Best Time To Visit Bel Air

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Best Time To Go To Bel Air

Bel-Air has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. The average temperature of this region hardly goes above 25 degree Celsius. Hence, a constant cool temperature is inevitable in Bel-Air. Its climate chart is somewhat like this:

  • Winter (December to mid-March): The temperature stays either at 10 degree Celsius or sometime goes even below. So, travelers who are fond of extreme cold temperature, for them this season is apt. Otherwise, it is always advised to ignore winter for a visit to Bel-Air.
  • Spring (mid-March to early-June): In spring, the temperatures go slightly above 15 degree Celsius. Due to this rise in temperature, expect warm days in this season. Such pleasant weather makes it easy for travelers to explore Bel-Air. Thus, this off-season can be considered while planning your trip to Bel-Air.
  • Summer (June to September): In summer, you can expect day temperature around 25 degree Celsius. Such pleasing warm climate with occasional rainfall manages to attract lots of tourists. Hence, summer turns out to be the peak season for Bel-Air.
  • Fall (end of September to end of November):  Precipitation is at its highest level in this season, especially in the month of October. While the days remain a bit warm, by night the temperature starts falling. Hence, the overall climate is quite favorable to visit Bel-Air, except the showers.

Thus, summer and spring turns out to be the best time to visit Bel-Air. Though in the summer you might face the huge tourist crowd, but spring is there as a savior.

    We will be updating things to do in Bel Air soon.