Best Things To Do in Belfast, United Kingdom

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  • Ormeau Baths Gallery: An interesting and impressive art gallery in the city of Belfast.
  • Belfast City Hall: Learn about unbelievable historic facts on a visit to the city hall. The architecture and the surroundings are sure to blow your mind. The treasure, function rooms, titanic memorial, council chamber, Mayors Parlor and more are things you can look forward to here.
  • Belfast Exposed: A dedicated photography gallery encouraging talent.
  • The Waterfront Hall: An auditorium that hosts an extensive range of performances and entertaining shows.
  • Belfast Zoo: An impressive collection of animals on a 55 acre land. The animals can be petted and fed as well.
  • Botanical Gardens: Exotic tropical plants, a range of seasonal displays, birds and more are part of the mesmerizing botanic gardens. The beautiful garden is a very important part of Belfast's Victorian heritage.
  • Saint Anne's Cathedral: Located in the heart of the city with a range of treasures, art, music, culture and more. Mosaics by Sir Charles Nicholson, and sculptures by Rosamund Praegar and Maurice Harding are an integral part of this holy shrine.
  • Ulster Museum: Ulster Museum is home to a range of historic material like industrial archeology, fine art, applied art, Spanish Armada treasures, botany, historic numismatics, zoology, geology and more.


  • Nightlife: Party town is known for its sparkling nightlife. The city has plenty of pubs and clubs to turn a boring night into an exciting one. Enjoy your bit of Belfast fun by dancing the night at one of these places.
  • Shopping: You cannot visit UK and return without shopping for your favorites. The city has plenty of elite malls that sell you the most trending stuff. Give yourself an elegant makeover by dressing English this holiday.
  • Adventure Tour: Indulge in some adventure activity by signing up for and adventure tour that includes surfing, canoeing and more.

Below we have a list of things to do in Belfast and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Belfast getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Belfast with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Belfast

Here is the list of things to do in Belfast and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Titanic Belfast

    4.4 (1217 Votes)
    Titanic Belfast

    Museum, Exhibition

    Titanic Belfast is one of the most reputed attractions in the city of Belfast. The museum houses nine galleries in a six storied building. 
  2. Belfast City Hall

    4.6 (894 Votes)
    Belfast City Hall

    Historical Site, Memorial, Restaurant, Architecture

    Tour this historic building and unleash unbelievable historic facts here. The commendable architecture and the mesmerizing surrounding are sure to enhance your experience. However; the treasures, function rooms, titanic memorial, council chamber, Mayors Parlor and more simply add value to your visit here. The building houses a restaurant that serves delectable delicacies. Enjoy the good food wh...Read more
  3. Botanic Gardens

    Botanical Garden, Bird Watching

    Gardens are always an ideal getaway from the routine. The botanic garden of Belfast is a little paradise of peace flaunting the best of nature. Exotic tropical plants, a range of seasonal displays, birds and more are part of its natural display. The colorful garden is a very important part of Belfast's Victorian heritage. The greenhouses and the rose garden both are completely worth your time. ...Read more
  4. Stormont Estate And Parliament Buildings

    Estate, Architecture

    Home to the Northern Ireland Assembly the Stormont Estate and Parliament Buildings are surrounded by spectacular views of its surroundings. A visit to the building will give you interesting insights of the running of the parliament, past and present happenings and the architecture of the impressive structure. Tourists are permitted to watch the Assembly Members debate issues in the Assembly Cha...Read more
  5. Mount Stewart

    4.8 (196 Votes)
    Mount Stewart

    Food And Drinks, Cafe

    Mount Stewart is a mansion that's way beyond the imagination of a dream house. The family that played a significant role in the history and politics of Ireland resided in this 18th century house with a 98 acre garden. The garden is a reflection of the elite and elegant tapestry of design. There is a reasonable cafe and a tea room in the premises as well. This is therefore a highly recommended a...Read more
  6. Shankill Road

