Bilokurakyne Tourism

Bilokurakyne Raion (Ukrainian: Білокуракинський район) is a raion (district) in Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine Oblast. The administrative center of the district is the urban-type settlement of Bilokurakyne. Population: 19,637 (2013 est.). After the proclamation of the separatist Luhansk People's Republic on 27 April 2014 the province of Luhansk became a battlefield of the War in Donbass. Bilokurakyne Raion stayed under Ukrainian governmental control. The separatist referendum on 11 May on independence was not held in the Raion.


Planning a vacation to Bilokurakyne in Ukraine? This vacation planner will provide you with all the essential information you need. 1-2 days is an ideal duration of visit to Bilokurakyne.

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