Events and Festivals in Bergen

  • Bjorgvin Marknad– The Viking and Medieval festival: Be swept away into the Middle Ages as you bear witness to Medieval Viking battle scenes that are re-enacted with full regalia for the purposes of the festival. Check out your archery skills when you get handed a bow and arrow at the archery fields and practice some age old Viking skills.  You will be able to buy authentic Viking and medieval merchandise at the market, and you will be able to buy proper Viking food from the stalls, prepared and presented in exactly the way it was done 1000 years ago. Check out the historic exhibits and don’t miss the history lectures on Bergen Vikings from History Professors.  Try and top a Norwegian Viking festival, somehow, you just can’t. Not to be missed!
  • Tall Ships Race- 2014: The first Tall Ships Race was organized and held in 1956, since then, ports around the world wait anxiously to see if they cracked the nod this year. Bergen has been proud to host the race 3 times previously, the last time being 2008. In 2014, Bergen has its 4thchance as Race Host and will be bringing in some 4000 youngsters, between the ages of 15 and 25, on more than 100 vessels, from more than30different countries around the world. From small sail boats, to square rigged vessels that are over 300 feet long, basically every size and shape of ship and boat will descend on Bergen to take part. Sailing enthusiasts need to stick around for this one.
  • 17 May- Norway National Day: Every year on the 17 May, Norwegians unpack and dust off their Norwegian national costumes (Bunad) and join other locals in celebrating National Day through street parades and other celebrations. Check out the fully kitted out Norwegians in traditional dress as they parade down Olav Kyrres Gate Street, the atmosphere is electric and infectious as they dance and sing to traditional songs. Olav Kyrres Gate Street is named after King Olav Kyrre, who founded the city of Bergen in 1070. Check out the real cannon shots being fired for the parades.
  • Gingerbread City – November: Every year the residents of Bergen get together and bake and create masterpieces made from gingerbread and donate them to what becomes the largest Gingerbread City in the World. The attention to detail is unbelievable and the setting in a huge tent in the middle of Bergen comes alive with special effects lighting, draping and magic. The winter wonderland creation attracts thousands of visitors to this amazing display. Miniature houses, trains, trucks, cars and ships are made by school children, businesses, parents, teenagers, Grandparents and restaurants all over the city. You are also able to buy gingerbread bakes at the city when you visit-nothing quite like getting in the Christmas spirit than a Norwegian Gingerbread City fest!

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