How to Reach Bilbao


  • By Bus: Termi Bus Terminal has rides to Santander (75 minutes), San Sebastian (60 minutes), Madrid (4 – 5 hours). You will need to buy PESA and ALSA tickets at the ticket counter they are not sold on the bus.
  • By Air: Bilbao Airport serves many European airlines. Post flights to Bilbao, you won’t find an arrival hall – you head straight to an arrival sidewalk, where you catch a bus that leaves every half hour for the Bilbao bus terminal. The 25 minute ride charges EUR 1.40. Taxis from the airport to Bilbao will charge you EUR 25 – 30.
  • Biarritz Airport is where the French come into Bilbao from it’s about 90 minutes to the north of Bilbao by bus. From there you can take a PESA bus to Bilbao.
  • By Train: RENFE runs to Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo. FEVE runs to Santader and Leon. Euskotren runs to San Sebastian.


  • Most important tourist information for Bilbao driving is just a bad idea - construction, hills, narrow streets and traffic make for nightmares. If you have a car, park it somewhere nice and then stick to the public transport.
  • Individual metro tickets go for EUR 1.20+. If you’re going to move around a lot, get the Credit Trans card it’s just brilliant let’s you ride on all municipal transport, with discounts up to 50% on individual tickets. You can buy it at metro and tram stations, and also newspaper stands.