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For most of its history, Bilbao hasn’t really been a tourist place its most popular attraction was the beach. That changed in 1997, with the opening of the Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao tourism jumped from numbers like 25000 in the 1990s to 615,000 in the late 2000s. Most of Bilbao’s attractions are museums and churches, but there are also beautiful parks, excellent civic architecture, a beautiful theatre, and of course the city’s fiesta in August. Bilbao tourist attractions include:

Main Attractions:

  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
  • Teatro Arriaga Antzokia
  • Bilbao Fine Arts Museum
  • Plaza Nueva
  • Basilica of Begona
  • Casco Viejo
  • Alhondiga Bilbao
  • Cathedral of St. James
  • Iglesia de San Nicolás
  • Mount Artxanda Funicular
  • Palacio de Congresos y de la Musica Euskalduna
  • Gran Vía de Don Diego López de Haro
  • Church of San Antón
  • Playa de Azkorri
  • Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum

Other Places:

  • Zubi Zuri    
  • Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park
  • Pagasarri
  • Flower Puppy
  • Bullfighting Museum
  • Museum of Sacred Art
  • Museum of Artistic Reproductions
  • Iglesia de San Vicente Martir
  • Birthplace of Miguel Unamuno
  • Palacio de la Diputación
  • Parque Etxebarria
  • Ayuntamiento
  • El Tigre
  • Biblioteca Municipal de Bidebarrieta
  • Palacio de Olábarri
  • Vizcaya Bridge

Below we have a list of things to do in Bilbao and the places where you want to spend the best moments of your trip. At the same time, the city offers you the best neighborhoods to explore and new foods to try.

This list should help you in deciding and prioritizing what you should plan on your Bilbao getaway. Find a mix of must-see tourist spots, underrated local hangouts, and maybe even a few new experiences you can try out.

Make the most of your trip to Bilbao with confidence.

Tourist Attractions in Bilbao

Here is the list of things to do in Bilbao and tourist attractions in city.

  1. Guggenheim Museum

    4.5 (1131 Votes)
    Guggenheim Museum

    Art Museum, Museum, Observatory, Educational Site

    Modern art isn’t easily understood by everyone. It’s all about experimenting with the abstract and philosophies of the post-modern world. If you’re up for a colorful visual spectacle, then the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao is a place that should be on top of your checklist. Giving you a heavy dose of post-modernism with a building to match (all thanks to the architectural genius...Read more
  2. Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

    4.5 (981 Votes)
    Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

    Art And Culture, Art Museum, Educational Site

    Inaugurated back in 1914, the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is the second most visited museum in the city after the Guggenheim museum. The neo-classical style building is home to an array of artwork from the Middle Ages to the present day, boasting of artists like Goya, Gauguin, Peter Blake, Francis Bacon and Van Dyck. On visiting, you will be audience to over ten thousand works of art including seve...Read more
  3. Plaza Nueva

    4.4 (1095 Votes)
    Plaza Nueva

    Plaza, Square, Architecture

    Built in 1821, the Plaza Nueva is a monumental square, an architectural feature which is a part of many Spanish towns. It’s design is neoclassical and it used to be an official building of the Biscay government but now is home to the Basque language Royal Academy. The square has a number of bars and bistros where any visitor can enjoy a pleasant evening. Gift and souvenir shops are also h...Read more
  4. Cathedral Of St. James

    4.3 (566 Votes)
    Cathedral Of St. James

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture , Cathedral

    The Cathedral of St. James, also known as the Santiago Cathedral, is an old and charming cathedral in the city of Bilbao. It is one of the oldest cathedrals in Spain, with its origins probably dating back before 1300, which makes it older than Bilbao itself. The Cathedral of St. James is well known for its status as a historical beauty, with an excellent exterior that has been well maintained t...Read more
  5. Basilica Of Begona

    5 (1008 Votes)
    Basilica Of Begona

    Church, Religious Site, Historical Site, Architecture

    The Basilica of Begona is a famous basilica in the Spanish city of Bilbao. Dedicated to the patron saint of Biscay, the Basilica of Begona is a magnificent remnant of 16th century Gothic styled architecture in Spain. What is remarkable about the Basilica is that it took about a hundred years to build. That resulted in the union of different styles of architecture over the original Gothic design...Read more
  6. Ria De Bilbao Maritime Museum

    Educational Site, Specialty Museum

    A life in the sea is one full of adventure and mystery, any salty old sea dog would agree. With ports acting as trading grounds as well as monuments of history, it’s only natural that there are entire museums dedicated to the Maritime world. The Ria de Bilbao Maritime Museum is such a museum and is filled with enlightening and fascinating information and objects of the Bilbao estuary and ...Read more
  7. Palacio De Congresos Y De La Musica Euskalduna

    Entertainment, Performance, Concert

    Do you revel in the angelic sounds of the opera? Perhaps you enjoy evenings spent cross legged, watching riotous comedies? Are you trying to plan an important business meeting in Spain, and you feel the right levels of peace and luxury are imperative to a successful brainstorming session? Whatever the desire, the Euskalduna Conference and Music Centre is the perfect venue. Besides being a magni...Read more
  8. Mount Artxanda Furnicular Bilbao

    Outdoors, Nature, Rides

    Watch the spectacular soaring beauty, with the clouds circling the mountains, umbrella like ferns opening to the sky, meandering river with its sinuous curves, winding its silvery way. Watch the dense expanse patches of undulating green veldt walled in by mountains, shining vibrantly in a blue green hue. Take a ride in the Mount Artxanda Furnicular to discover the magical image of Bilbao. Mount...Read more
  9. Church Of San Anton

    4.3 (686 Votes)
    Church Of San Anton

    Church, Religious Site, Architecture

    Like a stone structure out of a gothic dream, the Church of San Anton evokes a feel of dark austerity accompanied by serene beauty.  Dedicated to Anthony the Great, this beautiful church is an important landmark in the city and appears on Bilbao’s coat of arms alongside the San Anton Bridge. It is a place of worship as well as a place of impeccable architectural artistry and people f...Read more
  10. The Biblioteca Municipal De Bidebarrieta
    Bilbao’s Municipal Library is a historical building with a book collection, exhibitions and Internet access.
  11. Estadio De Futbol
    Is a football stadium with a capacity of about 50 000 spectators. This is a very popular stadium and still very new.
  12. Cafe Iruna


    To gift yourself a classic set of Spanish platters of diverse kinds, you can go to the Cafe Iruña. Since the year 1903, the cafe has been offering delicious dishes to the customers. The eatery is well-known among the customers because of its tasty and high-quality pintxos. The cafeteria has a bar that serves top class wine and many other drinks of the best quality. Beef steak, Bacalao a ...Read more
  13. Mercado Antiguo Lavadero
    This traditional market takes place in an old laundry house with a number of shops selling specialty items close by.
  14. Plaza Cicular
    This plaza is a prominent feature of Bilbao, a central area surrounded by a number of important buildings as well as the highest skyscraper in the city.
  15. Oolong Lounge
    This extremely hip lounge and bar attracts Bloemfontein’s young and trendy crowd. The interior is modern and glistening with black leather chairs and space to dance. The drinks flow and light meals are available if you get hungry after all that dancing.

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