Best Things To Do in Belgrade, Serbia

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  • Kalemegdan-Belgrade Fortress: An important military fortification which is now turned into a public park. It is one of the most important places to see in Belgrade.
  • Cathedral of Saint Sava: World’s largest Eastern orthodox Christian cathedral.
  • Usce Tower: Former house of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia.
  • The Old Palace: A 20th century neo-classical palace and a popular tourist attraction of the city.
  • Knez Mihailova Street: An important pedestrian street with cafés and shopping centres.
  • Belgrade Cathedral: A 19th century cathedral built in memory of Archangel Michael.
  • The National Museum of Serbia: A museum housing more than 400,000 exhibits including Italian, French, Yugoslavian and German art collections.
  • Nikola Tesla Museum: A museum dedicated to Nicola Tesla, one of the greatest scientists hailing from Serbia.


Belgrade Tourist Information Centre is located on the Kneza Mihaila 6, Beograd. It helps you with guides, maps, timetables and other travel related queries.

  • Free Belgrade Walking Tours: Walking tour around the downtown and other close by attractions with a team of professional tour guides. Republic Square, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Serbian Heritage Tours: Exclusively designed private tours. Svetomira Nikolajevica 5, Belgrade 149611, Serbia.
  • Belgrade Free Tour: Explore the city and culture of Belgrade with the help of travel guides. Republic Square, Belgrade, Serbia.
  • Explore Belgrade!: Sightseeing excursions and day tours of Belgrade. Belgrade 11118, Serbia.
  • Belgrade at Night: A fun-filled night out touring the city after sunset. Beogradska 99, Belgrade 11000, Serbia.

Below we have a list of things to do in Belgrade and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Belgrade getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Belgrade with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Belgrade

Here is the list of things to do in Belgrade and tourist attractions in city.

  1. The Belgrade Fortress

    4.6 (2045 Votes)
    The Belgrade Fortress

    Museum, Military Museum, Park, Fort

    It’s not often that a fortress is also a park, but that’s how Belgrade views the fortress. It’s always open. You can stroll in anytime. The fort overlooks the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. Many times, and then a few more times, the fortress has been destroyed, razed to the ground, and then rebuilt. It’s the oldest part of Belgrade; in fact, for many years, wh...Read more
  2. Skadarlija

    Street Market, Street Food, Streets

    Belgrade has a Bohemian heart and this street is the only place to go looking for it. Heaps of rakija, excellent food, great music – they all combine to make the nightlife in Belgrade unbeatable. The cobblestoned street’s history isn’t just all about party though. This is where the city’s artists, intellectuals, poets, and painters would come discuss the politics of the ...Read more
  3. St. Sava Temple

    4.8 (1807 Votes)
    St. Sava Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    This church of white marble and granite, vast and grand, defies description. It’s new (construction started in the 20th century), and still incomplete, though you won’t be able to tell that at a casual glance. The architecture is Serbian-Byzantine. It was thought that in 1595, the Sinan-Pasha burned the relics of Saint Sava here, but this has since been proven inaccurate. The church...Read more
  4. Knez Mihailova

    Leisure, Street Market, Shopping Center, Streets

    This is Belgrade’s foremost meeting place. They say it’s one of the most beautiful pedestrian streets. Initially, the streets used to be private property, but communist rule saw the streets taken from the families who owned them. The houses that belonged to these families are still there though; and they’re very beautiful. Stores, bookstores, restaurants and cafes operate out ...Read more
  5. Nikola Tesla Museum

    4.4 (1433 Votes)
    Nikola Tesla Museum

    Museum, Science Museum, Educational Site, Exhibition

    It is now undeniably known around the world that Nikola Tesla was the greatest inventor who ever lived. Without his work on electricity, magnetism and radio, the technological progress of the 20th century would never have happened. But tragically, his success was overshadowed throughout the last century by the success of Thomas Edison, even though Tesla was by far his scientific and innovative ...Read more
  6. Crkva Svetog Marka

