Best Things To Do in Bhubaneshwar, India

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  • Lingaraja Temple: One of the most prominent attractions in the City attracts visitors in thousands on a daily temple and more so during festivals especially during Shivratri. It reflects the essence of Kalinga architecture, the largest temple in Bhubaneswar is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is worshipped as Harihara. The vast premise of the temple also has various other smaller temples. One of the must places to visit while you are in Bhubaneswar!
  • Nandankan Zoological Park: This National Park with botanical garden, sanctuary and a zoo was built during 1960 and was made open to public in 1979 – it prides itself on being a home to some of the rare species of animals and birds – also has recreational activities like boating, safari and toy train for the kids. July through October is the best time to visit this National park. One of the fun thing to do especially when traveling with kids!
  • Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves: Facing each other, these hills have both natural and man-made caves. It is believed that these caves were carved out to serve as residence for Jain monks during the rule of King Kharavela. These caves hold religious and historical importance – Udayagiri has 18 caves and Khandagiri has 15 caves – One of the most interesting visit in Bhubaneswar – Get a sneak peek into the history and marvel at the details of the carvings. One of the favourite tourist places in Bhubaneswar.
  • Dhauli Giri Hills: This is believed to be the place where Kalinga war was fought – located along the banks of River Daya, there are no prominent structures around it therefore making this attraction stand out – even from a distance. You will also find here commandments given by Asoka – one of places you must see in Bhubaneswar if you are a history buff! Shanti Stupa at Dhauli Giri is a must visit. 
  • Rajarani Temple: A beautiful temple built in 11th century makes for a wonderful sight with the manicured gardens around it. It is unique in a way that it doesn’t have any statue of the deity or any sculptures whatsoever. The most striking part of this temple is the tower with detailed carvings - the walls and pillars have been decorated with beautiful carvings as well. It is one of the top tourist attraction in Bhubaneswar – not worth a miss!



  • Utkalika: Perfect place to splurge on some Odishan textiles!
  • Ekamra Haat: Large market full of vendors selling handcrafts along with some food stalls offering the best of local food.

Below we have a list of things to do in Bhubaneshwar and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bhubaneshwar getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Bhubaneshwar with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Bhubaneshwar

Here is the list of things to do in Bhubaneshwar and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Lingaraja Temple

    4.6 (543 Votes)
    Lingaraja Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Architecture

    Located in the midst of several other ancient temples of Bhubaneshwar, Lingaraja temple stands out because of its remarkable architectural work. The temple is said to be dedicated to Lord Shiva. As you look at the exterior walls of the temple, you can see the intricate craftsmanship on it. The artistic sculptures carved on the red stone walls of the temple are surely going to put you in awe of ...Read more
  2. Nandankanan Zoological Park

    4.4 (278 Votes)
    Nandankanan Zoological Park

    Forest, Garden, Wildlife Park, Zoo

    The Nandankanan Zoological Park, as the name suggests, is really a ‘garden of heaven’. The area also includes the beautiful Kanjia Lake and is covered by the Chandaka Forest. The zoological park is popular for housing one of the rare species of tigers, the white tiger. The jungle safari and the chance to spot the white tigers in the forest make this a popular spot. Apart from the ti...Read more
  3. Udayagiri And Khandagiri Caves

    Cave, Architecture

    Away from the bustling city, these multi-layered Jain rock caves of Udayagiri and Khandagiri showcases the influence of Jainism in the historical period of Orissa. During the reign of Jain King Kharavela, these caves used to be the dwelling retreats for Jain monks. The caves have very low ceiling, barely letting any person to stand erect. The facades of these caves are adorned with auspicious o...Read more
  4. Dhauligiri Hills

    4.5 (332 Votes)
    Dhauligiri Hills

    Geological Formation, View Point, Hill

    The Dhauligiri Hills are an ancient geological formation on the banks of Daya River. This place is historically significant as this is where the Kalinga War took place. Post the war, Emperor Asoka gave up his princely life and started practicing penance. There is also a small temple on the hill that is dedicated to Lord Shiva. But above all is the fantastic Buddhist Chaitya, which is white and ...Read more
  5. Shree Ram Mandir

