How to Reach Berlin


  • By Air: Berlin has two airports, i.e The Schonefeld Airport situated in southeast and is 18kms from the city centre and the Tegel international Airport situated in the northwest and is located 11km from the city is very well connected with all the major cities of Germany and globe. All major airlines fly to and from Berlin. So which ever part of the world you are in you can easily board a flight to reach Berlin.
  • By Road: Buses are very popular medium to travel for people visiting Berlin. You can avail national and international coach also from the Central Bus Station in Charlotten Burg. The regular coaches usually cover over 350 destination in Germany and Europe.
  • By car: is also very easy and comfortable with motorways connected with Berlin. Most of the city streets are pretty big which gives a pleasurable driving experience.
  • By Train: Hauptbahnhof is the central railway station of Berlin opened in 2006. One can reach Berlin from various places using the Eurocity, Intercity & the Inter-regio trains. For a long stay and traveling in and around Berlin you can take advantage of the Bahncard which gives great discount on train tickets.


  • By S-Bahn: S-Bahn Berlin covers roughly 15 lines on a long regional network that stretches upto 330 kilometers and comprises of almost 170 train stations. In the center of Berlin, the S-Bahn mostly runs above the ground. Train stations can be identified by the white and green S symbol.
  • By Bus: The public transport system of Berlin is quite efficient and you can buy the WelcomeCard to use on your bus rides. The buses connect most of the major areas and are a great way to travel in Berlin.
  • By U-Bahn: U-Bahn is basically the system that runs underground and connected most subways. The trains are yellow colored and this line comprises of around 143 stations. Most metros run underground on this line with very few operating above ground.
  • By Car: There are plenty of cabs available for you to rent and you can choose to travel in these if you want a very personal experience with your family or friends. Remember to take a cab that runs by metre.
  • On Foot: You can explore the city on foot and is a lovely way to absorb the whole environment of the city.

Know about the preferred mode of transport, average time spent and average distance traveled for commute in Berlin. The most preferred mode of transport in Berlin is Train/Metro.

Average distance: 9.53 km Average time: 33.13 min

  • Train/Metro 29.55%
    Train 28.92 min Walking 7.77 min Waiting 5.81 min Bus 1.19 min Tram 0.19 min Overall average time for 14.31 kms 43.88 min
  • Walking 18.18%
    Walking 22.31 min Train 3.69 min Waiting 1.56 min Other 1.56 min Bus 0.63 min Bike 0.63 min Overall average time for 3.78 kms 30.38 min
  • Bus/Trolleybus 3.41%
    Bus 37.33 min Train 13.33 min Walking 3.33 min Waiting 2.67 min Overall average time for 16 kms 56.67 min
  • Bike 28.41%
    Bike 18.2 min Walking 0.6 min Other 0.2 min Overall average time for 4.61 kms 19 min
  • Car 12.5%
    Driving 35.73 min Walking 0.18 min Overall average time for 17.91 kms 35.91 min
  • Tram/Streetcar 3.41%
    Tram 18 min Waiting 3.67 min Walking 2.33 min Train 0.67 min Overall average time for 3.43 kms 24.67 min
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