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Located on the Central coast of California, Big Sur, the precious piece of land filled with rustic beauty, stands in between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Lucia Range. If you are fond of secluded and romantic places, Big Sur will be a big opportunity to explore the true essence of peaceful trip. For the solo travelers, explore the southern part Big Sur that is still being untouched by the new-age development structures. You can just go there, relax for some days and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place. You hardly get to see people around the place. Taking a night tour around Big Sur is a bit difficult as the place doesn’t have much street light. The moon and the shining stars will be the guiding light for you. Above that, if the streets are filled with fog, it glitters under the moonlight. Those picturesque views actually make you realize that your trip to Big Sur is the best thing you have done so far.

In recent times, many vacation planners are offering travel packages for Big Sur. Buy one such packages, pack your bag and head off to Big Sur in your next vacation. 

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