where he lived till the 16th century. This museum is solely dedicated towards wine and wine making techniques from the past till date. They have a wide range of tools and machines used in the wine making process apart from the wine tapestries. The old wine presses are another notable collection here.
  12. The Cook's Atelier

    4.3 (70 Votes)
    The Cook's Atelier

    Food And Drinks, Dine In, Winery, Workshop

    This is a cooking school cum winery in the heart of Epicurean Center. The mother- daughter duo of Majorie and Kendall are too good as hosts and guides both. First you will be taken on a tour of the Beaune Market to buy fresh vegetables. Here you also get a scope to know what the main ingredients are that go into Burgundian Cuisine. After this you are welcomed to the lovely clean kitchen and you...Read more
  13. Maison Joseph Drouhin

    4 (48 Votes)
    Maison Joseph Drouhin

    Outdoors, Cave, Food And Drinks, Winery

    Joseph Drouhin is a famous wine producer based in France and this is his winery and vineyard that you can explore. The place is a little difficult to find but it is completely worth a visit. They have a huge collection that includes young and old wines both and that too from many other countries. The staff is knowledgeable and can speak good English too. They will take you along some of the Rom...Read more
  14. La Dalineum


    This is a small museum that is dedicated to the works of the famous artist Dali. It is so good to see the range of ideas and creativity he put into his works. It is a small but lovely museum. The guy who owns it is an ardent fan of the artist and is so informative. He is one reason that makes you enjoy your trip into the museum. The collection is lovely and there is a lot to know from here.
  15. Athenaeum De La Vigne Et Du Vin

    Food And Drinks, Specialty Shop

    This is a lovely wine shop that also has a very good collection of wine glasses, crockeries, journals, magazines, cards and other things all about wine. This is a wine lovers’ ultimate destination where he is sure to find everything he wants. They stock a wide range of wine varieties and also delicious snacks and savories.