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Welcome to the page of Bend Riverside Motel. This is a place of interest in the city of Bend in United States. Don't expect lot of visitors to Bend Riverside Motel since it is not a popular tourist spot in Bend.

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  • This motel is clean and some of the rooms are upgraded. The river view is nice. The management seems a bit strange in that there was one unit that I saw inside of and it looked like someone was living there, a hoarder. It was slightly disturbing as I was there on a vacation and it kind of made it feel like they are stretching to pay their bills. The breakfast was mediocre and not worth my time at all. Sugary granola bars, a few oranges, cold cereal, yogurt was about it. Maybe some muffins or something else that I can't eat. Not that I judge based on what I can or can't eat, but I wouldn't let children with no dietary restrictions eat all that sugar and carbs either.

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  • Lost our reservation, when we got there we were informed that the reservation shouldn't have even been made for us because they were booked solid. Managed to find us a room, but the refrigerator didn't work they told us we would be compted breakfast which didn't happen. When we complained I was told management would be in contact to attempt to remedy the situation and never heard anything back.

  • While I must admit my standards are pretty low for hotel accommodations, the price is right in line with the quality of the space. What makes up for it is the spectacular view of the river and, honestly, Bend. The overabundance of ironic mustaches aside, Bend has become quite the destination city with more to offer than most other "extreme sports" towns.

  • Upon check in, we didn't get the room we reserved. They moved us, which was a better room, but still not what we reserved. We decided to make the best of it. First and foremost, the beds were comfortable and the view was pretty cool. However, when we pulled out the hide a bed, the mattress fell to the floor on the foot end. So, we improvised. We removed the mattress and laid it on the floor. Then we took the couch cushions and put them in the couch shell and made the extra bed we needed. Also, the TV in the other bedroom had a terrible connection so we had to watch the game through a snow storm. Also. We were quoted $10 per dog. They doubled it since we reserved, one week ago! They also added an additional $2 per dog fee. Kinda shady. The place wasn't terrible, but the experience and hassle made it worth passing up again.

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  • Scheisty business right here. Photos for the hotel are of the remodeled rooms. We asked for a room with pets, each animal is $20 each which is pretty high for other hotels in the areas which we had estimates for $10 and $15 each. We got to the room which began with a maze of stairs and gross carpet. Room overlooks the parking lot and pool (the hot tub jets were broken but still 'working') and so is not one of the rooms overlooking the river. That's fine. Whatever. Get in the room and it's the saddest $139 we've ever spent our money on. It is NOT what the photos show. It's worst than some of the ugliest Motel 6 joints in the middle of nowhere. The hotel is also full of long-term tenants which is fine but the inconsistency of expectations was unreal. Next door, the room was being remodeled and had a Bend Building Safety Division notice posted ordering them to stop "unauthorized permitted work". Sketched the f out. I went back to check-in to explain my huge disappointment. The woman there explained what the deal was, remodeling and eventually phasing out animal-friendly rooms. So you can expect to pay higher fees for a trashy room that they're planning to rip apart and replace anyway. The woman at the front desk was gracious and offered to put us in a suite (in which we'd pay much more so we declined) and was kind enough to refund our money without a fight. We were trying to stay local and support a smaller business in Bend but ended up at an Econolodge on 3rd Street who charged $10/dog and had remodeled already for $50 less/night. Disappointing that this place was so poor quality.

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