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  • Zytgloggeturm (Clock Tower): Bern’s landmark, the clock tower is the country’s oldest astronomical grand-father clock. A little before the stroke of an hour, you’ll see a puppet come out and declare a fanfare, a sign that you should gather around the clock to see the puppet show that takes place as the clock gongs away. There’s also a tour that takes place for those of you who want to see the inner workings of the clock.
  • Bern Historical Museum: A must visit, the Bern Historical Museum tells a compelling tale of the Bernese region and it’s stand when it comes to looking at the bigger picture. While the basement of the museum is dedicated to Bern, take time to explore the rest of the museum, especially the second floor dedicated to the works of Albert Einstein.
  • Bear Park: Bern and bear aren’t far from each other. In fact, the city’s name is derived from a colloquial pronunciation for bear. Not discounting the fact that a bear is featured on the coat of arms, Bern does well to show its love for their bears. With a beautiful park built for the bears with the Aare River as their neighbour, the bears have all the freedom and place to play, climb, swim or even relax in their caves!


  • The Paul Klee Collection (Zentrum Paul Klee)
  • Federal Building (Bundeshaus)
  • Einsteinhaus (Einstein Museum)
  • Cathedral at Munsterplatz /St. Vincent/Bern Cathedral (Munster Kirche)
  • Museum of Fine Arts (Kunstmuseum)


  • Botanischer Garten
  • Kunsthalle Bern
  • Barenplatz
  • Central Railroad Station
  • Museum of Natural History
  • Prison Tower (Kafigturm)
  • Museum fur Kommunikation
  • Swiss Rifle Museum (Schweizerisches Schutzenmuseum)
  • Kindlifresserbrunnen
  • Church of the Holy Ghost
  • Swiss Alpine Museum

Below we have a list of things to do in Bern and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bern getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Bern with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Bern

Here is the list of things to do in Bern and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Old Town Bern

    4.7 (2776 Votes)
    Old Town Bern

    Entertainment, Leisure, Town

    The Altstadt von Bern is a unique beauty in the city of Bern. The old town makes for a fantastic leisure stroll downhill to the riverside. In the town you will come across magnificent old buildings with commendable architectural designs. The cathedrals in the old town are very attractive and well maintained while the   parliament building is something you cannot afford to miss. If wal...Read more
  2. Bear Park

    4.4 (2822 Votes)
    Bear Park

    Outdoors, Park

    In Swiss vernacular, Bern is pronounced as “Barn”, which translates to bear. An obvious association, since the bear is featured on Switzerland’s coat of arms and is treated as the country’s national animal. Stories say that the city was named after animal that was slayed in the surrounding forest area. The love for bears becomes apparent in this park. Housing live bears ...Read more
  3. Zytglogge

    4.5 (2781 Votes)

    Stage Show, Tower, Unesco Site

    A little before the stroke of every hour, a hoard of people flock to the clock tower in Bern to watch the puppet show that takes place when the oldest grandfather clock of this world gongs away to tell the time to all those who will listen. Built in 1530, the astronomical clock has been Bern’s official time keeper since! Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, the old clock towe...Read more
  4. Rose Garden

    Outdoors, Garden, Entertainment, Picnic Spot

    The Rose Garden (Rosengarten) is a colorful, well maintained, wide garden that makes for an ideal spot to relax with magnificent views of the old town. In its comely atmosphere it holds a variety of flowers and lovely restaurant that serves finger licking food. The garden has a few fun rides for kids as well. If you’re looking for a perfect picnic spot in Bern the Rose Garden should be th...Read more
  5. Cathedral At Munsterplatz

    4.6 (1071 Votes)
    Cathedral At Munsterplatz

    Religious Site, Tower, Cathedral

    The Cathedral of Bern as it’s popularly called is Switzerland’s biggest and oldest cathedral from the Late Middle Ages. A magnificent church you should not miss out on, don’t miss out on the huge stained glass window masterpiece, the most popular one being the Dance of Death. There are two highlights of the Bern Cathedral- the depiction of the Last Judgment, with over 200 figu...Read more
  6. The Paul Klee Collection

