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Guggenheim Reviews & Ratings

  • Great place to visit, particularly on a wet and chilly day. You are supplied with a hand held audio device which explains the exhibits and you can listen to as many of those as you like. There are better known artists in one gallery, such as Picasa and Monet. In other galleries you get more challenging modern art pieces. There is a huge hanger with iron conicals and eclipses where the artist challenges your perceptions and balance. His material choice reflects the shipbuilding tradition of the city. If you want to go to the bistro or café you have to get a wrist band and leave the galleries. The cafe is small but not overcrowded when we called, bit pricey but to be expected. For 9 euros you can have 3 pintxos, fish based in the main. You can leave coats and large bags in the cloakroom free of charge. Smaller handbags can be carried with you. Very interesting and definitely one of the main attractions of Bilbao. Don't forget to look at the outside exhibits too. The audio explains them all.

  • Love the architecture. Painting and sculptures from 20th century.

  • It's a place full of surprises

  • Wasn't worth the trip. I've been to many art museums in my travels and this was just the worst. I've always wanted to go to the Guggenheim, but I was quickly disappointed. First impression of the outside, Gehrys building looks to be falling apart, (even inside there were silver panels which looked crushed like no one is taking care of the building or even cares enough to try). On the inside, a very poor use of space and some very terrible employees... For instance, one exhibit had a few installations which were interactive, not labeled as such but you could tell because everyone was walking through and touching it. But same artist in that room had another piece and it was three metal doors with handles and the glass had an optical illusion. I was yelled at because I touched the metal door handle. Nothing in the room was labeled "you can touch" nor "don't touch", not even "no tocar". I was just supposed to know intuitively which pieces were interactive? Rude. At least label your exhibits properly, no need to be an a-hole. That wasn't the only thing, I witnessed employees being rude to other visitors, namely the coat check area. Even if that unnecessary experience hadn't happened, it was not worth the 6euros it cost to get in. The outdoor sculptures were what saved the entire trip, so it wasn't all a waste. Bilbao is also a very pretty city.

  • Amazing! A must visit !

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