Best Things To Do in Bikaner, India

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Bikaner offers a lot of tourist attractions and sightseeing. Some are as follows:

  • Junagarh Fort: The fort was built by Raja Rai Singh, the sixth ruler of Bikaner. It is a fort of the Bikaner royal family. You will get a chance to know about the history of the Bikaner royal family. Also has a museum which displays weapons and ornaments of previous eras. This is one of the oldest forts and was one of the few forts in India that was never defeated.
  • Karni Mata Temple: A temple world famous, known for inhabiting about 20,000 rats. A local legend tells a beautiful story about why there are so many rats in there. Pay a visit to this interesting temple without the fear of being infected.
  • Camel Research Centre: One of a kind institute in India which researches the camel.


  • In the camel research centre you can have camel milk and sweets prepared from the same. You can even have a camel ride for a particular amount which can be fun.


  • Abhivyakti: Abhivyakti is a interesting shop, located at the entrance of the Junagarh Fort, is run by the Urmul Trust and well known for its high quality ethnic furniture (stools, chairs etc), cotton and woollen handlooms – cushion covers, durries, shawls, carpets, clothes, and knick-knacks. All these items are made by the peoples from the neighbouring villages of Junagarh Fort.
  • The Khadi Emporium: The Khadi Emporium offers a variety of rugs, blankets, carvings on wood and carpets. This shop located on the Mahatma Gandhi Road of Bikaner is a favouriteattraction for the shoppers.
  • Kote Gate (King Edwards Memorial Road): Leather Belts, bags, jootis (footwear) and colourful carpets made of camel wool is wide found here that too in a reasonable price. Kundan jewellery, stoned jewellery, Nokha Quilts, cotton fabrics and Bikaner famous intricate Usta art paintings are some of the other shopping items here.

Below we have a list of things to do in Bikaner and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bikaner getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Bikaner with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Bikaner

Here is the list of things to do in Bikaner and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Junagadh Fort

    4.5 (980 Votes)
    Junagadh Fort

    Historical Site, Fort

    Located in the arid regions of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan the Junagarh Fort is a precious gem of Indian architecture. It was built by the infamous Raja Rai Singh of Bikaner. He held a high position in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar and received huge sums of revenues through which he funded the fort’s construction. It started in 1589 and was completed by 1594. The Raja was extreme...Read more
  2. Karni Mata Temple

    4.7 (598 Votes)
    Karni Mata Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Quite an iconic temple in deshnok which is located 30 miles south of Bikaner. It is known for being populated with a swarm of rats that are considered very holy. Legend has it the sage Karnimata whose son, Laxman once drowned in a tank and died. The sage forced Yamraj who is the Lord of death to bring him back to life. Moved by the pious mother’s devotion Yamraj breathed life back into La...Read more
  3. National Research Centre On Camel

    Farm, Rides

    A one of a kind research institute in the whole of India the National Research Centre on Camel is dedicated wholly to studying the ship of the desert. The place is a farm consisting of stables and enclosures where Camels are bred and taken care of, their needs and behaviour studied. Great amount research data is generated that are studied by scientists. There are even research programmes conduc...Read more
  4. Jain Temple Bhandasar

    4.6 (367 Votes)
    Jain Temple Bhandasar

    Art And Culture, Religious Site, Temple, View Point

    A temple built by a local merchant named Bhandasa Oswal in whose honour the temple is named. It was built sometime during 1468 and a local legend says that it was built with 40,000kg of ghee (clarified butter) instead of mortar. It has three levels and has a traditional Jain architecture. Inside the temple are beautiful murals and paintings of celestial beings. The temple is dedicated to the 5t...Read more
  5. Lalgarh Palace

    4.4 (745 Votes)
    Lalgarh Palace

    Hotel, Museum, Historical Site, Palace

    One of the few palaces commissioned by the British for Indian kings, The Lalgarh Palace was commissioned for Maharaja Ganga Singh. Built between 1902 and 1926 the Palace has very iconic Indo Saracenic touch to it. Inside are huge grand rooms like, the drawing room, guests room, ball room, supper room, lounges, pavilions, all a treat to the eye. The carvings on the pillars, ceilings, lattice wor...Read more
  6. Gajner Lake

