Top Historical Places in Benidorm

Top Historical Benidorm landmarks

Benidorm is Costa Blanca’s tourist capital and is one of the easiest places in the world to relax and simply cherish the beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Benidorm was just a small fishing village up until the 1960’s. Today it has transformed into a major tourist destination known for its hotel industry, beaches and skyscrapers. The city boasts two glorious beaches backed by beautiful promenades, a bustling, historic old quarter, three plazas, cabaret shows, nightclubs, theme parks, and a wide range of restaurants of all nationalities. In addition to this Benidorm has several ancient and historically significant monuments worthy of admiration.

The best way to get to know the city is to take a tour of its historically significant localities and monuments. Some of the best historical tours in Benidorm include a tour of the Balcon del Mediterraneo consisting of the remains of a 14th Century fortress, The Church of Saint James which is a neoclassical church built between 1740 and 1780, Tossal de la Cala which is an Iberian settlement which was built between the 3rd and 1st Century BC and is one of the extraordinary cultural sites, Morales Tower which is a former 16th Century watchtower from where guards would scan and keep a watch on the horizon and L´Aiguera Park which is a neoclassical style park that separates the old quarter from the new side of town. The numerous historical and architectural attractions give a glimpse of how life used to be in the past and helps one appreciate how Benidorm transformed into the tourism hotspot that it is today and it is recommended to take a tour to Benidorm at least once.

Top Historical Benidorm landmarks

Traverse through the finest landmarks and famous historical buildings of Benidorm.

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