Events and Festivals in Bhubaneshwar

  • Makar Mela: Celebrated in January at the time of Makar Sankranti – this festival sees a lot of participation from the locals in that they worship the Sun God marking the Sun’s entrance into Capricorn’s orbit.
  • Megha Mela: Also known as Magh Mela as the festival is celebrated in the seventh month of Hindu calendar – Magh (between January and February) – and thus the name of the festival – it is experienced best at Khandagiri – riot of colors and the enthusiasm of the locals make this a vibrant festival.
  • Mahashivratri: One of major festivals in Bhubaneswar - Lord Shiva from whom the City derives its name is celebrated by observing fast and people flock to Temple to offer their prayers and seek the Lord’s blessing. Lingaraja Temple is the major temple here and witnesses huge crowd on this particular day. Celebrated in the month of February – March – depending upon the dates as per the Hindu calendar.
  • Taratarini Mela: Celebrated at the Tara Tarini peetha, it is observed between mid-March to mid-April – based upon the dates as per the Hindu calendar.
  • Ashokastami: Also known as Rath Yatra, it is celebrated in the month of April. The Idol of Lord Lingaraj is taken to Temple Rameswar in the chariot and returns to main temple after four days.
  • Durga Puja: Celebrates the victory of good over evil over the period of nine days during the months of September and October. Equally important is Lakshmi Puja that takes place around this time.