    4.9 (1193 Votes)
    Crkva Svetog Marka

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Cathedral

    This beautiful church, despite its clearly Serbian Byzantine architecture, was built very recently, between 1931 – 1940. It was greatly influenced by the It is a copy of Gracanica monastery from Kosovo. People often remark on the fact that it was built in the peace between the two world wars. The church has one of the richest collections of 18th and 1th century icons. Highlights of the ch...Read more
  7. Ada Ciganlija

    4.7 (1299 Votes)
    Ada Ciganlija

    Island, River, Bridge, Entertainment

    Belgrade doesn’t have a seaside, but it does have a river island. It’s enough. Originally a muddy island cut off from the city, Ada Ciganlija was connected to the right bank of the Sava River by a bridge – it officially became a peninsula. Today, it is Belgrade’s playground; they even call it the Sea of Belgrade (‘they’ being all the people who can’t af...Read more
  8. Belgrade Zoo

    4.5 (1711 Votes)
    Belgrade Zoo

    Zoo, Entertainment

    One of the oldest zoos in Europe, this attraction manages to pack a lot of animals into just 7 hectares – 2000 creatures covering about 270 different species. This is to the detriment of the animals for now; however, there are active plans to expand the zoo. Seals, white lions, ponies, lamas, kangaroos and eagles are some of the crowd favorites. In a special section called the Garden of G...Read more
  9. Gardos Tower

    Memorial, Monument, Fort, Exhibition

    This striking Romanesque tower is actually a memorial. It was opened in 1896 to mark 1000 years of Hungarian settlement in the Pannonian plain. It rises from the ruins of the Zemun fortress. It looks quite magical. When you enter, the first thing you see is photography exhibit. The stair on the right take you to the view point though, from where you have a 360 degree panorama of Belgrade to enj...Read more
  10. St. Michael's Cathedral

    4.7 (1725 Votes)
    St. Michael's Cathedral

    Church, Religious Site, Cathedral

    This 19th century church’s architecture is mainly Classical, with some Baroque influences. It is famous for its lavish, romantic and dramatic painted interior (especially the ceiling), but it’s the lovely sculpture work that people really freak out over. It’s treasury is significant too, containing the 17th century CROSS KIR Veniamin HARTOFILAKSA, the Reliquary of vice-abbot M...Read more
  11. Belgrade Military Museum

    Military Museum

    Yugoslavia’s fascinating and complete military histories are displayed across this museum’s beautifully crafted displays and exhibits. You get some freebies even before you enter the museum – tanks, cannons and other military paraphernalia are strewn about the Kalemegdan fortress grounds. The exhibits are chronologically arranged, and each major conflict gets its own exhibit. ...Read more
  12. Avala Tower

    Watch Tower, View Point, Restaurant, Tower

    At 205 metres, this is the tallest tower in the Balkans. What you see today is actually a reconstruction; the original tower was destroyed in NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999. You’re coming here, of course, for the fantastic views from the top of the tower. On a good day you can see upto 100 km away – the city, hills, other towns, roads and rivers. There’s a restaurant a...Read more
  13. Residence Of Princess Ljubica

    Historical Site, Palace, Exhibition , Heritage Building

    This Turkish and European style palace used to be the residence of Princess Ljubica. Today, though it’s used mostly for temporary exhibitions. There’s a permanent exhibition too – furniture and other everyday objects and tools such as Belgraders in the 19th century may have used. On Fridays, at 5pm and Saturdays at 11am, you can catch a really fun show – ‘Coffee wi...Read more
  14. Zemunski Kej

    4.7 (871 Votes)
    Zemunski Kej

    Outdoors, Scenic Drive, Cafe, Leisure

    Zemun is one of Belgrade’s most picturesque neighborhoods. It runs along the river Danube; there’s a promenade for pedestrians only, though a street does run parallel to it. The street is lined with restaurants and cafes that serve up some excellent Serbian food. The people watching is good; it’s less touristy and more locals.
  15. Republic Square

    Historical Site, Square

    The square’s history is a teensy bit gruesome. There used to be a gate here, by the name of Stambol, where the ruling Turks would impale their non-Muslim subjects. Once that was destroyed in 1866 though, and once the National Theatre was built, the square slowly became more popular. More buildings came up once the monument to Prince Mihailo was set up in the middle of the square (it was s...Read more

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