How to Reach Beijing


The Beijing international airport is very well connected to major cities all over the world. The city is also connected well other cities in China with multiple options like flights, trains and buses.


  • Subway: The best way to beat Beijing’s traffic and reach your destination on time is by taking the subway which has some 10 functional lines while more are being constructed. Map out your attractions and then match it with the nearest subway station and you’re good to go.
  • Buses: Local buses too run to and from every area of the city, but can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with Chinese or Mandarin.
  • Minibus: If you’re venturing into the countryside or the suburbs, the minibus is your best bet. They are privately operated buses that charge around ¥10.
  • Taxi: The taxi service is a convenient alternative but sometimes turn out to be a tad bit more expensive than the other modes of transportation. They also might show some reluctance to take you to your destination if they’re going the other way or if there’s too much traffic. Don’t voice your displeasure in the event of such a problem. It might take some time but you will find a taxi, or you could always commute another way. Be sure to pay only by the meter unless you’ve already decided on a price before sitting in the taxi.
  • Bicycle: Beijing was once famous for the density of bicycles on the streets.Today, with the increase in pollution and population, the government is promoting cycling on the streets of China. Hence, this could be a fun way to explore the city provided you follow all the rules.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Beijing. The most preferred mode of transport in Beijing is Car.

Average distance: 15.44 km Average time: 45.34 min

  • Car 33.8%
    Driving 51.25 min Walking 3.83 min Overall average time for 25.3 kms 55.08 min
  • Walking 15.49%
    Walking 15.73 min Train 3.73 min Waiting 1.09 min Bike 0.91 min Overall average time for 3.43 kms 21.45 min
  • Bike 8.45%
    Bike 18.67 min Walking 1.67 min Overall average time for 4.53 kms 20.33 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 1.41%
    Tram 60 min Walking 8 min Waiting 5 min Overall average time for 20 kms 73 min
  • Train/Metro 21.13%
    Train 35.4 min Walking 12.13 min Waiting 6.67 min Bus 3.07 min Other 1.87 min Tram 1 min Overall average time for 17.74 kms 60.13 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 11.27%
    Bus 22.5 min Walking 9.38 min Waiting 6.13 min Train 2.5 min Overall average time for 6.56 kms 40.5 min
  • Motorbike 4.23%
    Motorbike 31.67 min Walking 3 min Overall average time for 13 kms 34.67 min
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