    3.9 (546 Votes)
    Gajner Lake

    Leisure, Lake

    A beautiful lake right near the grand Gajner Palace, located inside the Gaujner Sanctuary the Gajner Lake is one of the favourite places of both the locals and foreigners. The tall gate built from red sandstone is symbolic of the city’s culture. Once it was a hunting ground for kings and princes, now is the town’s favourite relaxing spot the lake amidst all the lush greenery is scen...Read more
  7. Shri Laxminath Temple

    4.7 (373 Votes)
    Shri Laxminath Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Historical Site, Architecture

    One of the oldest temples in Bikaner, dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his wife Laxmi. Many rulers since the ancient times regarded Laxminath as the real ruler of Bikaner. The temple was built sometime between 1504 and 1526 with marble and red stone imported from Jaisalmer. The artwork on the doorway is extremely beautiful and is noteworthy.
  8. The Royal Cenotaphs

    4.3 (648 Votes)
    The Royal Cenotaphs

    Historical Site, Architecture

    Atop the small hill in Bada Bagh there are a set of Cenotaphs of the Maharajas of Jaisalmer. The carvings of floral patterns, peacocks and human figures are very beautiful and intricate. The feel too is a bit eerie as they stand alone calmly on the hill top. Every ruler that ruled from the 15th century starting from Rao Kayanmal (1542 to 1571) to Karni Singh (1950-1988) is standing there. The a...Read more
  9. Shiv Bari Temple

    Religious Site, Temple, Statue

    One of the most beautiful and serene temples just outside the city, Shiv Bari Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The sanctum has a four faced black marble statue and a bronze statue of Nandi the Bull right in front it. There are two large water reservoirs in the compound. Temples in and around Bikaner are known for being built with red sandstones and so is the Shiv Bari Temple.
  10. Kote Gate

    Market, Architecture

    A tall gate made of bricks and red sandstones that greets the visitors right outside Bikaner Railway station. The Kote gate is a symbol of Bikaner’s royal architecture and all that awaits for the visitors in the city. There are markets around the gate selling all kinds of stuff like jewellery, clothes, eatables etc.
  11. Kodamdeshwar Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    Kodamdeshwar Temple is a beautiful open temple located in Gajner which is about 25 kms away from Bikaner via the Jaisalmer highway. The maharaja of Bikaner Rao Bikaji in the late 15th century himself installed the Bhairuji idol in here. Bhairuji is Lord Bhairava which is a more fierce form of Lord Shiva. Many devotees come here to worship as they consider the idol a more potent form of the God.
  12. Prachina Museum

    4.3 (839 Votes)
    Prachina Museum


    Established by the daughter of the Late Maharaja Narendra Singh in Junagarh fort in 2000 Prachina Museum has become the cultural centre of Bikaner. The museum gives a complete feel of the tradition and history of Bikaner. From costumes, textiles, accessories, jewellery, royal crockery, it has an entire collection of how ancient hands moulded and shaped the things around them. It also has an exq...Read more
  13. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

    4.2 (398 Votes)
    Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

    Wildlife Sanctuary , Entertainment

    Once a hunting ground for kings and princes, this is now a beautiful wildlife sanctuary filled with a lot species of flora and fauna. Animals like wildfowls, deer, antelope, nilgai, chinkaras, black buck, desert foxes and wild boars to name just a few populate the sanctuary. There’s also a lake present in the middle of the sanctuary. The Gajner Palace hotel is nearby from, where you can b...Read more
  14. Imperial Art Gallery

    4.7 (462 Votes)
    Imperial Art Gallery

    Art And Culture, Art Gallery

    A simple but beautiful gallery that preserves the tradition and customs of Bikaner Imperial Art Gallery is a nice place to visit. The gallery contains Beautiful paintings, marble works and many other handicraft items. It is also a place where the art of miniature paintings is still preserved and also taught. You can even buy the paintings and the required kits as a souvenir down in the store.
  15. Nagnechiya Maa Temple

    4.7 (228 Votes)
    Nagnechiya Maa Temple

    Religious Site, Temple

    The NagnechiyaMaa is a clan deity in Rajasthan of the Rathore’s who are descendants of Lord Ram through his son Kush. The temple is an important one in Bikaner as it was established by its first ruler who himself was a descendant, Rao Bikaji. Built on a high mound the temple almost looks like a citadel. Although its attended at all times it reaches its highlight during the Navratri festiv...Read more