Best Things To Do in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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  • Praca da Liberdade: Check out the city’s main tourist attractionspark, and the building surrounding it. They make up the Circuito Cultural Praça da Liberdade (Cultural Circuit of Freedom Square). The architecture is impressive enough, but each building is a treasure in itself.
  • Estadio Governador Magalhaes Pinto: Brazil’s 5th largest football stadium was the second stadium in the world to meet the environmental certification Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It is also frequently used as a concert venue.
  • Palacio Das Artes: an art and culture complex focused on operas, plays, dance performances, concerts, sculpture, photography, and paintings.
  • Pampulha Architectural Complex: The brainchild of master architect Oscar Niemeyer; a glorious, sinuous vision comprising of a Museum of Modern Art, a House of Dance and the St. Francis of Assisi Church.
  • Mangabeiras Lookout: A wooden boulevard with a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding lands.
  • Memorial Minas Gerais Vale: the Vale Mining Company set in motion this dialogue and exhibition space to acknowledge and narrate the cultural and historical significance of miners in the region.
  • Parque das Mangabeiras: A municipal park that is practically a bio-conservatory, considering the sheer diversity of its animals.
  • Museum of Mining and Metals: 18 rooms exploring the world of miners, and the metals that they mine, the relationship between them.
  • Palacio da Liberdade: An exquisitely decorated governors’ palace. Catch the beautiful ceremony of the Changing of the Guard (TrocaSolene da Guarda) on Sundays
  • Praca Da Savassi: A young people hangout surrounded by cafes, bars and boutiques. Frequent live music or dance performances or other events.

Other Activities

  • Take the Trem de Passageiros da EFVM scenic railroad.
  • Go Paragliding off the Serra Da Moeda. Best to get a travel guide to organise this for you.
  • Don’t miss the Sunday Market Hippie Fair at the Municipal Park.

Below we have a list of things to do in Belo Horizonte and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Belo Horizonte getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Belo Horizonte with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Belo Horizonte

Here is the list of things to do in Belo Horizonte and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Praca Da Liberdade

    4.7 (140 Votes)
    Praca Da Liberdade


    Belo Horizonte’s most important square derives its prominence from multiple sources. For one, it’s old, built between 1895 and 1897 when the new capital was being founded. Secondly, it’s sheer architectural diversity is awesome. First modelled after Versailles in France, the oldest buildings are Neo-Classical, as are the gardens and fountains. Other architectural styles includ...Read more
  2. Estadio Governador Magalhaes Pinto

    Stadium, Entertainment

    Brazil’s 5th largest football stadium has held many important matches, and was one of the venues for the FIFA World Cup 2014. It’s construction and history has seen both pluses and minuses; for example, while it was the second stadium in the world to meet the environmental certification Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, it’s actual capacity of 62000 falls far shy ...Read more
  3. Palacio Das Artes

    4.7 (134 Votes)
    Palacio Das Artes

    Art And Culture

    This massive art and culture complex has become so influential that it has become indispensable to the city’s cultural identity. Its 900,000 square meters covers: Three Theatres:Grand Theatre, Juvenal Dias room,and TeatroJoãoCeschiatti The Humberto Mauro Cinema Four Art Galerries: Large gallery Alberto da VeigaGuignard, Genesco Murta gallery, Gallery ArlindaCorrêa Lima andMa...Read more
  4. Conjunto Arquitetonico Da Pampulha

    Church, Museum, Architecture

    It’s not often a complex is built for sheer architectural vanity, but that’s what master architect Oscar Niemeyer did in the 1940s. Postcard-picture perfect, the complex’s sinuous and curving architecture is fascinating and beautiful. There are three main structures: Museu de Arte da Pampulha (Pampulha Museum of Modern Art): A stunning glass and concrete construct with landsc...Read more
  5. Centro Cultural Banco Do Brasil Belo Horizonte

    Art And Culture, Museum, Exhibition

    The Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil located across four Brazilian cities is among the most visited museum organisations in the world, with 74 million visitors annually. Like the other branches, this centre’s aim is to promote creation and exhibition of art over its 12000 metre square floor space. These arts cover theatre, cinema, music and design. Additionally, the centre also hosts class...Read more
  6. Mirante Mangabeiras