    4.2 (502 Votes)
    Shankill Road

    Walking Area, Historical Site, Streets, Road

    Shankill Road is a crowded yet beautiful street with historic significance under its belt. This street used to be a war zone once upon a time. Unfortunately the neighbours on this road are still segregated. However, the road has interesting historic stories that can be divulged on a visit here. The highlight of this road is the magnificent murals.
  7. Carrickfergus Castle

    4.4 (448 Votes)
    Carrickfergus Castle

    Castle, Historical Site, Monument

    A Norman castle in Northern Ireland to the northern shore of the Belfast Lake. The castle played an important role on the military front until 1928 and today is one of the most well maintained structures in Northern Ireland. The castle is home to historical displays as well as cannons that belong to the 17th and 19th centuries. The impressive monument is an interesting piece of history and ther...Read more
  8. Waterfront Hall

    Restaurant, Entertainment, Play, Concert

    An impressive venue that stages concerts, theatrical plays and drama activities, boxing matches and more. The waterfront hall is hosts exhibitions for visual arts, a restaurant, bars and a gift shop. The comfortable seating arrangement and lovely ambience would make you want to visit here over and over again. You also get alcohol served at the venue.
  9. Visit Belfast Welcome Centre
    Learn about the city of Belfast before you get out and explore it, at the Welcome center. The center get you acquainted with the city and the number of things you shouldn’t miss on your visit here. The center is so informative that even a local may have something new to learn about here. On your way out you get free brochures and maps to take along.
  10. Lyric Theatre, Belfast

    4.7 (191 Votes)
    Lyric Theatre, Belfast

    Entertainment, Theatre

    The Lyric Theatre of Belfast is the only full time producing theatre in the whole of Northern Belfast. The building has a traditional look with red brick architecture. The theatre presents shows usually in the evenings from Tuesdays to Saturdays. The building is home to a café that serves snacks and light lunch. They also cater to tours and learning courses.
  11. SSE Arena

    4.4 (274 Votes)
    SSE Arena

    Arena, Entertainment

    Inaugurated in the year 200, the SSE Arena of Belfast is Northern Ireland’s largest entertainment spot. Having stated that, you obviously cannot miss this one when in Belfast. Home to the city's ice hockey team, the massive ice pad the arena possesses is sufficient to stage a range of sport events. A magnet to international stars, the area has managed to attract reputed personalities like...Read more
  12. St. Malachy's Church

    4.6 (257 Votes)
    St. Malachy's Church

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    The interiors of St. Malachy's Church will feel like a decorated wedding cake. The décor of the church is so minutely designed that you feel special and privileged to be visiting it. The ornate altars, artistry, photographs and relics are simply spectacular. The oasis of peace is undoubtedly calm and will leave you in a tranquil state of mind. 
  13. Cave Hill

    4.8 (193 Votes)
    Cave Hill

    View Point, Hill, Picnic Spot

    Enjoy panoramic views of Belfast by climbing up the beautiful cave hill. As a long lost custom, the locals visited the hill on Easter Mondays or Tuesdays and rolled Easter eggs down the hill to see which of them made it to the bottom. You could plan a picnic on the hill as well. The hill derived its name from the fact that is possesses caves on either sides along with historical and archeologic...Read more
  14. Kelly's Cellars

    4.6 (171 Votes)
    Kelly's Cellars

    Pubs, Entertainment, Nightlife, Nightclub

    Kelly’s Cellars is a happening pub in the city of Belfast. Popular for excellent music and delectable delicacies on its extensive menu, the pub also has a range of beverages. The classy and elegant ambience and the vibrant atmosphere of the pub are sure to make you never want to leave the place. Planning a fun night in Belfast? It awaits you at Kelly’s Cellars.
  15. Streamvale Open Dairy Farm


    Streamvale Open Dairy Farm is an exciting place especially for kids. You can pet and feed animals here and enjoy the wee tractors and diggers in the play area. You can also bottle feed lambs and cuddle up with chicks and bunnies. The farm also features quad rides, pony rides, tractor rides and more. A much recommended visit when in Belfast especially if you’re visiting with kids.

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