    4.3 (618 Votes)
    The Paul Klee Collection

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum

    Paul Klee, one of the best artists Switzerland proudly calls its own, has a museum set up in his honour. One of the best museums you’ll come across in Switzerland, some 4000 works of the artist are up for public display. Housed in a building that looks like a hill, the museum is divided into said hills. The middle hill is where Klee’s main works of art are; they keep rotating every ...Read more
  7. Gurten

    4.7 (509 Votes)

    View Point, Entertainment, Play

    Gurten, also referred to as Bern's local mountain is located to the south of Bern. Gurten is precisely a beautiful park that offers magnificent views of the frozen Alps and the delightful city. The recreational area focuses on culture and leisure. It also is home to some great entertaining games and a vast children's play area. The little peak also has a cycling track, a summer circus and a win...Read more
  8. Federal Building

    4.5 (363 Votes)
    Federal Building

    Landmark, Heritage Building

    Staying true to the traits of a capital city, Bern has a magnificent Renaissance styled Parliament Building, considered a national monument and the seat of the Swiss Confederation. Rife with symbolism, the 26 fountains on the premises of the federal building each stand for one Swiss canton. The interiors of the parliament building house the coat of arms of all 26 cantons, in addition to two mur...Read more
  9. Central Railroad Station


    The Central Railroad Station is a mall in disguise. You have a fleet of restaurants, souvenir shops, boutiques, cafes, book stores, marts and more. From the Central Railroad Station is actually the beginning of the old town of Bern. However, this station is pretty fascinating in itself. Instead of rushing to explore the old town, take an hour or two and browse through this clean and well mainta...Read more
  10. Einsteinhaus

    4 (536 Votes)

    Landmark, Town, Exhibition , Specialty Museum

    The world’s leading scientist’s hometown does well to showcase the life and works of Albert Einstein. The small apartment here in the Al Stadt, was where Albert Einstein lived with his family from 1903-1905. Although he only sought residence here for a couple of years, it was within the walls of this house where he came up with the theory of relativity! The museum, small as it may b...Read more
  11. Bern Historical Museum

    4.4 (441 Votes)
    Bern Historical Museum

    History Museum, Exhibition

    The Bern Historical Museum is a one stop shop for everything you need to know about Bern, across various facets. Be prepared to spend a good couple of hours here as the museum is quite comprehensive in terms of Bernese history from the Stone Age to the 20th century. Although the main focus here is the importance of Bern to Switzerland, the museum has an exquisite collection from all over the wo...Read more
  12. Barenplatz

    Outdoors, Garden, Restaurant, Entertainment

    Barenplatz pertains to the political life of the Swiss Confederation being a government plaza located in the old city of Bern. The fruit and vegetable market, the many busy buildings, entertaining gardens a couple of restaurants and more highlight this area. One can sit at leisure and watch the River Aar flow by while kids can enjoy playing by the magnificent fountain.
  13. Tierpark Dahlholzli

    4.5 (253 Votes)
    Tierpark Dahlholzli

    Outdoors, Wildlife Sanctuary , Wildlife Park, Zoo

    Tierpark Dahlholzli is a magnificent zoo that starts by a river and ends in the forest. The strategic location of Tierpark Dahlholzli is undoubtedly a bonus while the free entry is a cherry on the top. However, a few things like the vivarium are charged. The zoo is home to a variety of adorable animals of which a selective few can be petted and fed. If you're looking for a fun family day out wi...Read more
  14. Kunstmuseum

    4.3 (497 Votes)

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Museum

    The permanent collection at the Kunstmuseum is considered to be the best and most varied in all of Switzerland. True to its name, all mediums of fine arts are well represented here. Works of art dating as far back as the 14th century are on display here. Both Italian and Swiss artists are showcased here. Begin your tour of the museum with the works of Duccio and Fra Angelico and move along Albe...Read more
  15. Botanical Garden

    4.6 (245 Votes)
    Botanical Garden

    Garden, Botanical Garden, Nature

    The Botanical garden is home to a wide collection Alpine plants and a varied variety of plants from Asia and North America. On visiting this garden you not only get to see beautiful flowers and lush green vegetation but also learn about endangered plant species and tropical and subtropical vegetation. The garden has three show houses that have different plant species on display. The Palm house ...Read more

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