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Benin Overview

Benin is famous or well infamous for one reason- it is the place where the voodoo religion originated. It is a West African Nation where the maximum population speaks in French. Benin also had its share of tragic history as it was one of the most prominent points for slave trade for more than three centuries. Formerly famous as the Dahomey Kingdon, Benin has grown to be one of the most stable democracies in today’s date. Like all of Africa, even Benin travel guide has plenty of wildlife opportunities for you to explore.

Visa Procedure

Except for the citizens of the countries coming under the Economic Community of West African States, every traveller has to obtain a visa in advance. At the time of research, there was no visa on arrivals being offered, but check the official embassy website to make sure as the rules are subject to change. Make sure your passport is valid for a good 3-6 months after the date you have arrived.

When to go

The best time to visit Benin is from the month of November to February. The weather is extremely dry and comfortably warm. This is the best time to explore all the wildlife opportunities that Benin has in store for you. The tickets might be expensive during this time but if you plan your trip well in advance, then you can save yourself the trouble of spending too much money.

Destinations to cover

There are very few places to see in Benin but there are plenty of things to do in Benin for sure. You should start with Royal Palaces of Abomey that are great to delve deep into the history of this country. Royal Palace of Porto-Novo is now a museum taking you back to the glorious past of this country. Pendjari National Park takes the cake away as it is filled with amazing opportunities for wildlife, safaris, parks, elephant rides, hunting and much more.

Get in and around

The main airport to get inside Benin is The Aéroport International de Cotonou Cadjéhoun. There are also various options from land that answer the essential question of – ‘How to Reach Benin’. Women travellers in particular are told to be careful and advised not to travel alone as the country is not very safe. The local transport is quite efficient and the country is connected visa various trains and buses. You can get around the big cities smoothly as well with the available pubic transport.

Hotels and Food

The most basic range of accommodation begins with about 16 USD here and there is also mid-range as well as top end options available for you. Apart from this, the basic food in road side cafes is also not very expensive and can be brought in 2-3 dollars. Benin has a very basic cuisine involving a lot of things found in the forest and sticks to its traditional African roots as far as cooking is concerned. It is also not touched by the blankets of modernism, so you will find the cuisine to be quite authentic.

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