Best Things To Do in Belem, Brazil

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  • Estacao das Docas: A tourist oriented entertainment complex complete with restaurants, movie theatres, a boardwalk and taverns.
  • Mangal das Garcas (Mangal of Herons): A large ecological park with charming boardwalks leading through various flora and fauna
  • Basilica de Nossa Senhora de Nazare (Nazareth Shrine Basilica): A 19th century church that’s the centrepiece of the famous festival. It is a beautiful neo-classical and Moorish building
  • Teatro da Paz: A beautiful building that is highly important to Brazil’s theatrical heritage.
  • Forte do Presepio: The heart of Belem, by the construction of which the city was founded.


  • Visit the Algodoal Island for a weekend retreat
  • Catch a sports event at the Estadio Estadual Jornalista Edgar Augusto Proenca ( Estadio Olimpico do Para )
  • Contact Valeverde Turismo - Day Tours travel guides for a tour of Belem’s surrounding area by boat on the river.

Below we have a list of things to do in Belem and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Belem getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Belem with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Belem

Here is the list of things to do in Belem and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Estacao Das Docas

    4.7 (130 Votes)
    Estacao Das Docas

    Food And Drinks, Restaurant, Theatre, Archaeological Site

    What used to be three run down warehouses were converted into the city’s most popular hangout in 2000. The docks bring together food, performance art, fashion and events over 32 thousand square meters. Over six thousand people visit the place every day. There are six restaurants, a tavern, exhibitions on the ports history and urban archaeology, and an art house movie theatre. Most nights,...Read more
  2. Parque Mangal Das Garcas

    4.7 (70 Votes)
    Parque Mangal Das Garcas

    Light House, Park, River, Restaurant

    This beautiful ecological park runs along the Guama River, covering an area of 40,000 square metres. Rich in local Brazilian flora and fauna, the park is intuitively and cleverly laid out – shady plank boardwalks that course their way through tranquil ponds. Some of the major highlights are: Amazon Museum of Navigation. the Manjar das Garcas– a terrific restaurant. Aningas of Birds...Read more
  3. Basilica De Nossa Senhora De Nazare

    Church, Historical Site

    The Cirio de Nazare is Brazil’s most beautiful catholic event, and it’s been happening here, associated to this city, and more recently this church, for over 200 years. The church was built in 1852 on the site where an image of the Lady of Nazareth was found. You can still see the image inside the church, today. During the festival, the image is taken in a 2-million strong processio...Read more
  4. Espaco Cultural Casa Das Onze Janelas

    Art And Culture, Exhibition

    Built in the 18th century as the residence of a sugar mill owner, the house was converted into a hospital that operated until 1870. Afterwards, the military made some use of the house. It is now a contemporary art space, with its own permanent exhibit of about 2300 works. These include paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, artistic buildings and video. There are frequent, specta...Read more
  5. Teatro Da Paz

    4.8 (84 Votes)
    Teatro Da Paz

    Theatre, Architecture

    Opened in 1874, in a time that is now known as the ‘Golden Age of Rubber’ in Brazil, the theatre is now regarded to be one of the greatest examples of Italian style neo-classical architecture. Since then, it has been home to many magnificent theatrical and operatic productions, and continues to be one today. Even if you’re not inclined to actually catch a show, you must at lea...Read more
  6. Forte Do Presepio

    4.7 (115 Votes)
    Forte Do Presepio

    Museum, Ancient Ruin, Fort

    Belem was founded with the construction of this fort, the ruins of which now recall an imposing, stolid but beautiful stronghold. It was built to protect Portuguese colonial interests from other colonial forces that might sail up river. Used in conflict several times, the fort was rebuilt a number of times with additional artillery, which you can still see arranged around the site. Today, from ...Read more
  7. Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi


    Established in 1866 with the intent of being a research institution, an increasingly rich and diverse collection of botanical and zoological specimens led to this place becoming a museum. It has about 4.5 million specimens, covering the sciences of botany, zoology, archaeology, ethnography, linguistics, palaeontology, and the mineral sciences. The ethnographic collection, formed mostly of donat...Read more
  8. Catedral Metropolitana De Belem

    Church, Historical Site

    This 18th century church was completed in 1771 on the site of an earlier church. From the outside, it is a masterpiece of mixed art, combining elements of Baroque, Rococo, and Neo-Classical influences. The towers follow the model of Bologna churches. Inside, the church is lavishly decorated. It has a classic organ, richly adorned wall panels, large paintings of saints on the sides, and beautifu...Read more
  9. Algodoal Island

    Island, Leisure

    6 hours of driving, or about 180 kilometres away from Belem, the fishing village of Algodoal is the region’s favourite beach and island getaway. It’s an absolute treasure. There are no vehicles on the island; and even though electricity has been introduced, the paths aren’t lit up at night, so the character of the islands can be better preserved. One of Brazil’s most bea...Read more
  10. Sao Jose Liberto And Museu Gemas Do Para

    Museum, Garden, Memorial, Amphitheater

    The St. Joseph Liberto was first a convent (1749), but afterwards adopted many other roles – ammunitions magazine, barracks, hospital and prison. In 2002, though, it was reopened as a gem museum. You’ll find here today the Polo Jeweller and Artisan House and the Para Gems Museum. The museum has about 4000 pieces, exhibited over 5 rooms, which also explore the history and tradition o...Read more
  11. Parque Da Residencia

    4.6 (60 Votes)
    Parque Da Residencia


    This park complex in the heart of the city is an excellent weekend retreat, at least for a few hours. It’s where the younger crowds come out for a date. There are a number of eclectic attractions. Palm trees sway over shaded avenues coursing through Orchid Gardens of 400 flowers. A theatre houses about 400 people. The amphitheatre is frequently lively with musical concerts or other events...Read more
  12. Para Religious Art Museum

    4.7 (80 Votes)
    Para Religious Art Museum

    Art Museum, Museum

    In the entire Amazonian region, this is the only museum of its kind. Housed inside an old Jesuit building, The Church and St. Alexander College, this collection of about 400 items, relics, sacred paintings, sculptures, and silverware is now an indispensable part of Belem’s cultural heritage. The themes follow the relationships between the Church, Para’s past religious orders and the...Read more
  13. Corvette Museum Solimoes

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    The Corvette Solimoes is a ship museum, built by the Dutch in 1954, and delivered to Brazilians in 1955. On your morning guided tour, a sailor will take you through the cozy, almost cramped ship, and give you an idea of what life is like aboard a military vessel. You’ll be taken through the deck, the engine room, the crew quarters, and the bridge. The guides are known for being highly fri...Read more
  14. Ver-o-peso

    4.3 (81 Votes)

    Market, Square

    The market gets its name from the old Casa do Haver-o-peso (Have-the-Weight House) that was located here; it was where goods coming into the area where taxed by weight. Today, it’s just an incredible street market, one which people say is one of the best in the world. It covers about 35000 square metres and includes: The Iron Market The Meat Market The Clock Square The Acai Fair The Lade...Read more
  15. Praca Da Republica

    4.5 (82 Votes)
    Praca Da Republica

    Monument, Square

    Despite many attempts to tame the wilderness that once existed here, nothing truly succeeded until the name of the Largo da Campina was changed to Praca da Republica, and it was decided that a monument to the republic would be erected here. The monument, by Michele Sebastiano, is of a woman representing democracy; with an olive branch in one hand for peace; and a lion-riding genie for freedom; ...Read more