Fun and Entertaining Places in Bhubaneshwar

The city of Bhubaneshwar will not disappoint you when it comes to entertainment. Be it the vibrant shopping streets, bustling nightlife, or creative theaters, you will find different fun and entertainment options in Bhubaneshwar. Here is the extensive list of all the entertainment places in Bhubaneshwar that are bound to make your vacation a memorable one. With so many options to choose from, you will never have to worry about what to do in Bhubaneshwar anymore.

Let's explore the best places for fun and entertainment in Bhubaneshwar:

  1. Nandankanan Zoological Park

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    Nandankanan Zoological Park

    Forest, Garden, Wildlife Park, Zoo

    The Nandankanan Zoological Park, as the name suggests, is really a ‘garden of heaven’. The area also includes the beautiful Kanjia Lake and is covered by the Chandaka Forest. The zoological park is popular for housing one of the rare species of tigers, the white tiger. The jungle safari and the chance to spot the white tigers in the forest make this a popular spot. Apart from the ti...Read more
  2. Ocean World Water Park

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    Ocean World Water Park

    Outdoors, Water Park, Food And Drinks, Entertainment

    The Ocean World Water Park is the only water park in Orissa. The place provides you and your family with lots of fun with its many water rides and wet playgrounds. You can spend the entire day here enjoying the several rides and exploring the different food options. Do not miss out on all this fun on your trip to Bhubaneswar.
  3. Pathani Samanta Planetarium

    Landmark, Planetarium

    If astronomy and space inspires you, then your Bhubaneshwar itinerary should have this landmark. One of the favorite for all the science lovers in Bhubaneshwar, this planetarium aims at educating its visitors about space science, astrophysics and astronomy. The exhibits here let know about different environmental awareness as well. Various activities like audio visual programs, night sky watch ...Read more
  4. BDA City Centre

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    BDA City Centre

    Amusement Park, Entertainment, Cable Car, Boating

    If you are fond of adventure, then this amusement park is surely going to thrill you. Filled with many fun rides for different ages of individuals, this park has become one of the most favorite places in Bhubaneshwar. When you visit the park, start your journey with the cable car ride around the arena. This will let you take a good look around the park. If height scares you, go for lazy boat ri...Read more
  5. CIFA Aquarium

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    CIFA Aquarium


    Located slightly away from the centre of the city, this aquarium has gained huge popularity among tourists in the recent years. It is primarily because of its huge collection of multicolored fishes that are put on display. Some of the rare fishes their collection has are tiger shark, Oscar, flower horn, crocodile fish, tinfoil barb, gold fish, angle fish, Texas cichlid, gold fish and aquatic pl...Read more
  6. Nandankanan Zoological Park


    A unique combination of a zoo, sanctuary and botanical garden, the Nandankanan Zoological Park with over 1500 creatures, is set up on the 400 hectares of natural forestry near Chandaka forest and Kanjia Lake. The Nandankanan Zoological Park came into limelight because of its extraordinary breeding programs with White Tigers, Melanistic Tigers, Gharials, Mugger Crocodiles and Pangolins. Boating,...Read more