Fun and Entertaining Places in Bhopal

The city of Bhopal will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in Bhopal. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in Bhopal that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in Bhopal anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in Bhopal:

  1. People's Mall

    Tags: Amusement Park, Entertainment, Mall

    An amusement park plus shopping mall in Bhopal. The People’s mall is loved for its number of life-size replicas including the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Eiffel tower, Lotus temple, the Statue of Liberty, Egyptian Pyramids and the India Gate. The place offers some of the best eateries in the city and a number of shops that are perfect to spoil yourself with some retail therapy! People's mall&nbs...Read more
  2. Jyoti Cineplex

    Tags: Entertainment, Cinema

    Jyoti Cineplex is the most popular cinema hall in Bhopal, India. Since it is in the heart of the city, people not only find it easy to reach, but its vicinity also provides options for food and shopping. The latest blockbusters can be watched here, with the best amenities making your experience enjoyable and comfortable. While tickets can be booked on the site, online booking is also available ...Read more
  3. Kanha Fun City

    Tags: Amusement Park, Water Park, Entertainment, Picnic Spot

    Kanha Fun City is an amusement and water park located in the city of Bhopal. This park has a wide range of thrill and water rides making it an ideal destination for the entire family to visit. Rides in the amusement park include Swing Chair, Family Train, Water MGR, Bungee Jump, Jumping Frog, Dashing Car, Flying Dutchman, Rainbow, Mono Cycle, Vortex and many more. The water park has many slides...Read more
  4. Sair Sapata

    Tags: Theme Park, Bridge, Entertainment, Boating

    Sair Sapata is an amusement complex located in the city of Bhopal. It’s one step up from a play park and one step down from an amusement park. There is a train ride meant for adults and children to explore the park. Visitors can undertake activities like forest hiking, zorbing, car dashing and much more when in this park. Since it is located on the banks of the Upper Lake, there is a susp...Read more