    4.7 (397 Votes)
    Shree Ram Mandir

    Religious Site, Temple

    The Ram Mandir is situated in the heart of the capital city. The most attractive feature of the temple is the spire rising above the central dome, which is visible from far away parts of the city as well. The temple is managed by a private trust and is the abode of beautiful statues of Lord Rama, Laxmana and Goddess Sita. The best time to visit this temple is during the festivals Ram Navami, Ha...Read more
  6. Rajarani Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    The Rajarani Rani temple was named after the local name for the red and yellow sand material used for building this temple. It is also known as the ‘love temple’ because of the erotic sculptures of women and couples on the exterior of the temple. It is an 11th century temple built on a raised platform. The main dome has a spiral structure rising above. This temple looks like it was ...Read more
  7. Mukteshvara Temple

    4.6 (380 Votes)
    Mukteshvara Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Architecture , Sculpture

    Often referred as the Gem of Orissan Architecture, Muktesvara Temple deserves special attention when it comes about art and architecture. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is said to be one of the most significant temples of Bhubaneshwar. The name ‘mukteshvara” means “Lord who gives freedom through yoga”. This fact is further proved with the sculptures in different po...Read more
  8. Museum Of Tribal Arts And Artifacts

    Art Museum, Museum

    The Museum of Art & Artifacts is one of the most important museums of Orissa. The building houses a rich collection of objects related to the tribes of Orissa, such as jewelry, costumes, and weapons. All in all, this is a fantastic place where you can gather information about the lifestyles of the ancient tribes of the Kalinga region.
  9. Odisha State Museum

    4.4 (398 Votes)
    Odisha State Museum

    Museum, Arts And Crafts, Natural History Museum

    The museum was originally built in 1932 and later shifted to the present building in 1960. It was a collective effort of famous historians. The state museum is divided into 11 sections, namely archeology, epigraphy, numismatics, armory, mining & geology, natural history, art & craft, patta painting, anthropology, and palm leaf manuscripts.
  10. Chaunsathi Yogini Temple

    4.6 (159 Votes)
    Chaunsathi Yogini Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Architecture

    There are several Chausanth Yogini temples in India, with the main temple in Madhya Pradesh. Chaunsath Yoginis refer to the 64 female saints who were the ardent followers of Lord Shiva. The temple of Orissa is one of the most beautiful among all the 64 Yogini temples. There are the idols of 64 yoginis carved in a line on the walls of the temple. The temple is not too popular, it worth a visit f...Read more
  11. Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavations

    Cave, View Point, Ancient Ruin

    The Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavations include the ruins of the Buddhist caves and monasteries of Kalinga, or the present day Orissa. These were built in the early 6th and 7th centuries, and only the gateways and some walls remain in this site. In spite of this, the place is a tourist attraction, with a lovely view of some surrounding ruins. You should visit this historically rich place at least on...Read more
  12. Parashurameshvara Temple

    4.5 (311 Votes)
    Parashurameshvara Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Architecture , Sculpture

    Built in 650 A.D., this temple is said to be one of the oldest temples of Bhubaneshwar that is still surviving at present. The highlighted feature of this temple is the architectural design of the temple. The exterior walls of the temple is adorned with beautiful sculptures of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga and many other Hindu deities. Apart from these, you will find ma...Read more
  13. Kedar Gouri Temple

    4.6 (18 Votes)
    Kedar Gouri Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Located behind Mukteswara temple, this is another ancient temple of Bhubaneshwar that was devoted to Lord Shiva (Kedareswar) and Goddess Gouri (Kedar Gouri). According to the legend, this temple is one of the eight Astasambhu of Bhubaneshwar. Many stories you get to hear about this temple. One of the stories says that the temple was built by King Lalatendu Kesari in honor of two lovers named Ke...Read more
  14. Ekamra Kanan Botanical Gardens

    Botanical Garden

    It is one of the popular parks for both locals and tourists. The entire park is divided into different sections. One part has a lovely flower garden with a children playground within it. Another portion has dense forest. However, you cannot go too far if you walk into the forest, because the forest is surrounded with electric fence. The third portion of the garden has the old day’s rose g...Read more
  15. Biju Patnaik Park

    Garden, Park, Walking Area, Fountain

    The Biju Patnaik Park was first popularly known as the Forest Park. Located at the centre of the city, this park has turned out to be a favorite spot for morning walkers and children in recent years. Filled with plants, floating mountain, musical fountain, jogging track, children play area, rockeries and rosarium, this park is a perfect gateway to escape the bustling city. Especially in the ear...Read more