Things to do in Bijeljina

Best places to go and to do in Bijeljina

Bijeljina is an important city in the Republika Srpska region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and also a popular tourist destination. The city was in much prominence during the medieval era , as can be seen from the architecture of the various buildings that were built during this period. Some of these must visit places in Bijeljina are the Serbian Orthodox Church, Tavna Monastery Atik Mosque, Semberija Museum and the Basil of Ostrog Monastery.\nOther things to do in Bijeljina, apart from a walk along history in the city are attending the famous Semberija folk fest, an international folklore festival that attracts attendees from all over the globe and a visit to the Dvorovi Spa. With such a huge variety of exciting activities to be seen and done, Bijeljina is indeed a place that must be visited in Europe.