    4.8 (102 Votes)
    Mirante Mangabeiras


    As recently as the 1990s this place was simply a street with some arresting views of the city, but not something tourists went out of their way to see. Over the last two decades however, slow and steady changes have made this one Belo Horizonte’s most indispensable tourist trap. Today, it’s a tree lined boulevard of two wooden decks, with jaw-dropping panoramas of the city, framed b...Read more
  7. Igreja Sao Francisco De Assis

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    The centrepiece of architect Oscar Niemeyer’s Pampulha complex, this church’s unusual and curvaceous form was declared obscene by the ecclesiastical authorities of the time. Such was its notoriety that for 14 years services were banned from the church. Its highlights are: Fourteen mosaics byCândidoPortinari on the life of the saint. Gardens landscaped by Burle Marx. Alfredo C...Read more
  8. Memorial Minas Gerais Vale

    4.8 (113 Votes)
    Memorial Minas Gerais Vale

    Museum, Historical Site, Specialty Museum

    It’s a museum, not a memorial. The historic and beautiful neo-classical 1897 building is where Belo Horizonte’s foundation stone was set. The Vale is a major mining company with its roots in this city. In this museum, it pays tribute to those roots in two ways. First, it promotes dialogues with the artist community, and second, it strives to narrate the cultural and historical signi...Read more
  9. Parque Das Mangabeiras

    4.6 (64 Votes)
    Parque Das Mangabeiras

    Park, Ecological Reserve

    Located on the Serra do Curral (part of the mountain massif of the Espinhaco), this municipal park is magnificent indeed - 2.3 million m² forests on grounds landscaped by the renowned Burle Marx. It is the city’s favourite green retreat, and is visited by 30000 people every month. The wildlife is abundant too - 28 species of mammals, 160 birds, 20 reptiles and 19 amphibians. This eas...Read more
  10. Hippie Fair

    Flea Market, Market

    Once a week, on Sundays, this immensely popular flea market springs up in front of the Municipal Park. Wares are what you’d expect - furniture, musical instruments, antiques, home décor, food, jewelry, paintings, crafts. The great part is the bustle and vitality of the market. It feels like the entire city turns out to enjoy it. It’s probably the best place in the city to get...Read more
  11. MM Gerdau - Museu Das Minas E Do Metal

    Museum, Specialty Museum

    The museum, part of the Circuito Cultural Praca da Liberdade is divided into the Museum of Mining and the Museum of Metals, and covers 18 rooms. The former introduces you to the tool, tricks and tales of the mining trade; and exhibits the life mineral collection of Djalma Guimaraes. The latter explores the alchemy, attributes and alchemy of metals of all kinds; and a special exhibit also tries ...Read more
  12. Palacio Da Liberdade

    4.7 (46 Votes)
    Palacio Da Liberdade


    Built in 1897, this elegant neo-classical and art-Noveau palace was for many years the seat of the erstwhile Minas Gerais state, and as such, has been the site of many important historical events. In 2013, it was reopened as a museum. Visitors are greeted by gilded surfaces, parquet floors, crystal chandeliers, Latvian furniture, allegorical panels, exquisite sculptures, lavish décor, an...Read more
  13. Praca Da Savassi

    Art And Culture, Walking Area, Cafe, Entertainment

    This public square is at the confluence of four roads: Cristóvão Colombo Avenue,Getúlio Vargas Avenue, PernambucoStreet and Antônio de Albuquerque Street. Diogo de Vasconcelos was a prominent art and culture conservation activist. The square is a popular meeting place with the locals, and thus a great place for people watching. Most of the crowd is young. There are nu...Read more
  14. Parque Municipal Americo Renee Giannetti

    Park, Entertainment, Nature

    This 180,000 metre square park seems to be a popular way to get away from the bustle of the city. When first built in 1894, the park was almost twice its current size. Today, you’ll find that locals make a haven of it during the weekends. There are play facilities for kids, a running track, and even a lagoon in which you can boat. Bring a picnic basket. On Sundays, a flea market is held f...Read more
  15. Serra Da Moeda

    4.6 (64 Votes)
    Serra Da Moeda

    Outdoors, Adventure, Nature

    Paragliding. That’s the main reason to come here, other than the panoramic views, the crisp air 1500 metres above sea level, the bursts of colourful flowers, the romantic sunrises and sunsets, or the near spiritual tranquillity of Brazil’s only official mountain range. The mountain forms a natural ramp from which gliders can take off, and you’ll usually find the air full of ex...Read more