Best Things To Do in Beirut, Lebanon

Are you looking for what to do in Beirut?

You might have a list of things to do in Beirut and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. Places like Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport / Beirut Air Base and National Museum Of Beirut will make sure your dream destinations are ticked off. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

With so many world-famous sites and attractions to visit, deciding on the best things to do in Beirut can be a daunting task. Visiting selective places and carrying the best memories is the best alternative. Don’t rush to see all of the attractions in Beirut on your first trip itself.

Beirut is the type of city that you will love to visit again and again. Every time you revisit Beirut you can keep unfolding the different sides of it. This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Beirut getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Beirut with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Beirut

Here is the list of things to do in Beirut and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport / Beirut Air Base Image
    Location:Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport - Beirut Air Base is located in the southern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. It is located 9 km (5.6 mi) from the city center.History:Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport - Beirut Air Base was originally built in the 1930s as a military airfield. During the Lebanese Civil War, the airport was heavily damaged and was closed for several years. I...Read more
  2. National Museum Of Beirut

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    National Museum Of Beirut

    Museum, History Museum

    The National Museum of Beirut is an archeological museum in Lebanon. It was established in 1937 and officially opened in 1942. The museum has about 100,000 objects, although only 1300 are put up on display. Many of these artifacts date back to prehistoric time, while some belong to the World War I era. With its vast collection of antiques, National Museum of Beirut is seen as a prominent archa...Read more
  3. Mohammad Al-amin Mosque

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    Mohammad Al-amin Mosque

    Mosque, Religious Site

    Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque is the biggest mosque in the city of Beirut. The construction of the mosque started in 2002 and was inaugurated in 2008. The mosque has state-of-the-art architecture and is a sight to behold. Its 48 meter high blue dome and 65 meter high minarets makes the mosque the largest of its type in Beirut. It occupies an area of 11,000 square meter. The interiors are classic and...Read more
  4. Sursock Museum

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    Sursock Museum

    Art And Culture, History Museum, Historical Site, Architecture

    Once a private villa built by the Beirut aristocrat - Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock, now stands as the Nicolas Sursock Museum. The luxurious villa was constructed in 1912 and has state-of-the-art architecture.The architectural style of the villa is Lebanese and has traces of the Venetian and Ottoman architectural design. The museum holds a variety of exhibitions throughout the year that display mode...Read more
  5. Saint George Maronite Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site

    The Saint George Maronite Cathedral, Beirut is one of the most important tourist destinations of Lebanon. The interior of this significant church is Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. The architecture of the church carries the Neoclassical architecture style. Stucco and marble are the elements that get used to decorate the walls of the church. Located in the downtown area of Beirut, this church...Read more
  6. Baatara Waterfall

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    Baatara Waterfall

    View Point, Nature

    Baatara Waterfall is a sinkhole wherein water drops down 255 meters into a pothole. Formed due to Jurassic Limestone erosion, this waterfall is truly a nature’s wonder. The cascading waterfall makes for a sight to behold. The waterfall and the sinkhole were discovered in 1952 and ever since have been a favorite destination amongst tourists vacationing in Beirut. The best time to visit th...Read more
  7. Jeita Grotto

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    Jeita Grotto

    Cave, View Point, Nature

    Jeita Grotto are two interconnected underground water caves that are truly a marvel of nature. The caves were discovered in 1836 which are now amongst the top visited destinations in Lebanon. It is one of the largest and well-preserved natural grotto. The geological formations in the caves are awe-inspiring and make a sight to behold. The boat ride in the lower grotto is short but simply breat...Read more
  8. Faraya


    You can plan a trip to the location of Faraya. The meaning of Faraya is "The land of fruits and vegetables". It is a village that is situated in Northern Beirut. The village covers 870 hectares of area. Maronite Christians are the main citizens of this place. The elevation of the place ranges from 1600 meters to 2300 meters. In the winters, the place gets heavy snowfall. The hilly slopes get c...Read more
  9. Zaituna Bay

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    Zaituna Bay
    Zaitunay Bay is a must visit spot when you are vacationing in the beautiful city of Beirut. It provides panoramic views of the majestic yachts, luxurious restaurants, and the magnificent ocean. You can leisurely stroll along the bay while enjoying the picturesque view that are a feast for your eyes. The place is enlivened by city lights during evening time. You can even enjoy delicious food at ...Read more
  10. Mim Mineral Museum

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    Mim Mineral Museum


    There are times when you visit a place and you are completely at a loss for words. Well, the Mim Mineral Museum in Beirut, Lebanon is exactly that place, where you will get to see several minerals on exhibition. The minerals that are on display at this museum are breathtaking. They are of such exotic nature that it is often difficult to understand whether these are natural or not. You couldn&r...Read more
  11. Sioufi Park

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    Sioufi Park

    Park, Picnic Spot

    Overlooking the Avenue President Emile Lahoud, the Beirut River, and the summits of Mount Lebanon the Sioufi Park is a garden that is open for the viewing of the public. The garden took its name from the Sioufi quarter. Do not be fooled by the size of the park when you enter as it spans over 20,000 square meters. This is usually an ideal spot for a quick reunion of sorts with your old pals and...Read more
  12. Rene Mouawad Garden

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    Rene Mouawad Garden


    If you are looking for a lush green space to visit in the lap of nature, the Rene Mouawad Garden is a perfect place. Located in the Sanayeh district of the capital city of Beirut, Lebanon, this garden is one of the oldest public open-air spaces of the city. The park features a historical fountain which offers a perfect ambience to sit and refresh yourself. Built during the period of World War I...Read more
  13. Horsh Beirut

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    Horsh Beirut


    Spread across a sprawling area of 300,000 square meters, the Horsh Beirut is an urban park and an expansive green space in the beautiful city of Beirut. Also known as Horsh El Snoubar and Bois de Pins, this park offers a great ambience for you to relax and rejuvenate away from the daily hustle-bustle. The park is an ideal place to visit with your friends and family for a fun picnic day or even ...Read more
  14. Maghen Abraham Synagogue

    Religious Site, Synagogue

    Located in the Jewish district of Wadi Abu Jamil in Beirut, the Maghen Abraham Synagogue is one of the main synagogues in Lebanon and moreover, one of the main sites of attraction in Beirut. You will be surprised to see the architecture of this place as it had withstood the wrath of nature for a very long period of time. The only Jewish Synagogue in Beirut, the Maghen Abraham Synagogue is curr...Read more
  15. Nicolas Sursock Museum

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